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MemberGiganAug-29-2018 1:50 PM

Okay I've been planning on doing my own little Godzilla continuity for a fan fiction I've been thinking up for a long time.

The Premise: What if all Godzillas (including Zilla) were related and are part of the same evolutionary tree. For this to work, I have reworked Godzilla's origin in my own homebrew continuity I call the Gojiverse.

Origin: I have decided to borrow the Heisei Godzilla's origin from evolving from a Godzillasaurus into my revamp origin. But rather than just being a mutated Godzillasaurus, which is based off of a cretaceous tetanuran theropod. I would have it based on the Triassic Coelophysoidea Gojirasaurus.
Also rather than it be a living fossil, Gojirasaurus would have already been extinct after giving rise to the Godzillasaurids. I would re-use Godzillasaurus as the genus for the classic Godzillas, we all know and love.

I would would propose that all of the Godzillas and Zilla would be part of the clade: Family, Godzillasauridae. Within it would be four distinct genre of Godzilla:

Parazillasaurus (Zilla "Beside God Incarnate Reptile"),

Shingodzillasaurus (Shin Godzilla "New God Incarnate Reptile")

Vindexgodzillasaurus (Monsterverse Godzilla "Protector God Incarnate Reptile")

Godzillasaurus (Classic Godzilla, "God Incarnate Reptile")

Zilla (Parazillasaurus agilis) would be the most basal member of the godzillasaurus family. Zilla has retain a theropod body well into the present day, lacks the atomic fire breath of its relatives since rather than feeding on radioactive matter or radioactive animals it still primarily consumes the flesh of non-radioactive animals. Being faster and more agile, Zilla wouldn't need to have the signature atomic breath of its relatives to catch food.

Shin Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus anno) would be closer to the more traditional godzillas in terms of body plan however its more derived than most godzillasaurids, excluding the basal Zilla. The fact that its atomic breath is more of a precision laser than typical godzillas, the spinal spikes and tail also able to fire the same atomic laser beams, its odd life cycle; makes this godzilla highly derived , which warrants its own genus.

Humanoid Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus homo?) a direct decedent of Shin Godzilla, not much is known from these godzillas except that they were growing from Shin Godzilla's tail. Are they a new species or are they the child form of Shin Godzilla?

Monsterverse Godzilla (Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula) The reason why I have monsterverse godzilla separate from the classic godzilla due to some major anatomical differences like sauropod-like feet and a more heavy skull structure.

Gojira54/56 (Godzillasaurus primis primis) The first Godzilla seen by modern eyes, awakened by the atomic bombs testings in the bikini atolls. It began its rampage on Japan in autumn of 1954 and another in 1956 fighting Angurius, although at the time it was mistakenly classified as Gigantis.

Showa Godzilla (Godzillasaurus primis secundus) The second godzilla recorded in modern history. It was first discovered fighting Mothra.

Heisei Godzilla (Godzillasaurus gigas) First discovered in 1984, this Godzilla was noticeably more aggressive and larger than its relatives.

Millennium Godzilla (Godzillasaurus nanos) First discovered in 1999, this Godzilla appeared to have a more reptilian visage and was adorn by jagged spike-like plates instead of the maple-leaf plates of its close relatives.

GMK Godzilla (Godzillasaurus malum) First discovered in 2001, this godzilla exhibited some usually high aggressive behavior.

Final Wars Godzilla (Godzillasaurus athletae) First discovered in 2004, displayed agility unmatched by its relatives save for Zilla.


I will be adding more Kaiju to my list but for right now I'll be focusing on writing up Godzilla's evolutionary history

Update: Gojiverse Phase II

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MemberGiganAug-29-2018 3:41 PM

Chapter 1: Triassic Origins.

Its a bright sunny day in the sparse arid forests of what will become New Mexico. Tiny brown caterpillars munches on  toxic coated leaves, basal pterosaurs soar in the skies, spiky desert lizards wrestle and bite each other over territory. A plethora of strange reptiles dominated the land, many predators bare some similarities to crocodilians but were far more monstrous.

Dinosaurs and their pterosaur cousins once shared a common ancestor with these crocodilian-like beasts. Yet the dinosaurs live in their shadow, from day to night, with each revolution of the earth. Until something unexpected happen, a rock from space collided with the earth, spelling doom for many of its inhabitants. Many lifeforms perished from the ensuing disaster but life finds away.

