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MemberGiganAug-29-2018 1:50 PM

Okay I've been planning on doing my own little Godzilla continuity for a fan fiction I've been thinking up for a long time.

The Premise: What if all Godzillas (including Zilla) were related and are part of the same evolutionary tree. For this to work, I have reworked Godzilla's origin in my own homebrew continuity I call the Gojiverse.

Origin: I have decided to borrow the Heisei Godzilla's origin from evolving from a Godzillasaurus into my revamp origin. But rather than just being a mutated Godzillasaurus, which is based off of a cretaceous tetanuran theropod. I would have it based on the Triassic Coelophysoidea Gojirasaurus.
Also rather than it be a living fossil, Gojirasaurus would have already been extinct after giving rise to the Godzillasaurids. I would re-use Godzillasaurus as the genus for the classic Godzillas, we all know and love.

I would would propose that all of the Godzillas and Zilla would be part of the clade: Family, Godzillasauridae. Within it would be four distinct genre of Godzilla:

Parazillasaurus (Zilla "Beside God Incarnate Reptile"),

Shingodzillasaurus (Shin Godzilla "New God Incarnate Reptile")

Vindexgodzillasaurus (Monsterverse Godzilla "Protector God Incarnate Reptile")

Godzillasaurus (Classic Godzilla, "God Incarnate Reptile")

Zilla (Parazillasaurus agilis) would be the most basal member of the godzillasaurus family. Zilla has retain a theropod body well into the present day, lacks the atomic fire breath of its relatives since rather than feeding on radioactive matter or radioactive animals it still primarily consumes the flesh of non-radioactive animals. Being faster and more agile, Zilla wouldn't need to have the signature atomic breath of its relatives to catch food.

Shin Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus anno) would be closer to the more traditional godzillas in terms of body plan however its more derived than most godzillasaurids, excluding the basal Zilla. The fact that its atomic breath is more of a precision laser than typical godzillas, the spinal spikes and tail also able to fire the same atomic laser beams, its odd life cycle; makes this godzilla highly derived , which warrants its own genus.

Humanoid Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus homo?) a direct decedent of Shin Godzilla, not much is known from these godzillas except that they were growing from Shin Godzilla's tail. Are they a new species or are they the child form of Shin Godzilla?

Monsterverse Godzilla (Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula) The reason why I have monsterverse godzilla separate from the classic godzilla due to some major anatomical differences like sauropod-like feet and a more heavy skull structure.

Gojira54/56 (Godzillasaurus primis primis) The first Godzilla seen by modern eyes, awakened by the atomic bombs testings in the bikini atolls. It began its rampage on Japan in autumn of 1954 and another in 1956 fighting Angurius, although at the time it was mistakenly classified as Gigantis.

Showa Godzilla (Godzillasaurus primis secundus) The second godzilla recorded in modern history. It was first discovered fighting Mothra.

Heisei Godzilla (Godzillasaurus gigas) First discovered in 1984, this Godzilla was noticeably more aggressive and larger than its relatives.

Millennium Godzilla (Godzillasaurus nanos) First discovered in 1999, this Godzilla appeared to have a more reptilian visage and was adorn by jagged spike-like plates instead of the maple-leaf plates of its close relatives.

GMK Godzilla (Godzillasaurus malum) First discovered in 2001, this godzilla exhibited some usually high aggressive behavior.

Final Wars Godzilla (Godzillasaurus athletae) First discovered in 2004, displayed agility unmatched by its relatives save for Zilla.


I will be adding more Kaiju to my list but for right now I'll be focusing on writing up Godzilla's evolutionary history

Update: Gojiverse Phase II

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MemberGiganSep-18-2019 11:15 AM

Kaiser Ghidorah uses all three of his heads to snap onto Godzilla's neck, Godzilla struggled but felt his atomic power being drained from him. Titanosaurus snap his jaws around Kaiser Ghidorah's left neck, he pulls and tugs on the serpentine neck. Kaiser Ghidorah's left head hissed before blasting away at Titanosaurus with his gravity beam. Kaiser Ghidorah lifted Jeager Godzilla up with his many heads before dropping him back down. Kaiser Ghidorah reverts back to his humanoid form, he steps over the fallen godzilla. Mothra flies over to the wounded and dying kaiju, she radiates her healing radiation.

