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Okay I've been planning on doing my own little Godzilla continuity for a fan fiction I've been thinking up for a long time.

The Premise: What if all Godzillas (including Zilla) were related and are part of the same evolutionary tree. For this to work, I have reworked Godzilla's origin in my own homebrew continuity I call the Gojiverse.

Origin: I have decided to borrow the Heisei Godzilla's origin from evolving from a Godzillasaurus into my revamp origin. But rather than just being a mutated Godzillasaurus, which is based off of a cretaceous tetanuran theropod. I would have it based on the Triassic Coelophysoidea Gojirasaurus.
Also rather than it be a living fossil, Gojirasaurus would have already been extinct after giving rise to the Godzillasaurids. I would re-use Godzillasaurus as the genus for the classic Godzillas, we all know and love.

I would would propose that all of the Godzillas and Zilla would be part of the clade: Family, Godzillasauridae. Within it would be four distinct genre of Godzilla:

Parazillasaurus (Zilla "Beside God Incarnate Reptile"),

Shingodzillasaurus (Shin Godzilla "New God Incarnate Reptile")

Vindexgodzillasaurus (Monsterverse Godzilla "Protector God Incarnate Reptile")

Godzillasaurus (Classic Godzilla, "God Incarnate Reptile")

Zilla (Parazillasaurus agilis) would be the most basal member of the godzillasaurus family. Zilla has retain a theropod body well into the present day, lacks the atomic fire breath of its relatives since rather than feeding on radioactive matter or radioactive animals it still primarily consumes the flesh of non-radioactive animals. Being faster and more agile, Zilla wouldn't need to have the signature atomic breath of its relatives to catch food.

Shin Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus anno) would be closer to the more traditional godzillas in terms of body plan however its more derived than most godzillasaurids, excluding the basal Zilla. The fact that its atomic breath is more of a precision laser than typical godzillas, the spinal spikes and tail also able to fire the same atomic laser beams, its odd life cycle; makes this godzilla highly derived , which warrants its own genus.

Humanoid Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus homo?) a direct decedent of Shin Godzilla, not much is known from these godzillas except that they were growing from Shin Godzilla's tail. Are they a new species or are they the child form of Shin Godzilla?

Monsterverse Godzilla (Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula) The reason why I have monsterverse godzilla separate from the classic godzilla due to some major anatomical differences like sauropod-like feet and a more heavy skull structure.

Gojira54/56 (Godzillasaurus primis primis) The first Godzilla seen by modern eyes, awakened by the atomic bombs testings in the bikini atolls. It began its rampage on Japan in autumn of 1954 and another in 1956 fighting Angurius, although at the time it was mistakenly classified as Gigantis.

Showa Godzilla (Godzillasaurus primis secundus) The second godzilla recorded in modern history. It was first discovered fighting Mothra.

Heisei Godzilla (Godzillasaurus gigas) First discovered in 1984, this Godzilla was noticeably more aggressive and larger than its relatives.

Millennium Godzilla (Godzillasaurus nanos) First discovered in 1999, this Godzilla appeared to have a more reptilian visage and was adorn by jagged spike-like plates instead of the maple-leaf plates of its close relatives.

GMK Godzilla (Godzillasaurus malum) First discovered in 2001, this godzilla exhibited some usually high aggressive behavior.

Final Wars Godzilla (Godzillasaurus athletae) First discovered in 2004, displayed agility unmatched by its relatives save for Zilla.


I will be adding more Kaiju to my list but for right now I'll be focusing on writing up Godzilla's evolutionary history

Update: Gojiverse Phase II

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MemberTitanosaurusOct-09-2019 8:00 PM

And what about the original premise of focusing on the kaiju and their evolutionary history?


MemberGiganOct-09-2019 9:46 PM

I will redirect back to the evolution histories soon



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Chapter 31: A Cruel Fate, Destiny

Its been four years since MONARCH lost the expeditionary force into the Hollow Earth, with those four years:

September 6th, 2016: attempts to investigate what happened have been foiled when Diablo and his followers seized Venezuela in Vertigo's absence; soon Diablo laid claimed to all of South America, driving out Talon and even his own ally Chaos from his land. Talon and his followers were driven to Mexico, while Chaos swam across the Atlantic ocean to West Africa.

September 25th, 2016: Chaos and his followers soon spread across Africa like a plague, soon East and North Africa fell under his influence. He attempt to invade South Africa but Waxema and Wanema halted his invasion, so Chaos began his campaign to conquer the middle-east.

October 3rd, 2016: Australia has been completely taken over by Space Godzilla and his allies, soon afterwards Tasmania, New Guinea, and New Zealand fell.

April 10th, 2017: The humanoid Shin Godzillas soon abandoned Tokyo and quickly took to the oceans, they invade the pacific islands like a swarm of angry hornets before setting up a nest to continue their progeny.

April 13th, 2018: New York City was rampaged by three titans, an albino gorilla, a flying wolf, and a spiky alligator.

June 22nd, 2018: Isla Nublar's Mount Sibo erupted, destroying the last remnant of InGen's Jurassic Park and Masrani's Jurassic World theme parks. However the DPG was able to save many of the de-extinct dinosaurs from falling back into extinction. Dinosaurs either were sold off to independent companies around the world or have escaped Lockwood's estate that night.

On May 13th, 2019: Vertigo reappears in China to convert its populace into fanatical slaves and soon allies with Desghidorah to take over the Korean peninsula. Jaegers were sent into deal with the problem, Titanosaurus, Kamoebas, Ebirah, Ganimes, Gabara, Kamacuras, and Kumonga soon migrated from Indonesia and the sea of Japan to converge on the Jeagers. The Chinese and Korean Jaegers were soon destroyed by the titans.

May 31st, 2019: Eco-terrorist Alan Jonah joined forces with Gideon Malick the current head of the Ghidorah Cult and his protege Grant Ward; they set out to kidnap high level Monarch scientist and her daughter, to free Great King Ghidorah from his prison at Outpost 32 in Antarctica. Great King Ghidorah is freed and wrecks havoc in Antarctica before traveling across the Atlantic before Legend Godzilla ambushes it from the water and manages to severe on of Great King Ghidorah's heads. Marvel Genetics flies a plane out there to drop a stolen prototype of the US military's rendition of the Oxygen Destroyer, Suffocating Legend Godzilla and allowing Great King Ghidorah to escape; Ghidorah then calls upon the slumbering titans to xenoform the earth to Ghidorah's liking.

Godzilla was then revived by Dr. Ishiro Serisawa by self denoting a nuclear bomb inside the Atlantean temple. Rodan and several other titans awaken around the Earth to answer King Ghidorah's call, Godzilla and Mothra arrive in what is left of the capital city to fight Great King Ghidorah. Mothra sacrifices herself after being mortally injured by Rodan to give Legend Godzilla his burning form. Legend now as Burning Godzilla uses his super-charged radiation pulses to kill Great King Ghidorah off for good, soon the other titans recognizes Legend as their new Alpha.

Marvel Genetics Lab (formerly a Sea World park), Orlando, Florida. June 11th, 2019

Jonah stares up at the recovered severed head of Great King Ghidorah. It was placed in a large tank that once held a humpback whale, the British Intelligence turn Eco-Terrorist stared intently on the seemingly dead beast. Grant Ward walked up from behind him, the two men stared at each other then stared at the severed head, "I wonder what brings an eco-terrorist here?" Ward asked.

"Humanity caused so much needless destruction, I want to even the playing field" Jonah replied.

"By even the playing field, huh?" Ward parroted.

"So you are part of a cult? Is this thing your god?" Jonah asked.

"Well not really, that thing is Great King Ghidorah" Ward pointed at the head, "His father is a god,"

"Kaiser Ghidorah, a god from the dimension called the Rift" Malick soon came out from behind.

"So where is this Kaiser Ghidorah, Hmmm?" Jonah asked.

"Currently dead" Ward replies, Jonah raises an eye brow.

"But we are currently searching for his next vessel. Godzilla may have destroyed his corporeal form but his essence lives on inside of all xilliens....and half-xilliens" Malick glances at Ward.

"So. Do you know who could it be next?" Jonah asked.

"I once knew a girl that fit the bill, Daisy "Skye" Johnson. I think her parents would be more than happy if she would be the next Kaiser Ghidorah" Ward added.

"Hmmm. So this Ms. Johnson, were can we find her?" Jonah asked as he now gazes at Grant Ward.

"She was last seen in Venezuela before Diablo went active" Ward replied.

Somewhere in the Hollow Earth. June 11th, 2019.

Daisy was tossing and turning in her bed, she dreamed of the prophecy. She was hovering above the body of Legend Godzilla, his large yellow eyes stared through her. Daisy caught herself a reflection of her Daisyghidorah form in the godzilla's eye. She heard the sound of another godzilla nearby, there stood Shin Godzilla or rather Shin Godzilla's progeny. The humanoid shin godzilla's hissed and growled as they darted towards Daisy like a pack of hungry wolves, she fought them off with her quake powers. One of the ShinGodzilla spawn fires its atomic laser into her stomach, she clutches at her wound before looking up at the Humanoid Godzilla. Daisy spreads her wings, her horns extend as her bone white scales turn golden....soon she grows in size, what's left of her feminine features are soon absorbed into her draconic body as she becomes Kaiser Ghidorah. Daisy wakes up screaming as she falls out of her bed, covered in sweat.