A foot plops down on a spike lizard, the spines jab hard into the leathery foot causing the large creature to howl. "Eeeehraaa rawwlrrrr" the Gojirasaurus yelped. The Spike lizards quickly dashed off under a rock. Goji approached the crevice where the spike lizard was hiding in, he first attempted to prop the crevice like a stork looking for a fish. The small spike lizard leaped out to bite Goji on the nose before retreating further under the rock. Desperate, Goji pushed the rock with his forearms. The boulder wouldn't budge at first until, Goji applied more of his weight to the rock and sure enough it moved. The boulder came rolling down, the spike lizard quickly dashed away to find more cover. Goji inhaled deep, his head jerked backwards before spitting out a jet of specialized saliva on to the spike lizard. The saliva was very sticky and was more than enough to ensnare the spike lizard. Little did Goji knew that this mutation would be key to his decedents atomic breath, but for now Goji munches on the lizard-like anguirosuchus, a basal archosaur who's decedent the mighty Anguirus will originated from.

Millions of years later....

The sun rises once more above New Mexico, what was once a sparse dry forest in the Late Triassic is now a wet tropical jungle in the Early Jurassic. Tiny white moths with rainbow pattern wings emerge from their cocoons hanging off a cycad. A creature bolts past the moths, it gallops away on the wet mucky floor being pursued by its predator. The injured prosauropod whines as it reaches a dead end near a cliff face, it reluctantly turns around to face its pursuer. It was a Gojirasaurus, a relic from the Triassic, it slowly approaches its prey before the larger Dilophosaurus snuck up on it. The dilophosaurus bellowed at the diminutive Gojirasaurus, causing the Gojirasaurus to flee. Goji turned her head back to see the dilophosaurus finish off the prosauropod, before turning back up the hill. Already lost a meal to the newest member of her clade, the future will only get harder from this point on. 





MemberTitanosaurusAug-29-2018 8:28 PM

Nice storyline, and a nice chapter. Reminds me of Sci-fi's "Godzilla Generations" storyline (or was it "Godzilla: Uprising"?). Speaking of which, I wonder what they will think of this. Nice job.


MemberGiganAug-29-2018 11:35 PM

Thanks :)



MemberGiganAug-30-2018 10:58 AM

A couple millions of years hence....

Middle Jurassic

The Gojirasaurus has finally went extinct after failing to compete with its peers on a size and power level, however it left behind a decedent, Microgojiras "Small God Incarnate" evolved quite different from its peers. Trading size and power for nimbleness, light crocodile-like armored scales covered its back, and thick claws to shovel dirt; allowing it to hunt for small mammals. The Microgojiras ancestors have since migrated away from the north american plate and are currently residing in the now isolated island continent of Indochina.

Microgoji, stared up at the moon from his burrow. Insects sang in the primeval darkness of the night, the occasional forest pop sounds, foot steps from large animals, and ever so often a low humming is vocalized by the sauropods. A Yi glided between two trees, Yi were strange dinosaurs, they were covered in feathers but had bat-like wings. The Yi stared at Microgojira for a brief moment before being scared away by another gliding dinosaur. Its talon feet collided with the soil, its neck snakes backwards like a coelophysis, its scales were dark, and its head was slender and bore a set of elaborate crests that looked rather like horns. Eoghidoras "Dawn Ghidorah", its ancestor was a small basal dilophosaurid that took the trees before the dawn of the mid-jurassic. Microgoji burst from his burrow to scare off the dark intruder. Eoghidoras stared back at the lightly armored theropod, Eos reared her torso up to look bigger and bigger she was in comparison to Microgojiras. She was prepaing to snapped her jaws around Microgoji but her attention was refocused elsewhere, she flapped her leathery wings until she gain lift-off. Microgoji overconfident left his burrow to chase the fleeing Eoghirdoras.

A pair of jaws snapped around Microgojiras' tail, he howled but thankfully his hide is thick enough to soften the damage. His attacker was a Monolophosaurus, a clade of theropods that belong to the averostra clade and this particular one was a tetanuran or stiff tailed theropods, their kind has been out competing and driving basal theropods to extinction. Microgojiras bent his tail to shake off his attacker, the monolophosaurus was too powerful, his stiff tail gave him the balance he needs to counteract the struggling gojirasaurid. Microgoji was being dragged backwards as Microgoji was pulling himself foward, a deadly game of tug-of-war with his tail lasted for more than three minutes before microgoji's tail snapped off. Microgoji howled in pain, the tail end of his tail was now being devoured by the monolophosaurus. Microgoji hissed as blood splattered on the dirt floor, filled with rage, he charged at the monolophosaurus; who was still taking bites out of the dismembered tail. His thick head like a blunt shovel, bashed into the monolophosaurus's side, cracking its ribs. Monos bellowed in pain as it raised its three clawed hand to swipe away at Microgoji's neck. Microgoji dodged the attack, after gaining a bit of distances, he inhaled sharply sprayed the monolophosaurus with thick foul-smelling mucus. The Monos roared as the smell repelled it away.

Microgojiras turned away beaten and exhausted from the fight as he retreated to his burrow. A small mammal-like therapsid greeted the injured theropod with a squeak, Microgojira swiftly bit down on its head before swallowing the furry thing whole.

Millions of years hence...