"No!" Shinmusu growled angrily, "Mothra cannot be allowed to restore Godzilla!" The sphere-shaped Xillien Mothership uncloaks to fire a barrage of plasma torpedoes at the moth titan. Mothra Leo zooms in to take a hit for his mother, fortunately he was in his armored form. "No impossible!" Shinmusu screams at the viewing monitor. "My Lord, Emperor X has ordered you to salvage what we can" his second reported.

"Damn you!" Shinmusu shouted. "What about Kaiser Ghidorah? We can't abandon our progenitor!"

"The Emperor says its an acceptable loss. Our genetic research is imperative, he said" the second relays.

A bright light fills the sky, it was the thousand year old dragon Prince Ghidorah. He soars above the sky like a bright star. Kaiser Ghidorah turned around to see his traitorous son, the two stood there for a while before Kaiser Ghidorah assumes his dragon form. Both Ghidorahs charge their gravity beams before firing at each other. The female Zilla moans in pain as she was being healed by Mothra's radiant light before being enveloped by a different light, she soon vanishes. The Xillien ship quickly departs the earth. Mothra cries out in anger. Titanosaurus is also abducted and so too is the fallen Godzilla. Prince Ghidorah looses one of his heads but it quickly regrows back, he blasts away one of his father's heads but it too regrows back. Kaiser Ghidorah charged across the war torn city, all three of his heads bite into his youngest son, he begins to drain him of his energy. Mothra Leo fires his prismatic beam into Kaiser Ghidorah's back, Kaiser Ghidorah's right head fires a gravity beam at Mothra Leo. Leo transforms into his hypersonic form to dodge the gravity beam



MemberGiganSep-18-2019 11:17 AM

Shinmusu flies his starcraft down to the ruins of a basketball court, he quickly gathered the devices he had the rogue MONARCH agents procure for him. "Forgive me my lord. Its only to save you" he retreated back into his ship. He then directs his craft towards the battlefield, "I'm coming my lord!" Shinmusu's craft is destroyed by a hypersonic Mothra Leo. Shinmusu yet survived, just moments before impact he was summoned aboard the Xillien Mothership. "No! Send me back! I must preserve our god!" Shinmusu screamed.

"No my lord, you are relieved of command. You are to be placed in the brig, until we reach the homeworld. Then I shall escort you to the Council of X" the former second in command then leans forward, "The reign of Shinmusu is over, now its time for Muramasa to shine in all of his glory!"

"Traitor, you'll abandon your own God!" Shinmusu hissed as he was being taken away.

"No, I'm going to make us a new one. You may destroy the body but Kaiser Ghidorah will never truly die, for we our his flesh and blood, so long as we exist... Kaiser Ghidorah will return" he smiled devilishly. As Shinmusu was being taken away, Muramasa turns to his attenion back to the holoscreen. "Bring up all our hybrid offspring. I want to see potential candidates" The holoscreen creates a map of earth, it zooms into several places around the globe. Pure Humans showed up as Yellow, Hybrids showed as Red. "Daisy and Reyna, you two both are worthy of being the hosts to the new Kaiser Ghidorah" Skye appeared on the holoscreen as red.

A deep godzilla roar echoed across the city, it was LegendaryGoji and he wasn't alone. Showa, Heisei Junior, Jaggered, and Uyrik were by his side. The five godzillas race across the city, Legend charging up his atomic breath as he is running. Meanwhile MONARCH rendezvous and gathered up the rest of their team as they climb on board the MONARCH's mobile command plane nicknamed "the Bus".
"Welcome back aboard Agent Ward, Agent Garret, Agent Romanov, and Dr. Banner" Coulson greeted them in the cargo hold. Most of them nodded their head, "Thanks" said Dr. Banner.

