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Kong: Skull Island to be an adaptation of Kong: King of Skull Island?

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Earlier today, courtesy of a casting call for the forthcoming film released here we announced what seems to be the premise of the plot for the new King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island. It has since been brought to our attention by an avid fan, and we can verify that this premise is lifted directly from the 2004 illustrated book, or graphic novel, published by DH Press, a subsidiary of Dark Horse comics called Kong: King of Skull island.

Kong: King of Skull Island has been authorized by the family and estate of Merian C. Cooper, co-director, co-producer and co-writer of the 1933 original movie and is recognized as the true sequel, and prequel to King Kong. Created & illustrated by Joe DeVito and written by Brad Strickland and John Michlig, the book also included an introduction by the late and great Ray Harryhausen, whose legendary stop motion animation work was influenced greatly by the ground breaking special effects used in the 1933 original movie.

The story of Kong: King of Skull Island follows the premise we posted earlier, acting as both a sequel and a prequel to the events of the first movie in which Vincent Denham travels to Skull Island to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his father and the god like beast known as Kong and in doing so learns of the history of the giant ape, the island and its natives.

Could Tom Hiddleston (seen here from Crimson Peaks) be portraying Vincent Denham?

The URL of official website for the book, which can be found here, coincidentially shares the same name as the forthcoming movie, and is reported to mention that a movie adaptation of its six issue run is indeed in the works, though it does not confirm nor deny that Kong: Skull Island is that adaptation.

With the casting call having seemingly broken the silence of the films secretive plot we expect Universal and Legendary Pictures to either officially confirm or deny this news in the very near future. Watch this space!

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