A Houtua guard walks into her chambers, "Are you alright?" the young man asked. He saw Daisy wrapped herself in the fur pelts, parts of her skin was blistering, revealing her parts of her exposed xillien skin. "I am sorry" he turns around, "...that you are going through this. The High Archivist has been working hard looking for a way to suppress this...curse. But we must not give up, we must have faith in the High Archivist!" he clenches his fist, trying to lift the woman's spirits.

Daisy turned her head towards the guard, her eyes were blood red for a moment before the black in her sclera cleared out and her blood red irises dimmed back to brown. She rubs opening soars on her human flesh, she then looked over at the guard. "I think I need to see him," she slowly stood up, a terrible pain shot through her body. She felt around her lower back, she felt a huge bulged above her posterior; she quickly dug her fingers into the weakening skin to release what ever it was out. A long tail reptilian uncoils out of the swollen skin as puss and bile spew on the floor, the pain subsided as the tissue in her tail grew stronger. Daisy stumbled a bit before her tail assists her balance, she looked up at Touro the guard, he looked back. She was scared, he then brought her to the Archives.

The Archives, Thantopolis, Hollow Earth-Venezuela.

"Ah Daisy, how wonderful for to you stopped by to visit" he then saw her tail and the sores, "You look terrible" his demeanor became more serious.

"My skin....its coming apart, I feel if I loose it. I might not be myself anymore" Daisy's body enters another pain episode. "Do you have it? The elixir, do you have some more?!" She begged like an addict.

"I can't give you anymore Daisy. If I increase the dosage anymore, it could kill you!"

"You said, you could suppress this," the sclera in her eyes starts to fill with a black oily texture, her brown eyes slowly fades to red. "You said if we stayed here, the prophecy wouldn't happen!" Her teeth began to sharpen, fingernails back to slide off her fingers to be replaced with claws. Daisy screams as her back begins to arch up, she embraces herself, her body then relaxes. She looks up at the High Archivist, blood seeps from her nostril "Now I am turning into a monster!" she snarled, "Please...." she then said weakly as her expression softens.

"Then I shall do what I must" the High Archivist then walked closer to the girl, "Its unfortunate this had to happen to you" He escorted her out of the Archives up to his personal garden in the high echelons of the city. He fixes her up a batch of the elixir, he pours the medicine into a cup. Daisy grabs it and gulps it down, "I am terribly sorry Daisy. If you were in this condition when I have first found you, I wouldn't have trouble executing you on the spot" Daisy turns to look at him, "But these past four years, I started to develop feelings for you. I foolishly believed that the beast that dwells inside your very DNA was our certain doom but then I realized about the prophecy, you have to be pure Xillien to resurrect Kaiser Ghidorah. The elixir isn't a cure or even a supressor, its an accelerant" he smiled.

"An accelerant?" Daisy suddenly felt sick to her stomach, she dropped the cup on to the floor. She held her hand to her mouth as she started puking up pile and blood. The pain became greater as the skin on her frame began to loose its cohesion and melt off her body. She looks up at the High Archivist, "Why the lies? why do this to me?" she cried.

"Because, you may have a part to play in the original's grand scheme. Yes, you are xillien and share Ghidorah's mitochondria but you also are part human and share The Original's mitochondria" The High Archivist explained, "Remember how the Originals can influence evolution? Its the reason why Titans or Kaijus exist, its the reason why kaijin like your friend Banner and Bates exist. Its the reason why we exist. You are part devilman aren't you?" High Archivist asked.

"No, I'm half-human remember?" Daisy growled.

"Yes, that is what I'm getting at. Yes that is the reason, the reason why you haven't melted into a puddle of pink goo. Its all coming back to me now..." He taps at his noggin.

"So those four years of lying around is utter bull shit?!" Daisy asked furiously.

"No, you staying for four years did allow me to do my research and now I've made you better"

"Made me better?" she clenches her clawed fists, she bares her fangs, "You made into a fucking freak! All you did was... wait.. what did you do to me? I mean I transformed into this body once before... hmmm" Daisy pondered.

"The purpose of the elixir was to accelerate your evolution. Meaning, you'll no longer transform back into a human since I was trying to force your devilman side out however it seems your xillien form and devilman form have either became one or your xillien form is your devilman form" The High Archivist hypothesized.

"Well I'm glad I'm not the instrument of destruction anymore but there is one thing though" Daisy squints her eyes at the Head Archivist.

"Yeah what?" the High Archivist backed away a bit, he suspected she was going to relieve some of her anger out.

Daisy then used her shockwave to hit him in the balls, "That, I'm going now" She heads down the stair way.

Tana and Kara fly up to Daisy dressed in their night clothes, "Daisy, what happened to you?" Kara asked.

Daisy said nothing as she walks back to her quarters, the two fairies fly over to the collpased High Archvist. "High Archivist! Are you alright?" Kara asked concern, "Why has Daisy transformed?"

The High Archivist still holding his private areas as he finds the strength to stand, "That girl has a raging fire in her. I have accelerated her metamorphosis, weather she becomes an asset or not depends entirely on her"

"High Archivist, that was very foolish!" Tana puts her hands on her hips, "what makes you so sure that she isn't going to be the death of us all?"

"Because I have discovered something. I have took biosamples of all our guests, they may appear baseline but once I further studied the samples it became clear that all of Daisy's companions are latent kaijin. However the one they call Bruce Banner and Jason Bates are like Daisy, their mitochondria has already been awakened. But yet Bruce is different from Jason and Daisy, whereas Jason is a devilman and Daisy is a Devilman-Xillien hybrid, Bruce is something completely different. His cells contains traces of Godzilla's essence, Daisy says the surfacers call it G-Energy"

"The surfacers harvest the Godzillas of their essence? how horrible!" Kara said in disgust.

"Not quite, they must collect samples when the Godzillas are fighting" he holds out his hand, a holographic image then materializes to show several battles of godzilla fighting various other kaiju throughout history.

"Well that explains why one of them took the Aquillomimus's feathers, Surfacers don't seem content with living with nature" Tana shook her head.

"Now the others, do interest me. The ones call Fitzs, Simmons, Campbell, and Ziggy, they all carry the beast genes. Only time and proper environmental adjusting would tell if they transform into either devilman or devilbeasts; its a slippery slope for their kind"

Chapter 31 needs some needed adjustments



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So does that sentence! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

Jk lol

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Okay Chapter 31 is up, I need a second opinion on how the story went so i may perfect it



MemberRodanOct-10-2019 10:49 AM

 Pretty good, catching up to modern day.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Chapter 32: Crossroads

Daisy power walked her way down the winding stairs, Tana and Kara soon catch up to her. "Daisy, wait up" Kara asked, "I hope your not going back to your quarters looking like that!" Tana exclaimed. Daisy stopped dead in her tracks, she glances of the tiny fairies with a death glare. Kara hovers away a bit in fright while Tana only seemed to get madder as she flew up to Daisy, "You think that is enough to scare me, look toots I have fought beings far more dangerous than you so don't even start with giving me death glares!"

"Tana!" Kara eyes widen.

"You think just because you have powers that you can do as you please? Hmmm? You think your untouchable? Ha, Godzilla would incinerate you in seconds"

Daisy raises her hand out to send a shockwave into the fairies, "Don't even think you can begin to understand me..." Daisy then gasps the shockwave bent around the fairies as Tana and Kara were not even effected by her quake powers, the two fairies were chanting what sounded like a song. Tana and Kara then began singing their second verse which then directed Daisy's own attack back at her, Daisy was sent backwards into the neighboring hallway. Tana flew off as Kara flew down to check on Daisy, Tana sideways glanced at her younger sister tending to Daisy, "Kara, stay here. I am needed elsewhere, wait for me until I get back", Kara nodded as Tana flew around the corner.


Marvel Genetics Godzilla Research Lab, Puerto Rico.

Calvin was over seeing the operations of Marvel Genetic's latest mock-kaiju. He walked passed the many large vat containers containing samples of the various godzillas. A rib bone from the first discovered Godzilla, a frozen intact finger of the second discovered godzilla, a fragmented spine from the godzilla known as heisei, chunks of flesh from the Godzilla known as Legend, and a sedated humanoid shin godzilla. Calvin sneered at the samples before walking back to his computer station, his lovely xillien wife was streaming herself on to Calvin's computer screen. "So Calvin, how goes your little pet project?"

"Really good, its nothing to brag about. We are just one step closer at beating the godzillas and saving humanity; we are going to get our little girl back right?" Calvin stared off into the monitor screen.