"Okay the situation is dire as of right now. We have five godzillas in bound of Monster X's position. The Xilliens are in full retreat for god knows why? Monster X is attacking a midget King Ghidorah! Oh and Monster X is can transform into a muthafucking dragon!" Fury laid down the sit-rep.

"Kaiza Gidora" Serizawa replied, "According to the ancient texts, he is father of all Gidora. Gojira is our safe bet to surviving this"

"So does that ancient texts mention anything about flying aircraft carriers and alien spaceships?" Stark asked sarcastically.

"Mr. Stark, Yes it did. It was also written that Kaiza Gidora will be defeated by the Gojira" Serizawa retorted.




MemberGiganSep-18-2019 11:20 AM

I had to break up chapters since Scified will only let me post a certain amount of words. still trying to post the rest



MemberTitanosaurusSep-18-2019 12:31 PM

It's alright. We'll be here waiting.


MemberRodanSep-18-2019 1:30 PM

Can't wait to see what'll happen next!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 3:22 PM

found the problem, it was a character/letter that was invalid



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Legendary Godzilla fired his atomic breath into Kaiser Ghidorah, followed by Showa, Heisei Junior, Jagger, and Uyrik. Kaiser Ghidorah felt itself being pushed backwards as the five godzillas barraged him with their atomic fire breath. Rodan swooped down to peck at Kaiser Ghidorah's eyes before flying off. Mothra was undergoing a metamorphsis, her body began to take on a more wasp-like build, her front legs became more preying mantis-like, and her wings began to sprout an eye pattern. Mothra takes to the sky. Lora and Moll watch at a distance, they flap their fairy wings as they bowed their heads.

"Mosura ya Mosura

Dongan kasakuyan indo muu

Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan


Kasaku yaanmu" the elias pray for their moth titan goddess.


Kaiser Ghidorah's central head regrows back his eyes, Mothra brandish her claw blades before stabbing Kaiser Ghidorah in the neck. She radiates holds Kaiser Ghidorah in place as LegendaryGoji presses forward. Kaiser Ghidorah quickly reverts back into his Humanoid form. He grabs Mothra and violently throws her down, then he lifts his leg to stomb on the bug kaiju. Mothra cries, Legendary Godzilla bellows furiously as he tail swipes Monster X into a WalMart. Legend nudges Mothra, she recovers but barely. Mothra chirps, cries, and chirps. Legend growls and snorts before approaching Monster X. Godzilla grabs Monster X by the wrists before snapping them, Monster X howls in pain but Legend smacks his head against his opponent. Monster X head flew back but he directed his tail to zap Legend in the back but Legend used his own tail to pin Monster X's tail. Godzilla grabbed Kaiser Ghidorah's head forced his jaws open before 'barfing' his atomic breath down Kaiser Ghidorah's throat; vaporizing his body. Legendary Godzilla roars triumphantly before tossing Monster X's head in the air, all the Godzillas use their atomic breath to destroy it. A bright light blanketed the entire city, soon the entire ground rumbled as if a nuclear bomb was dropped.


An hour later...

"Where did that light came from?" Fitzs asked.

"I do not know" Simmons replied.

"So much for their god" Garret sighed in disappointment.

"Status report" Fury ordered.

"Visuals are offline, give me a minute" Hill replied, "I got visual sir! Oh my god..." Maria stared up at the monitors, a good chunk of New York City has been leveled. There Legendary Godzilla stood, he bellowed out another roar as rain fell from the skies. The other Godzillas began to turn around.

"Where in the hell do they think their going?" Fury asked rhetorically.

"Probably back to where Godzillas watches netflix and chill" Garret joked.

"Balance has been restored. Long live the King" Serizawa added.


