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Radical alternative Mechagodzilla designs from the Godzilla vs. Kong Art Book! (PREVIEW)

Scified2021-04-29 14:38:34https://www.scified.com/articles/radical-alternative-mechagodzilla-designs-from-godzilla-vs-kong-art-book-preview-10.jpg
Written by Chris24,189 Reads12 Comments2021-04-29 14:38:34

Today we received our advanced preview copy of the upcoming official art book for Godzilla vs. Kong titled Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall - The Art of the Ultimate Battle Royale and with permission we're debuting some of the book's many exciting contents! Below is our third of many previews. Check out our first preview, showcasing Godzilla's evolutionary ancestor and our second preview which explains the design and purpose of the unused Titan Shimida!

Alternative Mechagodzilla Designs

So far we've only seen a handful of Mechagodzilla designs surface from Godzilla vs. Kong, but the official art book has several radically alternative designs for us to scrutinize!

In the book director Adam Wingard reveals that originally Mechagodzilla was controlled completely by a psionic uplink, so he had a pilot throughout the entire movie. Wingard was leaning towards the pilot-in-mech approach but later decided it was more exciting if Mechagodzilla developed its own personality, which pushed them towards the A.I. element we eventually got on screen.

The following are a variety of alternative head and body designs:

These other designs give Mechagodzilla an extremely bulky appearance, more inline with a Godzilla-clone than the slender Terminator-style we saw on screen:

Here's an excerpt from the book outlining the various details present in Mechagodzilla's design as well as how he differs from his organic rival:

The book is packed tight with a plethora of exciting information and beautiful imagery. This book is truly a must-have for any Godzilla enthusiast!

Check back soon for more previews!

Delve into the making of Godzilla vs. Kong, and experience cinema’s most colossal clash like never before. Featuring exclusive concept art and insights from the filmmakers, Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall is the ultimate guide to an iconic movie showdown. 

From creature design to on-set photography, Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall captures every stage of the filmmaking process, giving you unprecedented access to the creation of a titanic movie event. 

Looking to get this book for yourself? You can order it now on Amazon! Copies will arrive May 21st!

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MemberGiganApr-29-2021 2:41 PM

Capital C-Crazy....


MemberGiganApr-29-2021 3:14 PM

These look pretty cool


MemberGiganApr-29-2021 3:14 PM

These look pretty cool

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusApr-29-2021 3:16 PM



MemberAnguirusApr-29-2021 3:41 PM



MemberGiganApr-29-2021 3:43 PM



MemberAnguirusApr-29-2021 4:17 PM

Do people actually say radical anymore? Anyways, EPIC. I still like the one we have, though.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-30-2021 5:53 AM

What's with the watermarks? It won't stop me from getting rid of them to post them on some reddit forums.


Also the fourth(or third) pic looks like Tyranitar.


MemberAnguirusApr-30-2021 6:00 AM



MemberGiganApr-30-2021 8:56 AM

Its a T-1954 model 101 created by Skynet to take out Godzilla


AdminSpaceGodzillaMay-01-2021 5:28 AM

@Jordan502, You can do whatever you want to them so long as you credit with a link back to here! The art of sourcing and crediting where images / information came from is a dying practice. Backlinks help websites and without them, sites like this one won't get discovered as easily. The watermarks are a means of acknowledging where they came from in case someone posts them elsewhere without proper credit. We put in the work, we take the photos, it's a bit discouraging if other websites or forums use them for their own gain without mention of where they got them from.


MemberBaragonMay-03-2021 12:51 PM

The last couple of designs look like something off of the I, Robot movie. To me at least.

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