"Yes, we are...wait. Hold on" Jiyang then suddenly looked away from the camera as something caught her attention. Her eyes widen, she looks back at the camera now with a worried expression. "Calvin, you have to get out of there! Don't worry about the samples just...." Jiyang's stream was suddenly disconnected as the lab lost power. A high pitch echoing scream could be heard through out the labs. Bioreyna who was meditating in an empty room, suddenly opens her yellow eyes. She pulls down her hoody to expose her sharp quills, "She is here" she said with a euphoric smile on her face, "She has come" Bioreyna then closes her eyes as she switfly inhales, "What? You want the godzilla's remains? I can give you that, my goddess" Bioreyna then walked out of her meditation room as she made her way to the G-Labs. Marvel Genetics security force marches towards the exits to confront the source of the disturbance. The exist doors suddenly burst open as snake-like vines slither their way, using their crocodilian jaws to tear apart any unfortunate soul that gets in their way.

Calvin hid under his desk as the ceiling was begin to cave inwards. Massive crocodilian-like jaws tore through the science facility within minutes, then a massive yellow eye looked in on the survivors. "Its Biollante!" screamed the lab techninitions as they began to flee from the massive plant titan. She ignore the humans, her real target was the samples; her vines slither down the from the massive hole in the ceiling, they flare open their jaws as they bite down on some of the samples. Calvin crawled out from underneath his desk, his eyes bloodshot but then turn gold; his body starts to increase in muscle mass as his facial features become more gorilla-like. His ears stretch into large pointy ears, spikes burst from his back as fur quickly covered most of his skin, he slams his knuckles into the ground as his hands become more robust and acclimated for knuckle-walking. Electricity began to emit from his fur as he stands on his legs to pound at her chest, he bellows a roar filled with murderous rage before growing to a size equal to his opponent.

Biollante's vines jerk back in fright but her main head emits a challenging roar to the transformed Calvin. Calvin charged at the plant titan, Biollante's vines constrict Calvin's arms and legs, the gorilla-like devilbeast roared before biting into the vines using his large canines to sever the tiny crocodile heads from its main body. Calvin pounds his chest before slamming his fists into the earth, sending a minor tremor towards Biollante. Calvin quickly grabs the vats containing the godzilla samples, Biollante screams at Calvin as her throat begins to light up. Calvin leaps away as Biollante fires her radioactive sap at him. Bioreyna then emerges from the ruins of the science facility, "Oh no no no," she shakes her finger, "You can't run away with that!" Bioreyna enters her giga form as well, she summons forth her attacking tentacles; gaining an additional eight. Her tentacles bite into Calvin as they drag the gorilla-man back to Bioreyna.

Enraged, Calvin shoves one of the vat containers down Bioreyna's throat. She holds her throat as she gags on the metal capsule, Calvin then punched her off the cliff; he glances at Biollante before bolting away with the rest of the containers. Biollante roars in anger as she pulls her slowly across the whole of Puerto Rico. Calvin reached the end of the island, he sticks the vats underneath his arm as he prepares to take a swim in the vast ocean. Hours have past as Biollante finally reaches the capital, she hisses and cries as the vats were no where to be found. Meanwhile Bioreyna was pulled out further into the ocean, her face split open into a massive set of jaws to further swallow whole the vat capsule. She absorbed its contents of all of its DNA before spitting out the lifeless metal container. Bioreyna swam to the neighboring island of the Dominion Republic to recover, she pulled her titanic body on to its shore, displacing a lot of water in her wake. Her vine tentacles rapidly began to wither and die, she glances over at them alarmed before falling to her knees as her body ached in hellish pain. Maple-Leaf shaped spikes bursts from her neck, shoulders, and back; a tail rapidly slithers out from her pelvis as her legs grew thicker and thicker. Her shoulders stretched, the last of her female attribute are absorbed into its new body, its face now resembles a reptile's than a human.

"What in god's name is that thing?" a lone beach warden asked to himself as he stares what was Bioreyna. In her place now stood a plant-like Godzilla. "Gyyyyaaaaaoooooooonnnnnn!!!!" The plant-based Godzilla stood around the average height of a typical godzilla, 60 meters tall. It ignores the lone warden as it reenters the ocean, searching for food. Biollante left devastation in her wake as she strips entire towns and cities of human life, Biollante growls as plant Godzilla comes ashore. Biollante stares off with her new opponent before sending out her tentacles to ensnare then later absorb the plant godzilla, Biollante slowly drew herself closer to her prey; Then Biollante's tenatcles were slowly being absorb into the plant godzilla, Biollante struggled to pull herself away but the plant Godzilla was steadily growing bigger as it continued to suck away at Biollante's biomass until there was nothing left. The plant Godzilla grew double its original size, "Gyaaaoooooooooonnnnn!!!!" it roars triumphantly.



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Chapter 33: The Foley of Man

Thantopolis, Hollow Earth-Venezuela. June 11th, 2019.

Daisy sat up, her body wreathing in pain from her fight with the fairies. "Damn, you pack a nasty punch for a fairy" Daisy admitted.

"You shouldn't care so much about your physical appearance, changing is only a natural part of evolution" Kara comments.

"Oh says the girl with butterfly wings," Daisy retorted, "At least you still look human, half-pint"

"But you are not completely human, Daisy. You are Half-Xillien and pardon me for saying this but the fact you even exist is contradictory" Kara said matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean its contradictory? My dad is human and my mother is xillien, they had a baby and it was me" Daisy explained.

"Yes that is all true, however Xilliens are not closely related to humans at any capacity. Even chimpanzees which are our closest living relatives, we cannot produce offspring with them. The fact that a completely alien being had a child with a human is completely unnatural, I mean no offense" Kara explained. Daisy glared at the fairy, feeling a little insulted before sighing.

"What are you getting at, Kara?" Diasy sighed.

"That you were not born but created" Kara finished.

"Wow, just wow...." Daisy sat there, collecting her thoughts. Then Tana flew back, "Daisy, I have terrible news. Something terrible is unfolding on the surface, I thought you would like to know"

"What's happening?" Daisy suddenly perked up.

"The surface is being overrun by kaiju. Before you ask if its Godzilla, the answer is no... at least not yet" Tana stated

"Why would they do that?" Daisy asked.

"Its inevitable, extinction is also a natural part of evolution" Kara added.

"Unlike most lifeforms, Humans demand more from their environment than it could provide. Your kind need shelter, you deforest entire forests. You need food, you take more than then what nature could replace. You need water, you selfishly wall off rivers to route the water supply for yourselves. But you humans don't care for what happens to this planet, you care more about what happens in the afterlife or your own selfish personal lives" Tana squints her eyes at Daisy, "That is why the kaiju have awakened, the earth is sick and it needs healing"

"Wait a second, who side are you on? I thought you kept me down here for 4 years to seal away a great danger, then you tell me that I'm not the great destroyer or whatever you called it. You gave me something that locks me into freak mode, and now your saying you want the big monsters to destroy humanity?" Daisy growled.

"You are not completely out of the woods yet, you have at least something to do with his return. Those four years have proved fruitful no? At least you were away from Great King Ghidorah, so you dodge a gravity beam there. Your "freak mode" was all the High Archivist's doing, he knows something is coming and he is at least preparing you for whatever comes our way. On a final note: Humanity was doomed the moment they awakened Godzilla" Tana explained harshly and matter-of-factly.


Cueva del Fantasm, Venezuela.

Hunter, Bobbie, Mack, Elena, May, and Coulson disembark from the Quinjet; the Quinjet flies off back to the Hellicarrier above. The helicarrier's cannons periodically shift as they fixate on the jungle canopy. Inside the CIC of the Helicarrier, Stark, Hall, Rodriguez, and Fury stare at the computer monitors. "Alright Coulson, you have less than 5 hours to search for the rest of your team and get back. We sent in several Jaegers to delay Diablo from smoking yo sorry asses. Got it, good. Now move out!"

"Yes sir!" Coulson acknowledged before moving his team into cave. Bobbie and Hunter place down a large clunky machine, the machine deploys a set of legs before the apex of the machine rises to fire a precision laser into the collapsed gate remains. The laser drills a hole big enough for Coulson's group to fit comfortable through before shutting down. Hunter and Bobbie quickly package up the mining laser before heading off with the rest of Coulson's team into the hole. "Great another bloody ancient ruins to stalk through" Hunter remarked sarcastically. The group passes through the temple as they navigate down the windy cave passage until they reach the great chasm, filled with trees, waterfalls, and light.

"Oh my god, its beautiful!" Bobbie was in awe by the majesty of the hollow earth. The group walked down the somewhat steep hill as they moved closer to the trees.

"Enjoy the view while you can, we got a mission to full fill" Coulson commented, "Mack! Look" he points at the ground.

"Sir those look like massive foot prints" Mack commented.

"Look at this, bloody thing is as long as a sword" Hunter plays with a large feather.

"Mys meios" Elena Rodriguez

May points at the large avian and reptilian tracks, "These tracks right here are different from the other large ones"

"By what?" Coulson asked.

"I rather not find out the answer" Mack quipped.

"Me too. Coulson we must press forward" May suggested.