Skye awakens, she coughs up the dust. The carcass of Battra's exoskeleton stands guard over Skye. She was some place dark with the only light to illuminate her dim surroundings were tiny holes in the ceiling, bleeding light from the outside. She slowly stands up, She crinkles her nose and grits her teeth from the pain. She bends over to slowly pull a shard of rebar out of her leg. "Aaaaaahhhh!" she screamed. She rips her sleeve off to wrap it around the wound. She limps towards the walls to feel her way out of this cavern. She touches something that didn't feel like the rest of her surroundings, it was hard yet smooth and warm. She places her ear up to the smooth surface, she could hear a heartbeat and it was beating fast. "Oh my god" she realized what it is, "Its an egg"

The human-size egg began to hatch. With a loud CRACK! amniotic fluid splated on the ground as a long slender reptilian arm popped out of the egg. Then with another CRACK! the head emerged, its eyes open up, jaws filled with conical teeth. It shrieks as it takes it first breath. The rest of its body breaks free from the egg. The baby Zilla was now eyeing Skye, she approaches the frighten human. Skye thought she was done for as she closes her eyes tight preparing to be eaten but the baby Zilla started to lick her instead. Skye slowly opened her eyes and sees the baby Zilla was quite friendly. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know the way out of here?" Skye joked. The Baby Zilla started sniffing before bolting up a slope, she sniffs the ceiling before digging a hole out to the surface. The baby Zilla chirps, "Good Boy" Skye smiled. Skye limps her way to the slope, the baby Zilla helps her new mommy up to the surface, Skye glances back to Battra's carcass before climbing up to the surface. "Okay little guy, were just going to head for my van. Okay? Just head for my van..." Skye passes out, the baby Zilla began crying as she saw her "mother" collapse on the ground, the human-size hatching nudges her gently, licking her face, before laying next to the injured human.

Skye wakes up in a hospital surrounded by MONARCH agents. "Oh shit MONARCH!" she cursed under her breath.

"Hello my name is Phil Coulson and I would like to ask how did you manage to survive?" Agent Coulson greeted her.

"Common sense" Skye snorted.

"Skye, can I call you Skye?" Coulson retains his friendly demeanor, "I don't think running out to commandeer a military vehicle to kill a titan being common sense," Phil replied.

"Titan?" She squints her eyes as she asked the question.

"Yes, a titan. Its a designation we used for the giant monsters," Coulson explained.

"There called kayjews, Kaijus?" Skye was trying to remember.

"Oh yes, Kaiju, or more specifically daikaiju. Its a Japanese word that means strange monster" Coulson explained.

"Alright let me ask you a question?" Skye asked.

"You already did" Coulson stated.

"A real question" Skye retorted.

"Yes?" Coulson oblige.

"Whats does a secret organization want with some radioactive dinosaurs and bugs? Is the government doing experiments or something? Because we have the right know" Skye demanded.

"That is not what we do at MONARCH" Coulson corrected, "Yes we study the titans but we want to be emissaries between Humans and Titan kind. We keep an eye out on them in case their presences endangers human lives so we can prepare evacuations a head of time"

"What if the Titans are more like the one that nearly killed me last night?" she looked at Coulson thirsty for answers.

"That was Monster X, we don't know much about it since we just added it to our Index.."

"The Titan Index? The list that contains of all the registered Titans" Skye

"How did you?" Coulson was feigned surprise.

"I hacked your system. Yeah, I'm that good" Skye smiled and boasts.

"We could really use your computer skills Skye. You can help make our system better"

"I'll think about it? But one last question" she cocks her head.

"Yes?" Coulson agreed.

"Where is the baby titan that saved my life?" Skye asked.

"We have it secured, Fitzs and Simmons believed it has imprinted on you" Coulson explained.

"Imprinted? He thinks I'm his mother?" Skye asked abit concerned and surprise.

"Actually its a she, Wanna go see her?" He gestures to a wheelchair.

Coulson pushes Skye around in the wheelchair, they suddenly make a stop near a large door. Coulson slips in a keycard before the door opens, Skye enters the large room. Fitzs and Simmons struggle to keep the baby Zilla contained before it over powers them then runs to Skye. "Having trouble?" Coulson asks.