The Late Jurassic

Microgojiras and Eoghidoras are now extinct but their decedents paved away two new clades of theropods: Gojirasauria and Dracosauria. On the northern coastline to South China, a lone Stegojirasaurus "Roofed God Incarnate Reptile" prowled the beach. She is an overall improvement over her ancestor, the scrutes that dotted her light armored hide have enlarged, giving a row of small spikes dotting her neck, back, and tail. Her lower jaw has grown larger and heavier, giving her an impressive bite force to devastate any large crustacean or large fish that enters her jaws. Above her was a flock of small pterosaurus, fleeing from a large dragon-like creature. Dracosaurus "Dragon Reptile", he was more robust than his ancestor, Eoghidoras, his size was impressive and no match for millions of years until the arrival of the azhdarchid pterosaurs in the late cretaceous. He flew pass the small pterosaurs, dunking his jaws into the ocean to catch a surfacing fish.

Stegoji ignored the larger flyer as her nose caught the scent of blood. To her surprise she saw a beached Kronosaurus, a genus of marine reptiles that were related to turtles. Stegoji approached the dying aquatic beast, over exposure to sunlight, dehydration, and suffocation under its own weight. The Kronosaurus barely had enough strength to defend itself as stegoji bit off a huge chunk of flesh. Its whaling sounds would undoubtedly attract more predators, sure enough more Stegojirasaurus crepped out of the forest down to the beach, stopping by for a bite.



MemberTitanosaurusAug-30-2018 5:52 PM

Isn't the late Jurassic also the time for Allosaurus (the ancestors of Gorosaurus)?


MemberGiganAug-31-2018 5:00 AM

Yes, I was just focusing on Late Jurassic China. Most Allosauruses lived in North America, while some may have lived in Europe and Africa. I'm thinking of changing Gorosaurus from being an allosaurid to a carchardontosaurid



MemberGiganAug-31-2018 2:33 PM

Chapter 2: The Dawn of a Four Kings

Early Cretaceous

Millions of years have passed since the closing of the Late Jurassic, Gojisaurians were slowly being pushed off the land by the rising tyrannosauroids. Sinotyrannus and Yutyrannus dominated most of ancient china now, replacing the old allosaurian metriacanthosaurids. To escape a similar fate a clade of Gojirasaurians known as the Godzillasauroids have become semi-aquatic. The spines on their back have become increasingly fin-shaped to cut through the water, their jaws elongated while not sacrificing their broad shaped snouts. Among these Godzillasauroids, Spinogojiras was the most numerous and adaptable of their kind while many other Godzillasauroids have become specialized water dwellers. The Dracosaurians were beginning to dwindle as larger pterosaurs became increasingly common.

There on the beach was a Spinogojiras "Spined God Incarnate" feeding on the carcass of a dead hadrosaurid, the blood trickled into the sand as a wave flows on to the blood soaked sand carrying the blood droplets into the river bed. The scent of blood was spreading everywhere, drawing all sorts of hungry mouths to it. From the land a pair of hungry Yutyrannus creep out of the wooded forests, from the air dracosauroid Wyvernosaurus encircled around the carcass like a vulture, and from the water spinosaurid Siamosaurus walk out of the water like bipedal crocodile. Spinogoji arose from the carcass, blood, meat, and sinew still stuck in his teeth as the three hungry predators challenge him for the ownership of the carcass.

Spinogoji barked and chuffed at the predators, the female Yutyrannus snapped her jaws at Spinogoji, while the male assumed an attack pose. Wyvernosaurus slowly descended while the three predators were engaging in a fight, while Siamosaurus bellowed a low hiss at the three theropods. The female Yutyrannus glanced over as the wyvernosaurus was gorging itself on the carcass, she growled but it only angered Spinogoji to snap his jaws at her. The male Yutyrannus leaped at Spinogoji, but was met with a bear hug by the larger theropod. Spinogoji took a bite out of the male's neck, unfortunately spinogoji only nipped his opponent with his conical front teeth, while they kept the yutyrannus from escaping his jaws; they weren't design to tear away flesh. The female Yutyrannus bite on to spinogoji's fin-spike, while clawing away at spinogoji's thigh and ribs. Spinogoji flinches from the pain, he releases his bite from the male, before swipping his claw across its face; sending the tyrannosauroid sliding across the sands. He turned his attention to the female, but her weight toppled spinogoji on to his side. Siamosaurus thinking bolted towards the female Yutyrannus mistakenly interpreting that spinogoji was either dead or incapacitated. Spinogoji watched as the spinosaurid hissed territoriality at the Yutyrannus. The female growled but the Siamosaurus lunged at her face. Spinogoji arose to his feet, glancing over at the spinosaurid and the tyrannosauroid; Spinogoji jerked his head back then tore a chunk out of the Siamosaurus's tail before bolting towards the river. The spinosaurus released his grip from the yutyrannus to howl in pain only for the male yutyrannus to suddenly lunge at the throat of the siamosaur.