"Yeah" Coulson agreed. The group follow the tracks to the cliff's edge, Coulson carefully looked down the ravine before backing away from the ledge. May pats him on the shoulder as she points at the narrow ledge passage alongside the cliff wall. The continue to press forward until they reached the jungle down below. The vampire trees attempt to ambush the group but Mack hacks the vines down with his machete, "I always come prepare" Mack boasts. They press on through the jungle until they reach a running stream. Large bus-size pachycephalosaurids were drinking from the cool water.

The beaked domed-skull herbivorous dinosaur turned his head to the group, it snorts before growling at Mack. "Whats it doing?" Hunter asked.

"Its challenging us" Mack swings his machete. The Pachycephalosaurid snorts angrily as it begins to kick up dirt behind itself, it tucks in its forearms as it charges forward at the group. May grabs Mack as she pulls him away from the charging dinosaur, "Everybody run!" the group bolted in to the green thicker y, the pachy still screaming as it bull rushes through the foliage. Bobbie barely caught a glimpse of a large avian legs stomp past her, she turned around for a second to see a long tail covered in feathers, the same feathers they spotted earlier.

"Bobbie, come here my love" Hunter grabs her hand as they push themselves further into the jungle. Loud screaming, grunting, and growling emanated from the woods as the two dinosaurs fought each other. The group rendezvous inside an abandoned stone villa house.


Ruins of Tokyo, Japan

A small spherical robot rolls around the the abandoned city. Its little red light blinks as it surveys the are if there were signs of life. LIFEFORMS DETECTED! the letters flash green on its user interface screen. Said life form cautiously yet curiously approached the ballbot. It was humanoid, dressed in a thick jacket with a scarf and googles its face, they wore a baseball cap on their head covering its hair; but yet it wore a skirt and was wearing long socks. The strangely dressed person poked at the ballbot with a stick before others dressed in a similar fashion approached the ballbot. "Kyouko, stay away from that thing!" shouted a feminine voice from one of its comrades.

A member of their group wielding a baseball bat approached the ballbot, with one hard swing the ballbot was rendered offline.

"Probe 4 is down sir" Saya reported.

"Damn it" shouted Commander Fuyutsuki, "switch to probe 5"

"Sir" Saya acknowledged.

A second ballbot rolled in from behind the group but at a high elevation and safer distance, it zooms in on the group. The one of with the baseball bat pulled down their scarf to yell at the other one.

"What are they saying?" the commander asks.

"Extending listening range" Saya acknowledged.

"...oko you need to be more careful" said the bossy one.

"I'm sorry I just thought maybe it could have been the JSDF or maybe G-FORCE" the scolded one tries to justify her actions.

"They both sound like teenage girls" Dr. Honda commented.

"Shhhh" the commander ordered.

"The JSDF and G-FORCE are the ones that abandoned us" said another girl's voice

"Calm down Misaki, she didn't know" said another more energetic girl's voice.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to shout like that" the one they called Misaki apologized.

"Think they'll come to help us?" asked a little girl.

"No Remi, I don't think they'll help out... people like us. They might not understand" the energetic voiced girl spoke to the little one.

"I want my mommy" the little one started crying.

"Its okay, don't cry" the energetic girl attempts to soothe little one.

"At any rate we need to get back to Heaven's Gate, we need to warn the others" the bossy girl informed the group. The group soon retreated back into the subway.

"Follow after them" The commander ordered.

"Sir" Saya acknowledged as she navigated the ballbot to follow the girls down the subway. The ballbot falls from a steep ledge down on the concrete floor before rolling its way down the subway stairway, CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. It spins itself around before rolling further in the subway station. The camera transmit a pitch black image.

"Saya, activate night-vision on probe 5" the commander ordered.

"Sir" Saya acknowledged as she switches the visual feed to night vision. There the girls were seen running in the dark as if they memorized the way back.

"Those girls have impressive memory" said Dr. Kasukabe as she observes the viewing screen.

Dr. Honda stared intently at the viewing screen, when the girls paused looking around the subway tunnels before heading off to the suggestion of one of their comrades, "No, they are not memorizing. They can actually see in the dark. I am sure of it" Dr. Honda said on intuition.

The ballbot continued following the girls at a safe distance, the girls hug around an abandoned bullet train. The ballbot rolls around the train as it continues to follow them. A loud banging sound emanates from the bullet train, yet the girls remain calm as they hug against the bullet train's hull. The ballbot spins to scan the train, LIFEFORMS DETECTED! The ballbot switches to infrared, a large heat signature registered on the viewing screen.

The girls managed to reach the front of the bullet train before the group took off running. The ballbot continued to scan the bullet train as it rolled partially under it for cover. The train rocked a little as if something big on-board had woken up. The ballbot carefully rolls forward to catch up with the girls, the ballbot managed to get a full car length away from the disturbance. Then the car the ballbot was underneath suddenly jerked leftwards, the sound of a door being forced open echoed throw the subway tunnel. The ballbot stopped moving as it carefully observes from underneath the train, something big plopped down on the dirty ground. The mound of flesh opens into an open hand as it reaches for the spherical robot. The ballbot rolls away from its reach, then speeds down the length of the train.

The ball spins around to see the front of the train and in the distance a humanoid silhouette stares back at the ballbot from the caboose. The figure drops to all fours as it bolts towards the ballbot, the ballbot increases its speed as it spins its gyromotors faster. The ballbot makes a sharp turn down an adjacent tunnel before zooming past a maintenance door that just closed shut. The ballbot slips and falls down into a collapsed chambered as it rolls down into a maintenance tunnel below. Saya motions the ballbot to move quickly down the maintenance tunnel to loose its pursuer, the distant roars of whatever it was echoed above.

The girls heard the sound as well, they quickly navigate themselves around the hallway before taking a door to the right, going down a flight of stairs, running down another hallway before taking a left until they reach an Exit door. They find themselves inside the loading room of a Mall, "phew" said their leader. She motions her hand to the set of large boxes, quickly they blocked the door with them.

She pulls down the scarf to reveal her mouth, she pulls out a riceball from her sash. she opens her mouth, baring her abnormally large canines into the riceball. She removes her dark glasses, her eyes were yellow and cat-like, then she removes her winter cap revealing her ram-like horns. "Takae, why are resting now? We need to keep moving" the girl they call Misaki asked their bossy leader.

"Were safe now, see" she points at the wall, "Were home, Heaven's Gate Mall" The group relaxes as they continue to bard the door they came from with more boxes. Misaki removes her scarf, then her dark glasses revealing her dark red eyes which lacked pupils and a sclera; then she removed her baseball cap letting her black ponytail down while straightening out her butterfly-like antennae.

"So you guys live in a mall, now?" Misaki asked.

"Cool, huh? Our last place got overrun by Dorats" the energetic girl removes her beanie revealing her cat-ears, she then removed her glasses revealing her green cat-like eyes as she pulls down her scarf.

"Chika, tell the others we are safe and sound" Takae ordered.

"Okie dokie, you can tell them that yourself" she smiled before bolting off up stairs.

"Kyouko go follow her" Takae sighed.

Kyouko takes off her glasses revealing her red-brownish eyes, she kept her baseball cap as she pulls down her scarf, "Okay" she nods.

"Remi, you too" Takae glances to the little girl, who removed her glasses and scarf. She looked like an ordinary Japanese 9 year old, all things considering, "Your mommy is wait up for you" Takae added. The little girl reluctantly leaves Takae's side to join Chika and Kyouko.

Misaki stares at the blocked door, "You think it'll hold?" she glances back at Takae.

"It has too," Takae replied as she got closer to Misaki, "Everything we've been through these last six years, it has to hold" Takae reflected. "Let's go, the others are waiting" the two young women followed after their friends. Not too fair away a red blinking light glows behind a ventalation grate.

"Oh my god! They're not human!" one of the technicians shouted.

"Retrieve the probe, we found it. Contact the Human Alliance division, tell them the devilbeasts have no where left to hide, send in Hunter-J to dispose of them" the commander cold ordered.



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Chapter 34: The Devil Lady

Tokyo, Japan. That same day.

A Troop Transporter aircraft flies over head baring the JSDF, G-FORCE, and Human Alliance insignia on it. The bay door opens for a feminine figure dressed in black uniform, tactical gear, a kevlar vest and full face helmet; she leaps out of the plane like a paratrooper before the specialized compartment plates on her back slide open to allow for her wings to slide out and expand. Hunter-J lands on the concrete pavement with her combat boots, she reaches over to activate her comms unit, "I have arrived in the city," she spoke.

"You know the drill, seek out your enemy and destroy them without question" Lan Asuka responded in turn with her commanding voice.

"Understood," Jun reluctantly accepted her orders. She looked around and saw the mall Heaven's Gate; it was the same mall Kazumi and her regularly visit. She concentrates to shrivel her wings up and retract them back into her body, she hated the pain but at least she learned how to do partial transformation thanks to her training. She managed to pry open the unpowered sliding glass doors before entering the mall complex. She glances around the dark interior thanks to her bestial night vision she can see everything. Hearing voices in the distance, she quickly hide behind an abandon stall; Jun slowly peeked around the corner and saw five familiar looking faces. She wanted to report in but knew she would only anger Asuka with her indecisiveness, she peeked back around the corner to see the girls traveling up a depowered excavator. "I recognize those girls but from were.... Why are they dressed like that? Are they truly devilbeasts? Could they be like me?" Jun muttered to herself. Jun slowly sneaked around the stall before knocking over a Godzilla plush toy, "GYAAOON!" Jun glanced at the plush toy before glancing back at the girls. The girls stared at Jun before turning back to run further up the escalator, "Hey wait! Damn," Jun's voice was distorted from her helmet, she then sprinted after the girls.

