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UPDATE: Next Godzilla Movie Marketing Countdown Begins!

Scified2023-06-12 09:46:05https://www.scified.com/articles/next-godzilla-movie-marketing-countdown-begins-8.jpg
Written by G. H. (Gman)20,511 Reads2 Comments2023-06-12 09:46:05

UPDATE 06/13/2023:
It appears the countdown will in fact be daily. Today the "Godzilla Latest Work [Released on November 3rd, 2023]", tweeted the next film in the countdown. (Godzilla: Final Wars, as expected.) The latest reads:

"[Appearance information: #Godzilla No.28] "Godzilla FINAL WARS" (2004)

Farewell, Godzilla. The final wars of 15 giant monsters set on Earth begins."

If the countdown continues to move at a daily pace we might expect some sort of announcement by July 11th!

Original article:
Today, Toho dropped a new, official Twitter account currently titled, "Godzilla Latest Work [Released on November 3rd, 2023]". This is the first real marketing we've received from the project since its announcement with the logo last November.

The first tweet from the account implies a countdown going backwards through all 29 of Toho's Godzilla films. It leaves one space open at the end for the next movie. Because it starts with "#29" the final space would actually be "#0" adding credence to the long rumored title, Godzilla Zero.

It is unknown if the countdown will be every day or every other day. If the account intends on padding out the countdown until August, that coincides with Anime Matsuri, a Texas convention in August that Toho is supposedly attending.

The first tweet from the account reveals the "countdown sheet" starting with Shin Godzilla (2016):

"[Appearance information: Godzilla No.29] "Shin Godzilla" (2016)

Japan vs Godzilla Is there a way for humans to deal with the unprecedented threat, Godzilla?"

The tweet then goes on to link a trailer to the 2016 film, which can likely be expected with each new countdown reveal.

It should be noted that the "countdown sheet" only has enough room for the Toho productions, so anything from TriStar (Godzilla [1998]), Polygon Pictures (the anime Godzilla Trilogy) and Legendary Pictures (Monsterverse) will likely not be included. This will strictly adhere to Toho productions. Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) should be expected to follow Shin Godzilla.

The next, as yet titled, Godzilla film will be directed by Takashi Yamazaki. An avid Godzilla fan, Yamazaki won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Director and Best Screenwriter in 2006 for Always: Sunset on Third Street. He also helmed highly acclaimed actioners, Returner and Space Battleship Yamato. Yamazaki gave Godzilla a cameo during a dream sequence for Always: Sunset on Third Street 2. He also directed the footage for the Seibuen Amusement Park's Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monster Battle Summit. The man is no stranger to Godzilla.

Stay tuned as the countdown begins! You can follow the countdown here.
Official Godzilla Latest Work [Released on November 3rd, 2023] Twitter
K-D-M Twitter

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MemberAnguirusJun-12-2023 10:02 AM

Cool, excited to see more information regarding the movie.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-04-2023 9:44 PM

1 week to go!

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