Spinogoji swam further and further away from the beach, as far as his legs would carry him. The blood seeping from his wounds would undoubtedly attract predators, but thankfully the wounds weren't deep. Spinogoji found himself washed up on another beach, but the scent of its plants was very alien to the forest he knew since birth. The sand was black, even the air had a slight sulfur smell. A Fukuivenator greeted the Godzillasauroid, Spinogoji didn't know what make of it, it like the Yutyrannus was covered in feathers like a bird but unlike Yutyrannus it was alot smaller and very bird-like. Spinogoji growled at the smaller theropod, causing it to flee into the jungle. As Spinogoji ventured further into the jungle, he found himself staring out on to an open plains. The open fernlands was littered with hadrosaurids called Fukuisaurus. Outside of the herd, he spotted the resident top predator of these lands Fukuiraptor, a megaraptoran. Spinogoji retreated back into the jungle, searching for food that doesn't require fighting another hungry theropod.

Later that day, Spinogoji stares at a passing coelacanths school swimming down a deep stream. He snatches one with his hands, it flapped and squirm as it wanted to return back to the water, Spinogoji tossed the fish high before snapping it out of mid-air. He catches another fish, before tossing it high up, but then a female Spinogojiras snaps that fish out of the air. She stared back him, as if offering the fish before consuming for herself. Spinogoji growled in frustration.



MemberTitanosaurusAug-31-2018 7:47 PM

Can't wait for the next chapters. Nice job.


MemberGiganSep-04-2018 2:55 PM

Late Cretaceous

Eogodzillasaurus, the first member of the godzillasauridae family evolves from the successful Spinogojiri tribe of godzillasauroids. Eogodzillasaurus looks very much like later godzillasaurid Zilla save for a slender lower jaw and its overall body size matches the size of Tyrannosaurus rex. Eogodzillasaurus as well as other basal godzillasaurids were the dominate predators of what will become Japan. Very few Megaraptorans and Spinosaurids were left on the japanese peninsula. All that remains of these old kings are the Palatinotyrannus titanus "Titanic Imperial Tyrant", the largest and greatest spinosaurid that ever lived and Fukuityrannus toho "Toho's Tyrant of Fuku" a large tyrannosaurid that was mistakenly believed to be the ancestor of Godzilla.

Eogoji was hiding behind a lone large rock standing erect on a hill top. A herd of Nipponosauruses were grazing on the many ferns that dotted the ground. Eogoji turned her gaze, another Eogodzillasaurus was hiding behind a large tree just down the hill slope. She grunted at the other Eogodzillasaurus, he moved over from behind the tree with some others. Eogoji turned her head back to the Nipponosaurs as her pack were preparing for an ambush. The Eogodzillasauruses bolted towards the hadrosaurids, driving the nipponosaurses away from the forest then corralling them back towards the wooded hills. The frighten hadrosaurids stampeded up the hill slope towards the lone rock, like a wave departing around a small island, the herd splinted into two herds. Eogoji tore into a passing -by nipponosauruses, its cries were drowned out from the fleeing herd as they stomped away. The other Eogodzillasauruses catch up to their pack leader, Eogoji growled at her companions; to remind them of their place in the hierarchy. She ate her fill before laying down to rest under a tree, her pack ate well this night.

The next morning, all that was left of the nipponosaurus was blood drenched bones and scant remains of flesh that the eogodzillasauruses couldn't either reach or cared to finish. A loud roar was heard from below the hill, a Fukuityrannus was spotted by the godzillasaurids, it was drawn by the smell of fresh carrion. The Eogodzillasauruses abandoned the nipponosaur carcass knowing full well not to tangle with a hungry tyrannosaurid. As they traverse down the opposite of the hill, Eogoji turned her gaze back to the carcass; the Fukuityrannus's jaws crushed the thick rib bones of the dead hadrosaurid to get to the bone marrow. 

Later that night as the eogodzillasauruses were fast a sleep, the stars in the night sky glistened against the black background. Eogoji awakened for a moment to check on her pack's well being. She saw they were all breathing, feeling reassured she laid her head down. The night sky seemed so tranquil, then some of the stars began to fall. Many shooted across the night sky, until one landed close, lighting up the night sky. Then came a thunderous roar, as the ground shook.



MemberTitanosaurusSep-04-2018 8:16 PM

Just asking. Is there going to be a whole chapter dedicated to what the godzillasaurids do during the K-T extinction, or is it going to be brushed over in the same way Walking with Dinosaurs did?


MemberGiganSep-04-2018 8:32 PM

Yes Godzillasaurids are going to be feature during the K-T (now called the K-Pg extinction since the tertiary was broken into the Paleogene and Neogene) extinction and how they survived it.