"Who is that?" Chika shouted at Takae.

"G-FORCE, they discovered us!" Takae shouted back.

"What are we going to do?" Misaki shouted at Takae.

"We continue running!" Takae shouted back.

"Her voice sounds familiar somehow" Kyouko added.

"Your bring this up now?" Takae glanced over at Kyouko.

"How are you sure it is a woman? that person is dressed head to toe in G-FORCE gear, for all we know it could be an effeminate man!" Misaki speculated.

"Shut up y'all, we need to loose this guy!" Chika shouted as she held Remi's hand.

"She is gaining on us!" Remi cried as Jun was climbing up the escalator.

The girls reach the apex before hiding off in one of many of the mall's stores. They watch from within the electronic store as the G-FORCE operative ran by none the wiser. "Phew, we dodge a bullet there" Takae sighs.

Jun walked by a few stores before removing her head concealing helmet, she tosses the helmet down. Jun's hair was cut short down to her ears, now that she was part of G-FORCE she had too look like a soldier. She inhales deep, catching the scent of the girls that ran from her. she turns her head around realizing she ran passed them. "Jun, what's going on? Report? Jun?" Lan's voice transmitted from the helmet. Jun turns her head away from the helmet as she continued on without it. Jun reached the electronic store but notice they had already left, she then follow their scent down to the east wing of the mall. She opened the glass door and spotted the girls running down another escalator. Jun gritted her teeth as her wings pushed themselves out of the sliding plates of her armor, she runs over to the railing before gliding down in front of the devilbeast girls.

"I finally caught you" she turns her head, eyes glowing yellow, Jun's face now resembling Devil Lady's visage. The girls stare back at her surprised.

"Its...you" Takae finally spoke.

Jun's expression softens a bit, "You remember me?"

"Yeah, you saved us from that werewolf monster like ages ago. Back when that Sony store was being built" Takae remembered.

"You mean Wolver? Wait how did you get like this? How many people have you killed already?" Jun hesistated on the last question, fearing what she may have to do next.

"I haven't killed anybody?" Takae replied sincerely.

"I haven't either" Chika replied.

Misaki shook her head, Kyouko waved both her hands in a 'not me' gesture, and Remi crossed her hands 'no way'.

"What? So that was all lie" Jun muttered to herself.

"We don't know how we became like this, it happened pretty much over night" Takae explained, "About four years ago. The water kind of tasted funny one day and then that sports caster transforming into a monster on the news. Everyone in Tokyo started to transform into something else, but only a few us were ever violent like the others. Most of us fled across the city seeking shelter from the bad ones, we lost so many. Now there are only 100 of us left, we managed to just find Misaki"

"I am sorry," Jun's face reverts back to normal, "Listen, you can't stay here. G-FORCE wants to purge the city of devilbeasts, you must find away out of here"

"Where would we go? There are sick, injured, elderly, and young children here. We won't make it by ourselves, please help us" Takae asked desperately.

Jun sighs, she closes her eyes for a moment before opening them, "Alright then, take me to them"

Takae and her group took Jun to the central hub of the octagonal mall. The doors leading to the center complex were heavily guarded by their sentries who were carrying taser guns, baseball bats, and kendo sticks for weapons. They were alerted by Jun's G-FORCE uniform, "Halt! Takae why is G-FORCE doing here?!" one of the guards doned in kendo armor approached the ram-horned girl.

"I'll handle this" Takae and the kendo guard walked away from the group, "She told us of G-FORCE's plan, its bad Takashi. G-FORCE wants to eradicate us, they believe were the same as those monsters. Except for this one, she is one of us. I can tell she's for real, I feel it in my blood"

"Alright Takae, if you trust her then so will I" Takashi then approached Jun, "Follow me"


Jun was taken further and further into the central hub of the mall, along her way she saw the surviving hundred of passive devilbeasts. Most of them more or less resembled Takae and her group, partially transformed, human yet with animal parts. Some however were in their transformed state as they patrol the floors. The transformed ones sneered at Jun, she greeted them with her glowing eyes. "Settle down, she came here to help" Takae approached the transformed guards.

"G-FORCE here to help us? Hahaha" the jackleman laughed.

"Follow me to the assembly area and she'll tell you what you want to know" Takae replied.

Jun was lead to the center assembly stage where there was a microphone, the survivors gathered around her awaiting for her to speak. Jun inhaled deep before grabbing the microphone, she glances at Takae, "What I am about to tell you.... Is urgent, G-FORCE's plan is to eradicate the devilbeasts. They want me to carry it out but after seeing others like myself that aren't monsters made me realize... that I can no longer carry out their will. It isn't right, so I have decided that we must all leave the Tokyo immediately, I know its sudden but G-FORCE is already mobilizing to retake Tokyo. We must act now before they get here,"

"Why should we believe anything that a G-FORCE grunt has to say!" shouted a man with ibex horns.

"How do we know if you are telling the truth" shouted a girl with fox ears and nine fox tails, she was followed by a loud angry chants of "YEAH!"

Jun's eyes glowed yellow as she grew out her wings, "Because I am one of you, a devilman" her voice suddenly became louder and more aggressive. The crowd suddenly went silent, before someone shouted "Its her!" "Its Devil Lady!" shouted another. "The one who defied Satoru and his crusaders" shouted Jackleman. "Why were you working for G-FORCE?" shouted the fox girl.

"It wasn't my intention, I was forced recruited in because of..."

"Did you get to see inside a Mechagodzilla?" shouted a fatman with turtle shell on his back.

"No, I'm not part of that division of G-FORCE" Jun corrected a bit bewildered by the strange question.

"What division were you part of?" the turtleman asked.

"The Human Alliance" Jun replied.

"Human Alliance, that very name sounds racist!" the turtleman retorted.

"Alright, enough with the questions" Takaeshi shouted as he removed his kendo helmet, revealing a young man in his early twenties. "G-FORCE Lady, what is your plan to help us out of the city?"

Jun glances at Takaeshi, then she pan the entirety of the survivors looking at her. She suddenly looked down, she closed her eyes for a moment. "The docks...." she muttered before opening her eyes again, "The docks, we will escape the city by boat!" she gave Takashi his answer.

Several hours later...

"Jun hasn't responded in over 10 hours" Lan Asuka growled.

"Should we send in Hunter-K?" asked a very intimidating looking JSDF officer turn G-FORCE commando, Masayoshi Yamazaki.

"Use the girl so suddenly?" Maeda questioned, "She is not even a devilman, she's human"

Asuka sighs, "She has the genes, Maeda. We can use her"

"We should we wait until Jun can contact us" Maeda replied.

"We don't have time to wait for Hunter-J, G-FORCE M-branch has already deployed their toys" Yamazaki reported.

"So they are sending in their damn mechagodzilla's?" Asuka sneered.

"No, they are using their new experimental weapon M.O.G.U.E.R.A." Yamazaki added.


Outskirts of Kanto, Japan.

MOGUERA stomps through the forest regions of Kanto, Super X3 soars above in the sky as it escorts the titan-sized machine. Up a head convoys of Tanks, APCs, Light Armor, Combat Humvees, Helicopters, VTOL Aircraft, Troop transporting Deuce-in-a-halfs, and Heat Ray Trucks charged into the quarantine city.


The convoys enter the now decrepit Tokyo, dark things that were once asleep awaken by the convoy's noisy wake. The Dorats that were unleashed on Tokyo four years ago have now grown to the size of two Boeing 747s, their heads begin to split half before the half heads mature into two full fledged heads. The matured subadult ghidorah spread their wings, firing its gravity beams like lightning from its wing tips. The ghidorahs dive off their skyscraper roost as they make short work of the JSDF helicopters and VTOL Aircraft, the Heat Ray Trucks fire at the subadult ghidorahs but soon they too are destroyed. "bibibibibibibi" they cackle.



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Chapter 35: Prelude to Extinction

Tokyo Dock District, Japan.

Jun leads the 100 survivors to the dock, they could hear the distant roars of the subadult ghidorahs, gunfire, and explosions. "Does anyone here know how to drive one of these things?" Jun asked while carefully considering a boarding a whaling ship. Jun turns around a a group of men step forward, "Leave that to us, you just make sure to get everybody on the Nisshin Maru" the young, middle aged, and old men marched on to the ship, soon the lights turn on, the engines roared as the propellers started spinning. Jun sighed in relief, she then turns to make head count as the survivors make it on-board. "98, 99, 100" Jun sighs again in relief, she then made her way to the Nisshin Maru's bridge, "So any suggestions where we should port?" Jun asked. The ship slowly leaves the port as it makes its way into Tokyo Bay.

