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MemberGiganAug-29-2018 1:50 PM

Okay I've been planning on doing my own little Godzilla continuity for a fan fiction I've been thinking up for a long time.

The Premise: What if all Godzillas (including Zilla) were related and are part of the same evolutionary tree. For this to work, I have reworked Godzilla's origin in my own homebrew continuity I call the Gojiverse.

Origin: I have decided to borrow the Heisei Godzilla's origin from evolving from a Godzillasaurus into my revamp origin. But rather than just being a mutated Godzillasaurus, which is based off of a cretaceous tetanuran theropod. I would have it based on the Triassic Coelophysoidea Gojirasaurus.
Also rather than it be a living fossil, Gojirasaurus would have already been extinct after giving rise to the Godzillasaurids. I would re-use Godzillasaurus as the genus for the classic Godzillas, we all know and love.

I would would propose that all of the Godzillas and Zilla would be part of the clade: Family, Godzillasauridae. Within it would be four distinct genre of Godzilla:

Parazillasaurus (Zilla "Beside God Incarnate Reptile"),

Shingodzillasaurus (Shin Godzilla "New God Incarnate Reptile")

Vindexgodzillasaurus (Monsterverse Godzilla "Protector God Incarnate Reptile")

Godzillasaurus (Classic Godzilla, "God Incarnate Reptile")

Zilla (Parazillasaurus agilis) would be the most basal member of the godzillasaurus family. Zilla has retain a theropod body well into the present day, lacks the atomic fire breath of its relatives since rather than feeding on radioactive matter or radioactive animals it still primarily consumes the flesh of non-radioactive animals. Being faster and more agile, Zilla wouldn't need to have the signature atomic breath of its relatives to catch food.

Shin Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus anno) would be closer to the more traditional godzillas in terms of body plan however its more derived than most godzillasaurids, excluding the basal Zilla. The fact that its atomic breath is more of a precision laser than typical godzillas, the spinal spikes and tail also able to fire the same atomic laser beams, its odd life cycle; makes this godzilla highly derived , which warrants its own genus.

Humanoid Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus homo?) a direct decedent of Shin Godzilla, not much is known from these godzillas except that they were growing from Shin Godzilla's tail. Are they a new species or are they the child form of Shin Godzilla?

Monsterverse Godzilla (Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula) The reason why I have monsterverse godzilla separate from the classic godzilla due to some major anatomical differences like sauropod-like feet and a more heavy skull structure.

Gojira54/56 (Godzillasaurus primis primis) The first Godzilla seen by modern eyes, awakened by the atomic bombs testings in the bikini atolls. It began its rampage on Japan in autumn of 1954 and another in 1956 fighting Angurius, although at the time it was mistakenly classified as Gigantis.

Showa Godzilla (Godzillasaurus primis secundus) The second godzilla recorded in modern history. It was first discovered fighting Mothra.

Heisei Godzilla (Godzillasaurus gigas) First discovered in 1984, this Godzilla was noticeably more aggressive and larger than its relatives.

Millennium Godzilla (Godzillasaurus nanos) First discovered in 1999, this Godzilla appeared to have a more reptilian visage and was adorn by jagged spike-like plates instead of the maple-leaf plates of its close relatives.

GMK Godzilla (Godzillasaurus malum) First discovered in 2001, this godzilla exhibited some usually high aggressive behavior.

Final Wars Godzilla (Godzillasaurus athletae) First discovered in 2004, displayed agility unmatched by its relatives save for Zilla.


I will be adding more Kaiju to my list but for right now I'll be focusing on writing up Godzilla's evolutionary history

Update: Gojiverse Phase II

159 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-16-2022 11:19 AM



MemberGiganMay-16-2022 12:41 PM


look its coming back

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganMay-16-2022 3:22 PM

I need to finish this fanfiction



MemberMothra LarvaeSep-24-2022 5:35 PM



MemberGiganJan-20-2023 11:22 AM

I also wrote Rise of the Kaiju, Alien versus Predator Universe and AVP2 Primal Hunt Fan Novelization



MemberBaragonJan-20-2023 12:56 PM




MemberGiganJan-30-2023 3:31 PM

To everyone's disappointment but I will discontinue Gojiverse to focus on writing Rise of the Kaiju, my Fallout Fanfics, and Aliens versus Predator Universe. Reason being, I no longer like Marvel nor Agents of Shield



MemberAnguirusJan-30-2023 5:00 PM

noooooo! I have contracted the sad virus.


Xenotaris: I will discontinue gojiverse


"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


MemberGiganJan-31-2023 1:06 AM

Don't worry Rise of the Kaiju is a more Godzilla focused fanfic essential the Gojiverse without Marvel characters placed in it

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