MemberGiganSep-05-2018 8:41 AM

K-Pg Extinction

Its been a year since the meteor storm. The skies had since dark with dust chocking out the last bit of sunlight. Plants withered and died, herbivores slowly starved to death. Carnivores desperately cling on to survive but the world has been growing ever colder. Eogoji and her pack huddled around a deep river, a school coelacanth is spotted, Eogoji swoops the fish out of the water. It slaps around on the ground before Eogoji ate it. Her mate swoops another coelacanth out of the water; a long head bursts out of the water. Its conical teeth stab into the Eogodzillasaurus'es forearm, the head jerks back to pull its prey closer. Eogoji leaped into the water, then left a gash on the spinosaurid's face. The Palatinotyrannus released the Eogodzillasaurus from its jaws as it yelps in pain, then its sail bursts out of the water as the creature arose from the river. It bellowed like an angry crocodile as it approaches the pack. Another distant roar could be heard, a Fukuityrannus could heard stomping through the dead forest. Then came another roar, Paleogorosaurus, a carcharodontosaurid; it too was drawn to the commotion. 

Eogoji barked at her pack to take formation, each of them turned to face the hungry predators. Then a bright light blazed across the sky, but it was unlike any light the theropods have ever saw. It was burning like a meteor but it wasn't a meteor, it was much worse. The flames took the shape of a three headed dragon, it was King Ghidorah. His ancestors originated from this planet but somewhere around the early cretaceous, a race of aliens captured several of his kind and genetically engineered them into something more. King Ghidorah with all three of his heads stared down at the puny theropods, they were no more than fleas to him, Ghidorah breathed out a chain of lightning towards the earth. Eogoji quickly hissed at her pack to retreat, the Paleogorosaurus attempted to attack one of the godzillasaurids but ended up in the jaws of the Palatinotyrannus. The Fukuityrannus, desperately hungry ignored the fleeing Eogodzillasauruses and charged towards the spinosaurid and carcharodontosaurid.

Eogoji turned her head back and saw the mighty theropods destroyed by Ghirdoah's attack. King Ghidorah giggled at the chard theropods' remains. He turned his attention to the Godzillasaurids, he folds his wings to accelerate. King Ghidorah opened his wings, he stretched his large talons on to the frozen floor. The Eogodzillasauruses were all gone; All of ghirdoah's heads lowered, sniffing and prodding their snouts into the frost covered floor. Then came a familiar cry, ghirdoah's middle head glances up at the dust filled sky and their he saw his nemesis... Ghirdorah retreated to the skies. Feeling the threat passed, Eogoji unburied herself, she turned to her pack to signal them to follow. Its been more than a week since Ghidorah's attack and the eogodzillasauruses were growing ever so hungry, the pack were occasionally attacking each other but Eogoji kept them in line for as long as she could; until the next time.

Two eogodzillasaurus began to start up another attack, they first started out with nipping which then escalated into biting and scratching. The two hurdled themselves down a hill slope, one was on top of the other ready to slice his claws into the other's belly, Eogoji snapped her jaws at the fighting two as she made her away down the slope with the others. That is when they saw it, the fighting pair turned their gazes over to a massive cavern, a scent permeated the cavern's edge. It smelled like fresh pines, where there are pines there are trees, and where there are trees.... there are herbivores. Eogoji lead her pack deep down into the hallow earth, the entrance began to close behind, sealing the pack in for good. Eogoji and her pack don't seem to notice as they are drawn further down into the cavern by the planty scent. They stumbled in a chamber so vast it almost looked like it could be outside, a thick fog blanketed the ceiling infested with light producing bacteria. A Nipponosaurus herd were seen grazing on the ferns next to a great lake, Eogoji cooed, however it seemed several other their natural nemesis have also found this "paradise"; Paleogorosaurus, Palatinotyrannus, and Fukuityrannus were also seen at the lake, but so was another pack of Eogodzillasauruses; insuring the survival of the godzillasaurids family.



MemberTitanosaurusSep-05-2018 8:14 PM

Question. What was the familiar cry Ghidorah heard, or is it just meant to stay as speculation?


MemberGiganSep-05-2018 10:32 PM

it was meant to stay as speculation for now. Also I would like to mention the japanese tyrannosaurid, carcharodontosaurid, and spinosaurid are fictional. However there are scant evidence that tyrannosaurids and spinosaurids did exist on japan during the late cretaceous, i just gave them a really cool name.



MemberGiganSep-06-2018 8:06 AM

Okay the familiar cry were Mothra's species



MemberGiganSep-06-2018 9:54 AM

Chapter 3: Dawn of the Cenozoic

Paleogene Period, Paleocene

The surface world has since recovered from the meteor storms, mighty skeletons dotted the landscape. They weren't dinosaurs, at least not anymore... Ghidorahs; however the great King Ghidorah wasn't among them. The swamps of the paleocene were slowing claiming the Ghidorah's remains. A giant shadow soared over the ghidorah's remains. It then perched its self on the moss infested rib cage, a giant white moth with vibrant colored wings overlooked the recovering surface world. In modern times, her kind will be called Monsura or Mothra. Her kind evolved during the Early Cretaceous period down below in the hollow world, feeding on specialized radioactive plant matter that allowed her kind to grow to enormous sizes. 