"Well you are the brains behind this operation, Fudo-san. What's a our destination?" Takashi asked.

"My friend Aoi has a resort in hawaii" Jun suggested.

"America? Seriously?" Takashi gasped.

"What choice do we have? there are multiple kaiju assaulting the south east Asian islands, we can't even go to yokohama, its too dangerous there! The only safest bet is to travel to hawaii, they have a Jaeger base there"

"Yes but Hawaii is too far away. Look we can make it to Singapore" Takashi said matter of factly.

"Singapore is too close, there were reports of bug kaiju swarming in the Indonesia archipelago" Jun countered.

"Hawaii it is then," a rough looking elderly man stroked his beard, "There are many refueling depots on the scattered islands"

"Captain Kamamura, sir" Takashi bowed in respect, "Okay, we will head for hawaii"

The whaling vessel then left the shores of Tokyo behind itself, the night sky glowed behind the Tokyo skylines from the destructive gravity beams unleashed by the ghidorahs.

Day 1, Pacific Ocean.

The Nisshin Maru was drifting in the open blue waters, the skies clear as the sun's rays shines down on the pacific. Everybody slowly woke up as they began to acclimate themselves to the whaling ship. Takashi began instructing cleaning duties for the young and able, Kyouko and Misaki took up cooking duties, while Jun sat on the bridge brooding about her choices; wondering if she made the right ones. "Something on the port side!" shouted one of the youngsters. "Gezora!" Jun remembered seeing one the G-FORCE monitor screens. The large cephalopod distorts the water surface as it approaches the whaling ship, everyone braces for the inevitable impact but Gezora dives below the whaling ship. The Gezora wasn't seen again after that day. For the rest of the day, everyone chilled out and were exchanging life stories before the day was over.

Day 2, Wake Island.

The sun again casts its radiating light on the Nisshin Maru, land was spotted on the horizon. "Okay here is the plan, we are going to ask the american base if we can refuel using their port. So i'm going to take a small team to the island, we should be back shortly" Takashi discussed his plans with the seniors. "Youngsters these days... We first make contact with the american base before doing anything rash" the elderly captain shook his head. "You girl, how is your english?" the old man turned towards Jun.

"Decent I guess, why do you ask?" Jun asks knowing whats expected of her because she is only Half-Japanese, Jun gets up from her seat before sitting down next to the comms unit, "What should I say?"

The old man smiled, "Say we are in emergency and barely escaped with our lives"

Jun places the headphones over her ears, a middle aged woman help set and adjust the frequencies to the radio, Jun bows appreciative of the middle age woman's assistance before grabbing the microphone. She inhales deeply, "This is the MV Nisshin Maru, we were lost at see after a titan attacked our flotilla. We seek asylum in your harbor, we ask of you, if you can please spare some of your gasoline and oil?" Jun surprised everyone with not how good her English was but she spoke with an american accent. Jun looked back, "Did I leave out, that I was american-born?" she chuckled nervously at her peers. The radio responded with static. "I say again, this is the MV Nisshin Maru, we were lost at see after a titan attacked our flotilla. We seek asylum in your harbor, we ask of you, if you can please spare some of your gasoline and oil? over?" she clicks off the microphone, the american base response with static. "Something is wrong" Jun states, she couldn't help but sense something didn't feel right about this whole thing.

"Great, not even the Americans want to help us" says a frustrated young man, "They are probably just laughing at us, right now"

"Maybe their radio is down?" suggested one of the bridge crew.

"Let's not jump to any conclusion" the old man responded, "If it really is a communications problem then I am sure they can handle it... however these are desperate times and we need that fuel and oil! Takashi, send a scouting party down there"

Takashi bows, "Sir?" he hesitated, the old man exchanged him a glance, "Yes captain" Takashi submitted before heading off the bridge.

"Captain, since they are heading down there. I think they need an interpreter," Jun suggested

"No, we need you here in case the americans break radio silence" the old man replied.

"Yes, sir" Jun resigned to her seat.


Takashi and several other men get on motorboat as they drive their way to the Wake Island port. The military outpost there had vines growing on the fences, the lack of soldiers or marines at any strategic guard posts gave Takashi a bad feeling. "This is strange, were are the american troops?" said Isshin Kyobashi, one of Takashi's closes friends.

Takashi glance at the C-130 Hercules that was parked out in the middle of the runway, were crates still on their dollies laying around the troop transporting aircraft. He glances around the base and spotted the oil barrels. "There, the oil barrels. Let's just get what we came here for and leave"

"Think the Americans are springing a trap?" Isshin asked,

"I don't know, we are supposed to be allies but I never met an american, have you?" Takashi asked.

"No but I heard they were trouble" Isshin replied.

"Come on guys, were is yall's Japanese spirit?" Ryo Asano suddenly stood up, he was always a hot head and Takashi didn't really like his...style of doing things. His hair was dyed blonde but only on the top, he dressed like bike gangster but he was just a wannabe. Ryo made his way to the C-130, Takashi gritted his teeth as he and Isshin were now forced to cover for Ryo.

"Ryo, you idiot!" Takashi growled as he stands up from his cover, watching as Ryo approached the creates. Ryo saw the creates were carrying food, medical supplies, ammo, and curiously a few them bared the stark industry logo. Ryo then slowly walked up the ramp leading to inside the american military transport plane, he glances around but was completely thrown off by the sweet-putrid smell of death. He suddenly found himself running down the ramp, puking all over the pavement. Takashi and Isshin bolted towards their comrade.

"What happened? what did you find?" Isshin demanded.

Takashi entered the C-130's cargo bay, the stench of death was heavy in the air. Bodies or rather what is left of them, laid mangled on the metallic floor; stripped of most of their flesh and their bones adorned with what appears to be bite marks. Takashi slowly grabbed a rifle off the ground as he pressed on following the blood trail that he eventually leads him to the cockpit only to find the cockpit in utter ruin. He turned around immediately as he raced back to his friends.

"What did you two see? Takashi, Ryo! Tell me what is going on?" Isshin shouted.

"They are dead people on that plane" Ryo finally answered, "Like zombie movie dead people"

"What? is this true, Takashi?" Isshin glanced over at his friend.

"Its true, something ate them" Takashi glanced over at Isshin, "I think we need to find out why?"

"Are you an idiot!? If the americans were eaten by something, we need to take the Nissin Maru far away from here. Takashi, think about Takae and the others. Would you risk their lives?" Isshin tried to talk some sense into Takashi.

"If we don't find out what happen, what then? Do we run for it and hope what ever killed these Americans won't follow us? Would we be branded as thieves for stealing their oil and gas? What if there are survivors?" Takashi countered

"If there are survivors, all the more reason we should leave now" Isshin replied.

"I have to agree with Isshin, its suicide if you think about it. Weather its a monster or an american, your options for survival don't look good" Ryo adds.

"Fine, but first help me carry these supplies back to the boat"


"Okay that was the last of those creates" Takashi sighed exhausted, "Okay, you guys head back to the ship, while I get the gas and oil"

"Takashi, remember don't do anything stupid. Just get the gas and oil, kay?" Isshin raised his fist.

"Sayonara," Ryo said as they drive back to the Nissin Maru.

Takashi quickly makes his way back on to the base, he heads down to the port and sees the barrels. He bear hugs a barrel of oil, the barrel was light. He places it down, "Empty" he said before checking the other barrels, "Empty". He finally lifts another barrel of oil, "Full" he smiles. He bears hugs the barrel, the sounds of foots suddenly caught his attention, survivors? he thought. "Konichiwa?" he asked. But nobody answered, there was a dead silence.

Takashi wrestles with the barrel of oil back to the beach, before heading back to the base for the gas. Takashi could hear breathing as he made it back on the port. Takashi turns around and sees nothing, but the dock fuel pump. "Oh great, how am I supposed to operate the fuel lines?" Takashi then saw the motorboat returning from the Nissin Maru. He raced back to great his friends when something leapt down from one of the port's many warehouses, Takashi barely had time to react as he was shoved sideways on to the concrete pavement.

He looked up to see his attacker, the creature was twice as tall as a man with its bone-white skin, long tail, maple-leaf spikes protruding out of its back, its body was very muscular and lanky; the man-thing lacked any assortment of eyes and its lipless jaws had a permanent sneer. The creature wobbled closer to Takashi like a drunk man, moving incredibly awkward towards the teenager. Its lower jaw suddenly splitted in half, the muscles attached to jaw's hinges push each half of the lower jaw outward; there a light emanated in side the creature's throat, a purple light. Takashi quickly threw himself off the peer as the light shot out of the creature's mouth into a slicing beam.

Takashi swam his hardest to reach his friends around the coastline, he had to warn them about the creature. Then he felt something followed him into the water, the creature was swimming after him. The creature was much faster in the water than it was on land, it soon caught up to Takashi. Its flares its malformed jaws at Takashi, it clamps its upper jaw and split lower jaws around Takashi's shoulder. The beast then threw the Japanese youth out of the water, back on to the pier. It soon was back on the hot concrete, anticipating its next snack.



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Chapter 36: Corporate Rivals

Marvel Genetics wasn't the only American biotech firm interested in genetic engineering lifeforms for their own purposes. In the 1960's several entrepreneurs attempted to exploit nature, one of them was the nefarious Clark Nelson, who lead an expedition to Infant island captured the fairies known as the shobijins, surface dwelling culture of elias. In the late 1970's a new generation of entrepreneurs arose in the form of biotech firms, John Parker Hammond & Benjamin Lockwood's International Genetics Technologies (InGen), Bill Steingarten's Biology Synthetics Technologies, Inc (BioSyn), Hideki Shirosaki's Shirosaki Chemical Corporation, and Calvin & Jiyang Johnson's Marvel Genetics Corporation.

Marvel Genetics saw genetic engineering as a tool to make humans more god-like.
Shirosaki Chemical sought to develop anti-kaiju/titan bioweapons.
BioSyn sought to engineer bioweapons and corporate espionage.
InGen on the other hand sought to resurrect the long extinct dinosaurs for a biological theme park.

After the Biollante Incident of 89, Marvel Genetics disappeared from the public eye though they were still conducting business to stay a float. BioSyn was one of their partners and so the two corporations exchanged ideas and technology back and forth until the year 1993; when BioSyn failed to steal InGen's dinosaur embryos at the cost of Jurassic Park's security and InGen's eventual downfall. Marvel Genetics cut ties with BioSyn soon after, BioSyn attempted again to retrieve the embryos in 1994 but the expedition to Isla Nublar was a utter failure. In 1997, BioSyn was bought out by Marvel Genetics; along with all of their patents and personnel.

That same year InGen changed CEO's from Hammond to Ludlow, who later sent an expedition force to retrieve all of InGen's dinosaur assets from Isla Sorna (Site B). The expedition was sabotage by Hammond's gather team however Ludlow managed to bring back the male Rex and its infant to the mainland, in the end Ludlow was killed by the rex's before both tyrannosaurs were shipped back to Isla Sorna. Hammond declared the Island a Biological Reserve and was restricted. Hammond passes away and InGen is bought out by Masrani Global.

Masrani Global later arrives to isla Sorna in 2000 to breed new dinosaurs, leading to the creation of the spinosaurus who went on to devastate the fragile ecosystem of Sorna. Most of the Dinosaurs were taken off of Sorna to the new park on Nublar in 2004. Shirosaki Chemical invested more money in kaiju research during the beginnings of the Final Wars. Jurassic World opens in 2005, only to be doomed in 2015 when the weaponized Indominus rex escapes from enclosures and devastates the park. In 2018 Masrani Global sells off half of InGen's surviving dinosaurs to other companies, Marvel Genetics included.

June 13th, 2019.

"Reports of dinosaur sightings are increasing in northern california.... reports of Titan activity isn't slowing down any time.... Japan is suffering civil rights crisis, former humans called devilmans are demanding the same rights as human beings. In other news, reports of the devilbeast epidemic is spreading beyond japan, as reports of devilbeast sightings have been spotted in okinawa, hokkaido, and as far as west as china"

Wake Island, Pacific Ocean. June 13th, 2019.

Takashi vision refocuses the world around himself, he sees the beast is airborne diving towards Takashi with its talons bared. Takashi dodges the eyeless creature, its maple-leaf spikes began to glow purple. Takashi stands back on his feet before raising his fist in the air, he snarls at the humanoid shingodzillan; a flash of energy resonates from Takashi before he transforms into his devilman form. Blue skin, battleaxe-like horns, and a heroic build. Takashi charges forward, the humanoid shingodzillan opens its jaws as a purple light glows from oral cavity. Takashi punches the beast in the stomach, the force of the punch made the humanoid shingodzillan involuntarily fires its beam breath into the sky. It wraps its tail around Takashi's neck proceeding to strangle the young devilman but then humanoid godzilla-beast is impaled in the back by a harpoon. Its eyeless head turns towards its attacker, there off in the distance Takae has manned the harpoon cannon.

The harpoon tugged violently inside the creature before the cable starts riling in, pulling the creature off the pier as its pulled back into the water. The Shingodzillan struggled to free itself from the harpoon imbedded in its chest. The creature is pulled out of the water as its body was reeled on to the harpoon boat before Takae, Misaki, Chika, and Kyouko stab the shingodzillan multiple times in head. The Shingodzillan growls and snarls before its maple-leaf spikes began to glow purple, Takae drove her harpoon deep into the creature's skull. As the Shingodzillan succumbed to its wounds, the girls pushed the seven foot tall beast with their collective strength back into the water, the Shingodzillan lifelessly sank beneath the waves.

Chika drove the boat closer to the pier to extract Takashi, "Takashi, need some help?" Takae asked.

"We need to quickly get the fuel lines back up, how good is your english?" Takashi asked her.

"Ummm okay I guess" Takae replied, soon Takashi and the girls were inside the facility. A battle most definitely took place here, the walls were riddle with bullet holes but yet there were no bodies to be found. Takae ran over to pick up an assault rifle that was left behind a chair bench. Misaki concentrated her antenne to sense what lies up ahead. The group followed the wall map to the control room, Takae read through the instructions manual before closing it, "Okay, this is going to be more involved than I thought"

Misaki and Chika patrol the vacant hallways before arriving at the armory, it was empty save for a box of pistol ammo and a few scattered shogun shells. Kyouko, Takae, and Takashi went off to get the generators working, the fenced walk way was eerily silent as the trio made their way to the powershed, they could hear the low hum of the generator. "This must be were they keep the generators" Takashi comment.

Takaeshi, Takae, and Kyouko enter the powershed, everything seemed to be working fine just the power to the fuel pumps was turned off. Takae immediately walks over to the fuse box, she glances at the manual and glances at the fuse box before carefully switching power back to the fuel station. Kyouko screamed, Takae and Takashi ran over to the frighten girl. "What the hell?" Takashi's eyes widened as he and his companions stare up at the remains of the base's missing personnel. Their bodies were placed in a twisted altar fashion with the base's commander's near skeletal upper half crucified on the wall. "Let's get the fuel and get out of here" Takashi said calmly before the trio quickly made their way back to the fuel station.

Northern California, Lockwood Estate. June 23rd, 2018.

A helicopter buzzes above the Lockwood Estate as several large trucks and hummers baring BioSyn's logo. A squad of paramilitary armed contractors jumping out of the large trucks, they quickly set up a perimeter around the estate before an old man dressed in a business suit sporting sunglasses steps out of the lead Hummer. "Mr. Dodgson, you might want to take a look at this" called one of the contractors.

Lewis Dodgson, head geneticists of Biosyn walked over to were the contractor was standing, "What is it? My god... Ellis Mills you freaking idiot," he ignores the dead man's remains as Dodgson leans over to the shatter remains of the Indominux rex's rib, "It'll be hard but we can salvaged your mistake" Dodgson scooped the fragments into his hand, the contractor hands him a plastic ziplock bag, Dodgson fills the plastic baggy up before sealing its contents. "Search the estate, I want to everything" Dodgson commanded the contractors.

"Yes sir" the contractors shouted in unison before marching into the Lockwood Manor, dismantling the dinosaur display fossils, the display dinosaur dummies, and collecting and refrigerating the dead remains of the Indoraptor. They ignored the dead bodies as they scour the manor of anything valuable, Dodgson claims the John Hammond portrait, "This certainly will fetch a good price on ebay" he then turns to one of the contractors, "Burn the rest, disguise it as an accident"

"Yes sir" the contractor obeys.

Soon as the trucks drive away from the Estate, the Lockwood Manor is set ablaze before exploding from the released gases down below in the empty menagerie. Dodgson just smiles as the destruction unfolds, "Goodbye InGen"

Present Day. Cupertino, California. June 13th, 2019.

Deep in the Biosyn labs, several dinosaur eggs were cultivated inside several automated mass incubators. Occasionally a guy or gal would come into to remove a trashcan like bucket from the incubators to throw away the egg remains once they've hatched the baby Indoraptors are selected for imprinting on a handler.

Computer monitors display many possible hybrid configurations of a plethora of dinosaurs and other lifeforms. Stegoceratops, Compstegnathus, Amargospinus, among many others listed on the computer screen. Dodgson watched the computer monitors listing the Indoraptor hatchling's vitals and brain scans, Dodgson smiled thinking of Biosyn's recent acquisition of Xilien tech from X-Tech; a newly formed technology firm that deals with salvaging and reverse engineering Alien technology for human applications. The Indoraptor hatchlings have been surgically grafted with mind controlling implants at the base of their skulls giving their handlers complete control of the engineered beasts. "We have done that what Wu couldn't do, we have made the first truly weaponized dinosaur. With xilien tech our Indoraptors don't need a mother, we have conquered nature!" The science team surrounding Lewis Dodgson all began to clap ceremoniously to honor their breakthrough.



MemberGiganOct-10-2019 11:07 AM

Okay I have finished releasing all of my chapters from SpaceBattle.com

As well as the much promised Jurassic Park/World tie in chapter @MinecraftDinoKaiju



MemberRodanOct-10-2019 11:08 AM

... Who's Calvin? Also... 3 chapters in 4 minutes? That's a tad insane...