A familiar roar bellowed from the swampy coastline, a large yellow godzillasaurid bursts out of the water. Its spines were maple leaf-shaped, it had short powerful legs and appears to have developed a pair of gills. Its head retain the Zilla look of past Godzillasauroids. Its eyes stared down coldly into the water, a giant fish that escaped from the hollow world swims past the yellow godzillasaurid. Its spines begin to light up from the tip of his tail and like dominoes the other spines begin to light up until the last spine lights up at the back of its head, Paleocenogojiras "Ancient Recent God Incarnate" spits out a jet of atomic energy on to the Megafish. The fish bolted away after getting hit, unfortunately for it, it soon floated upside down. Palegoji growled triumphantly, he soon took a large bite out of the fish and unlike his ancestors, he gets to enjoy the whole thing to himself. The Ancient Mothra cried disapprovingly of the recklessness of the Paleocenogojiras. The yellow godzillasaurid looked back at the kaiju moth, snorted, then retreated back into the ocean. Paleogoji swam down deep into the dark recesses of the ocean, its eyes spotted an eerie glowing light; the hollow world's entrance. It passes through the thick bioluminescent cloud, navigated through the maze of sharp rock and tight spaces until it reached the under-oceans of the hollow world. There a school of megafishes fleed from the godzillasaurid, Paleogoji bolted to the surface. Water shoots out from his nose like a whale.

On the coastline, a pair of small godzillasaurids were scavenging on megahadrosaurid carcass. Dracosaurs dotted the sky along with the Pterorodanids "Rodan Wing" massive pterosaurs descendants of the late Pteranodon. Large caterpillars stalk the forest, feeding on fallen logs. Megaspinosaurus "Big Spined Reptile" patrol the coastal waters, while Megalodontosaurus "Big Toothed Reptile" hunted solely in the forest alongside Gigatyrannus "Giant Tyrant". 

Paleogene Period, Eocene

Large lepidosaurian reptiles began to take dominance in the more arid parts of the hollow world. Eocalvarepere "Dawn skull crawler", were one of these large lizards; a terrestrial mosasaurid. A foot came down, Erectogojiras "Upright God Incarnate" bared his teeth at the land mosasaurid. The smaller primitive skull crawler turned to squawk, the larger godzillasaurid resembled zilla in terms of body plan but with a more upright torso, its tail now drags on the ground, its head resembles more like  Monsterverse Godzilla but retains the yellow coloration of its ancestor. Eregoji bellows at the small lizards, the primitive skull crawlers hiss in return. A skull crawler propelled itself into the air using its long whip-like tail, its mouth wide open. Eregoji grab the skull crawler by the jaws and wrestles with it to the ground. The other skull crawlers fall suite, Eregoji manages to tail swap one away, but the other lands on eregoji's back. Eregoji begins to charge up his atomic breath weapon, the intense heat of the spines glowing causes the skull crawler on eregoji's back to leap off. Eregoji blasts the fleeing skull crawler away, snaps the skull crawler in his grasps's neck, while the skull crawler that was swapped away had already burrowed away.




MemberTitanosaurusSep-20-2018 5:58 PM

Hey, man. I'm still interested in this. (In fact, I'm beginning to think I'm the only one interested in this.) But two things:

1) Why did you decide to have the Godzillasaurids be pack hunters in the Late Cretaceous when before they were (and after the Late Cretaceous chapter, they became again) lone predators?

2) Are you still working on this? I'm interested to see how this goes. And my interest in this hasn't dwindled at all. I've just been too busy irl. So, sorry about that.

That is all I need to say. Thanks for listening.


MemberGiganSep-21-2018 2:08 PM

Yeah i'm still doing this. I've been a little busy too. 

1) Well the godzillasaurids have branched into many new niches. The pack hunter Godzillasaurids are going to eventually lead to Zilla's kind. While most godzillsaurids that are closer to the classic godzillas are going to be solitary predators with the exception of the showa godzilla.

2) Its okay. I'll be geting back into writing a new chapter.



MemberGiganSep-21-2018 4:35 PM

Paleogene Period: Oligocene

Much of the world has changed on the surface. Elephant-like creatures began to dominate Africa then spread into Asia while many other interesting mammal groups went extinct due to the spread of grasslands.