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberRodanOct-10-2019 11:10 AM

... Make that 5 chapters in 7 minutes...

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganOct-10-2019 11:11 AM

Calvin is Daisy/Skye's biological father, he is original from Marvel's Agents of Shield but I turned him into a devilbeast.

Devilbeasts are sort of an evolved humans that transforms into a werebeast-like creature (they are from the anime Devilman Lady)



MemberRodanOct-10-2019 11:20 AM

Thanks for the clarification! Completely forgot about that asshole!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganOct-10-2019 11:26 AM

Yeah Devilbeasts/Devilmen are similar to the Mutants of X-Men or the Inhumans except they take on monstrous forms including good devilbeasts like Jun.

My next chapter will be focus more on the kaiju's themselves, the human/kaijin chapters was a build up to what i have in store for them in the future >:)



MemberRodanOct-10-2019 2:08 PM

Do they actually become full fledged Kaiju?

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganOct-10-2019 3:47 PM

The giga effect is kind of like a super mode similar to Godzilla's burning form, Rodan's Fire Form, or Mothra Leo's many powered up forms for the devilbeast (A devilbeast that retains their humanity is called a Devilman). 



MemberGiganOct-12-2019 7:10 AM

Chapter 37: The Giga Effect

Wake Island, Pacific Ocean. June 13th, 2019.

After the Nisshin Maru was refueled the former whaling ship then prepares to leave the Wake Island dock. But something on the far side of the island had awakened, maple-leaf spikes bursts from the shallow lagoon before turning upright to the sky, as the kaiju's back slowly rises from the lagoon, the crew of the Nisshin Maru gasp as the beasts ugly head rears up. Rather than the familiar face of Godzilla, this creature's head was humanoid and eyeless. Then the creature stood up, it was tall and slender unlike the bulky and cumbersome form of its father. Despite not having eyes it stared at the Nisshin Maru, it peels back its thin lips into a snarl. "By the spirits! That thing is bigger than the last one" Takashi stared up at the towering monster. Its mouth gapes open, its spines began to glow purple as a purple light emits from its maw. "Oh no!" Jun stared up at the monster as she held on to the ship's railings, the creature was the same as the beast Takae and the girls killed earlier; a shingodzillan, just a lot bigger.

The mature Shingodzillan plopped down on his forelimbs as its jaws widen to their limits, the energy build up in its throat was then released. Purple beams fly pass the Nisshin Maru, the water evaporates on contact. The Nisshin Maru rocks from the force of the passing beams, Jun slips and falls overboard into the water. The shingodzillan redirects the beam towards the Nisshin Maru, the beam snakes across the water as it encroaches near Jun, the surface water sizzling into vapor. The heat of the beam radiates more intensely as it approaches the former G-Force agent, Jun felt something spark inside of herself as the beam started boiling the water around her. The water surrounding Jun suddenly exploded, the airbourne water violently splashes down around the Nisshin Maru. The purple beam was suddenly deflected away from the whaling ship.

"The beam missed? But how?" the old man shouted.

"Look!" Takae points over yonder, a large turquoise skin giant was now standing near the Nisshin Maru. The new kaiju was humanoid in shape and is distinctly female, a pair of large bat-shaped wings protruding from her shoulders and a pair of bat-wings growing out in place of horns.

"Oh no, another monster!" the captian cried.

The female kaiju turns her head back to the Nisshin Maru, her bright golden eyes shined like burning golden orbs, she smiled knowing the ship wasn't destroyed. The Shingodzillan slowly crawls over Wake Island, its massive hand hovers over the airforce base before pressing down on the docks, demolishing the refueling station once and for all. The Shingodzillan slowly rises back to its feet before leaping forward towards the female kaiju. The turquoise skinned devil lady punches the shingodzillan in the face, it throws back its eyeless head back. Devil-like kaiju then shoulder bashes the creature in the torso, the shingodzillan falls backwards into the coastal water. The blue ocean water started to glow a bright purple as a beam shoots out, burrowing a whole in the turquoise devil's shoulder. She clutches her wound, her brow furls, lips peel back into a snarl; arches of electrical discharges bounce and dance across her titanic form.

"is that what they call the giga effect?

The devil screams a glass shattering howl before plunging both of her fists into the water. She fishes the shingodzillan out of the water via a bear hug. The humanoid godzilla squirmed around the turquoise devil's grasps like a fish, the turquoise devil with murderous glee squeezes and electrocutes the titan with all of her might. The shingodzillan squeals before something inside it bursts, the charring creature involuntarily vomits up its crushed cooked innards. The turquoise devil triumphantly releases the dead shingodzillan back into the water, she turns her attention back to the Nisshin Maru. The crew and passengers stare up in both awe and fear, soon the turquoise devil began to shrink, her skin began to lighten up and in her place was Jun. The Nisshin Maru turned back around to fish the now naked unconscious woman out of the ocean.

Day 7, Hawaii. June 18th, 2019

The Nisshin Maru arrives to Hawaiian coast of Kauai, there they were greeted by a giant blue robot displaying a white star surrounded in a circle red and blue stripes fashioned as wings. The Avenging Patriot, piloted by Jeff Rogers; the grandson of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, the founders of SHIELD; approaches the Japanese whaling ship. "Halt, state your business" his voice booms through their radio.

The captain of the Nisshin Maru gestures to Jun to respond, Jun clasped the mic. "We are the crew of the Nisshin Maru, we request asylum"

Jeff was taken aback as the speaker spoke fluent English with an American accent, "The Nisshin Maru, huh? Let me get a hold of my superiors, I'm not promising anything"

They waited for what felt like hours within the next 15 minutes. Then the radio buzzed to life, "Alright, my superiors says you are a whaling ship. Which begs the question, what are you doing way out here?"

"We are not whaling if that is what your asking? We got attacked by a Daikaiju...err I mean Titan and this was the only available port"

"Whoa whoa, you encountered one of those things out there?"

"Yes, we were lucky enough to escape it with our lives"

"Proceed to pearl harbor, there you'll be processed and placed in temporary quarantine"

The captain looked at Jun concern, Jun sighed, "Allow me to explain it with the crew" Jun turned to the captain, "They want to place us in quarantine," the personnel on the bridge immediately gave Jun soured looks, "What should we do?" she asks.

"Say we refuse their requests, we don't go into quarantine!" the captain responded.

"I had a talk with my superiors and we refuse your requests to be placed in quarantine" Jun clasped on the mic.

"It wasn't a request, its the rules. Anyone exposed to the titans are to be placed in quarantine until its decided that they are safe to be released. Please don't make this difficult for me," Jeff responded.

"Wait a second," Jun turned towards the captain, "Its mandatory...."

A hellicarrier flies over head, a quinjet is soon seen taking off from airship; the aircraft soon hovers above the Nisshin Maru, the bay doors of the quinjet opens as a tall bald African American man with an eye patch soon disembarks onto the Japanese whaling ship. It was Nick Fury, he pulls out his radio "Its alright Jeff, I'll take it from here."

"Yes sir" the Avenging Patriot turns its gaze away from the whaling ship as he continues his patrol.

Fury was then greeted by the captain as well as the bridge personnel. "Konichwa" Fury greeted them but the old man wasn't moved then Jun walked up, "Konichwa" she returned the gesture, "On behalf of the crew of the Nisshin Maru..."

"Okay you can drop the act, we know you are not actually whalers. MONARCH has been keeping on eye on you for sometime, specifically you Ms Fudo" Jun's eyes widen in surprised, Fury walked closer to her, "From my understanding, your old friend Dr. Bates has a similar condition to yours. You want asylum, you'll have it"

"No quarantine?" Jun asked.

"Nope, consider this a VIP treatment" Fury added.

Jun turns to the captain, "No quarantine"

"MONARCH is well aware of your conditions, don't worry unlike G-FORCE we don't think less of you here" Fury then spoke in Japanese. The Nisshin Maru crew glances at each other, "My late associate and close friend Dr. Ishiro Serizawa used the term kaijin to describe special humans."



MemberGiganOct-14-2019 4:35 PM

I have been making some edits to include Gamera into the Gojiverse, later i will make side stories about the evolution of the other titans



MemberGiganNov-02-2019 12:12 AM

moved to Phase II



MemberGiganNov-02-2019 5:15 PM

moved to phase II



MemberGiganNov-04-2019 3:07 PM

Okay how can improve the Gojiverse thus far? Going to start Gojiverse phase 2



MemberGiganJun-17-2020 11:07 AM

You should make this a book. Its amazing. I find the concept very interesting.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganJun-17-2020 1:31 PM

Yeah kind of gets crazy in the phase II



MemberGiganJun-17-2020 1:31 PM

Yeah kind of gets crazy in the phase II



MemberGiganApr-14-2021 2:25 PM

I’m just gonna comment on this to see if someone notices.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganApr-14-2021 2:52 PM

I did



MemberGiganApr-14-2021 2:55 PM

Lol.... I still haven’t found Phase 2

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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