The world down below was in turn changed as well, volcanic rivers of molten lava destroyed many of the habitats that dot the many fault-lines of the surface world; many of them existed since the Jurassic. This change lead to the decedents of the Erectogojiras to have split into two new lineages, the strange Anomalogojiras "Strange God Incarnate" which has developed not only a metamorphosis life-cycle akin to amphibians but has also evolved away much of its body density allowing it to grow much bigger when it reaches adult hood and has developed a jaw structure similar to snakes, allowing to grab a whole of larger prey. The other was Teratogojira winstonsis "Stan Winston's Monster God Incarnate"; in appearance it resembled canceled 1994 american godzilla.

The two godzillasaurus lived apart from each other in their own separate biomes, only meeting on occasions when crossing the coastline. Anomalogojira was unique for its species among many other strange traits, it was known to hunt other godzillas but more specifically it hunted basal members of the godzillasaurids, driving most of them to extinction; only the genus Parazillasaurus survived its onslaught by migrating further to the polar regions of the hallow world. While the more land based Teratogojiras prowled the land for kaiju herbivores.

Teragoji rose from his slumber when he smelled blood, he slowly climbed down from the hill to the black sand beaches. There was the laid the carcass of basal godzillasaurid Coelogojira "Hollow God Incarnate" it was similar to Zilla but fatter and with webbed claws. Now all that's left of it was its spine and a partially eaten skull. Teragoji sniffed the carcass, it's been freshly killed, a blood trail leads back into the water. Where maple leaf-shaped spines retract underwater...

A school of fish darted away as something big was approaching them. A giant both filled with misshapen and ingrowing teeth charge at the fishes. The swarm of fish began to dart apart but the jaws spread further open and like a pelican it scooped up the fish; the beast closes its jaws closed. The water sends vibrations as Teragoji prowls on the shorebanks, Anomalogoji makes a u-turn back to the beaches. Its maple-leaf spikes stab through the water surface, the rest of the beast bursts out of the water like a crocodile before slowly rising on its hind legs, it resembled shin godzilla's first form but with fully developed front limbs. It hissed before dropping back down on all fours, its spines began to glow simultaneously, its mouth opens then its lower jaw widens before rising its head up to fire its atomic breath at Teragoji. 

Teragoji hissed, forearm bleeding from the burns. The land godzilla began to charge up his spines for a counter-attack, Teragoji unleashes his atomic breath back at the strange water godzilla. Anomalogoji's skin catches on fire, flesh splitted open, the water godzilla attempts to retreat but Teragoji grabs it by the tail and drags the beast out of the water to finish it off with another atomic blast to the face.

Neogene Period: Miocene 

Teratogojiras have out competed the Anomalogojiras on both dryland, coastline, and shallow seas; driving the highly derived godzillasaurid into deeper water. Allowing Teratogojiras's decedents to further diversify; Paleovindexgodzillasaurus evolved from one of these godzillas. However unlike its close relative the Godzillasaurus, it preferred the deep ocean of the hallow world, where it hunted deep ocean kaiju arthropods. Anomalogiras still thrived in the open oceans, they generally ignore the deep sea Vindexgodzillasaurus since they hunt different prey.

There laying at the bottom of the hallow world's oceans was Vindex, an adolescent Paleovindexgodzillasaurus. His kind have taken over the bottom of the oceans since they have re-evolved gills. He hunts for a species of kaiju lobster, called Ebirah. Vindex carefully eyes the Ebirah, any sudden movements would undoubtedly frighten the smaller kaiju away. Vindex slowly opens his jaws before suddenly snapping them closed, the Ebirah quickly darts away as another kaiju darted through the water an attacked Vindex. Vindex was being constricted by an aquatic dracosaur called Eomanda, the ancestor of Manda; they aren't typical a threat to Paleovindexgodzillasauruses but since Vindex is barely a subadult, the manda wants him to be her next meal. The Eomanda targets Vindex's gills, but Vindex manages swipe at her snout before her bites connect.

They struggle for hours before Eomanda releases her constriction then swiftly swims to the surface, Vindex lands softly on the hallow ocean floor before he to must come up for air. Manda's head bursts of the water, she inhaled as much oxygen her lungs could carry. A Paleorodan gigas skims their enormous beak across the hallow ocean, snapping the snake-like Manda in their beak. By the time Vindex came up for air, both Paleorodan and Eomanda were gone.



MemberGiganSep-21-2018 9:55 PM

Neogene Period: Pliocene

Kaiju Insects and other arthropods began to become more widespread through out the hallow world. However the Mothras are dwindling in number, now having to compete with the Battras for food and shelter. Megalons prowl the ocean floors as well as coastlines where basal godzillasaurids and megaspinosaurids once flourished. Ebirahs becoming ever so bolder to venture on to land to steal carrion from other scavengers. Giant Spiders known as Kumonga and Mother Longlegs as well as giant predatory insects like the Kamacuras, meganulon, meganula, and megaguirus have quickly replaced or drove out most of the surviving theropod dinosaurs out of the tropical regions. Skullcrawlers were steadily becoming bigger and much more agile but were still restricted to deserts.

New animals from the surface began retreating to the hollow world. Most of them are picked off by the occasional theropod dinosaur, predatory arthropod, and sometimes by river dwelling cephalopods like the Mire Squid and Gezora. Among these mammals that survived are the ancestors of the Sker Buffalo, the Kongs, the Icarus Tiger, and the Ceasars.

Vindexgodzillasaurus gareth evolved from Paleovindexgodzillasaurus, more robust than its miocene ancestor. A genus of skull crawlers slowly leave the desolate deserts of the hallow earth, feeding on the eggs of the kaiju arthropods. Garethgoji walks among the kaiju-sized redwood trees of the northern regions, the hallow world's background radiation energizes and nourishes the many kaiju animals and plant species. Paleokong gigas were tyrannosaurus sized gorilla-like ancestors to the Kongs, their natural enemy are the armored tyrannosauriod Vastosauruses. The basal kong and his rival predators were frighten away by Garethgoji's lumbering stroll through the kaiju forest. 

Two Godzillasaurus proteus commence a shouting match between themselves, their shouting matches escalated into the two igniting their atomic fire breath. They keep at it until the loser is knocked backwards. The victor roars triumphantly as the loser retreats back into the forest. 



MemberTitanosaurusSep-22-2018 12:35 AM

Nice chapters. Can't wait for the section(s) dedicated to the Pleistocene (the time of the Ice Age and the appearance of man).


MemberGiganSep-25-2018 5:45 PM

Chapter 4: Primeval Pantheon

Quaternary Period: Early Pleistocene

On the surface many things have changed since the pliocene epoch. Upright apes eventually evolved into tooling making near-hairless apes called Homo habilis, an early human. A scavenging party of H. habilis stalk the coast line of any beached fishes, whatever fish they find they quickly snatch. Their leader Koba was brought the first fish they caught. Before he could tear into its flesh with his sharp jagged stone, sharp jagged spikes burst out out of the water. Koba looked up as he brought the fish up to his mouth, there before him was a massive reptilian creature, Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula. Its carcass washed up on to the shoreline, covered in massive bite and claw wounds. The early humans approach the dead godzilla, they can hear a loud "CRUNCH" the closer they approached the kaiju carcass. A large single claw grasped on to the carcass, then came another single hooked claw. The two claws dug deep into the dead godzilla as it pulls the rest of itself up on top of it, the beast looked vaguely insectoid as well reptilian. The creature ignores the little humans as it spreads its wings to attracts another member of its kind...a female; she lacked the wings of the males and was far larger than him. The female approached the massive carcass to lay her eggs inside the massive carcass, but not before turning her red gaze towards Koba and his troop.

Koba stood definitely at the parasitoid kaiju, he shouts as he his fists before pounding at his chest. The female opened her jaws wide with the intent of swallowing Koba and his clan whole. Then came a thunderous shriek, the female snapped her jaws close as she jerk her head towards the location of the shriek. Two kaiju lepidopterans came soaring from the heavens, in appearance they resembled African Moon Moths; Waxema and Wanema. They were closely related to the kaiju known as Mothra who hails from the South Pacific. The two kaiju moths dive bomb the parasitoids, their antenna discharge a powerful beam at the pregnant parasitoid's swollen belly. However the male sacrifices his wings to shield his mate from harm, he roars in agonized pain, his mate quickly resumes her goal to lay her progeny inside the godzilla carcass. The male parastoid endure as much as he could until his mighty leathery wings could withstand the beams no longer; the beams burnt away flesh and damaged the supporting tissues and structures that made up his wings to the point they just snapped off. The Waxema and Wanema came back around to finish off the male, again firing their prismatic beams into the crippled parasitoid.  



MemberGiganOct-04-2018 12:40 AM

 Update. The reason why i'm calling the MUTOs parastioid is because MUTO isn't their proper name since it only means Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism.



MemberTitanosaurusOct-12-2018 6:36 PM

That's really interesting, but I really wished they had an official name so that they would no longer be mixed with an acronym.


MemberGiganOct-14-2018 7:14 AM

Me too



MemberTitanosaurusOct-16-2018 9:40 PM

Hey, Xenotaris. Quick question. I'm still interested in this, but when is the next part coming? Also, will there be something about the kaiju's responses to the cold winters of the Glacial Periods of the Ice Age?


MemberGiganOct-17-2018 3:51 PM

Yes, the Kaiju will appear in the Ice Age and will be there at the birth of civilization.



MemberTitanosaurusOct-17-2018 9:39 PM

Xenotaris Awesome. Can't wait for that part of the story.


MemberGiganOct-18-2018 2:29 PM

Thanks, :)



MemberTitanosaurusOct-18-2018 8:59 PM

You're welcome.

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