"Just a little" Fitzs answered out of breath.

"How are ya doing?" Skye pets the baby Zilla's head, "I didn't know you were a girl," the baby Zilla has blue eyes, "I'll name you Blue, because you have Blue eyes"



MemberRodanSep-18-2019 4:35 PM

Wait... are we going to have a Zilla named Blue fight the Kaiju equivalent of an Indominus? I mean, the Xiliens are working with hybrids... OH MY GOD THAT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 5:26 PM

yes, hybrid kaiju are referred to as mock-kaiju or mock-titans



MemberGiganSep-18-2019 7:33 PM

Chapter 11: Agents of MONARCH

1 year later...
September 24th, 2013 AD.

New York was mostly rebuilt, new radiation technologies were implemented to cleanse the city of harmful radiation left behind by the titans. Barely anything remained of the titan Kaiser Ghidorah, except for few scattered bones, chunks of hide, or the elusive tooth. MONARCH retrieval teams domed in Hazmat suits collected the scant remains before heading off back to HQ. "I want all samples frozen before placed in storage" Ishiro Serizawa ordered, "If Kaiza Gidora is anything like Kingu Gidora, he could regenerate" Serizawa warned the MONARCH agents.

"I can't wait to study its DNA structure" Dr. Simmons said excitingly as she placed Kaiser Ghidorah's tooth in a cooler.

"Bloody hell this thing is heavy" Dr. Fitzs struggles to carry Monster X's scale, "While we are at it, we should check its molecular density"


Skye was walking down inside an abandoned parking lot building with a bucket filled with fish, she opens her van door. Blue snorted at the smell of city air, "Hey girl, I got you some fish" Skye smiled. Blue chirped anticipating the juicily delicious fish, Skye places the bucket near the baby Zilla, she pulls the fish out of the bucket then swallows them whole. Skye washes her hands then sprayed herself in a special made deodorant to cleanse the smell of fish off her. She climbs in the van before shutting door, she pulls out her laptop then she logs in to a hacked server, "Okay, CENTIPEDE, huh? Lets see what you guys are up too? Unauthorized titan research..." she skims through all the data, "Codename: Dorat?" Skye heard and felt something land on the hood of her van. She looked up and saw a golden scaled reptile that was the size of a golden retriever with leathery wings. It stood on two long muscular legs, long serpentine neck, a long tail with sharp barbs covering it, an oversized mostly green snake-like head while its lower jaw retain the golden scales like the rest of its body, and a crown of horns. Its hiss was raspy like a bird-of-prey, it darts its head around searching for food. "What is that?"

The Dorat turned its serpentine head around, it bares its teeth at her. It flares open its wings, bioluminescence light dances across its golden scales. Skye quickly drove forward, the little dorat was flung forward smacking its face against the windshield. Skye switched gears as she backs her van up, the limp dorat slides of the hood of the van. Skye switches to park, she slowly opens her driver door. armed with a baseball bat as she cautiously approached the baby ghidorah. Skye whistled at it to see if it was awake, she poked the dorat to confirm if it was dead. The baby ghidorah opened its eyes, "bibibibibibibibi" it flapped its wings wildly like an injured bird. Skye bolted back to her Van, she opened the side door, there Blue the baby Zilla came out. She snorts before bolting towards the baby ghidorah, intent on eating it. Blue bites into the dorat, then she thrashes her head around to tear it to be bits before swallowing. Blue then starting chocking, she barfed up the dorat, flickering out her tongue in disgust.

Skye was a little uncomfortable seeing this, "Didn't taste that good huh?" she smirked. Blue's dorsal spikes begin to light up, Skye walked backwards knowing what is about to come next, Blue exhaled her atomic breath on the remains of the dorat. The Dorat is now thoroughly burnt to a crisp, "Wow I didn't know you could even do that," Skye approaches Blue, the baby Zilla runs back to her "mother" Skye pats the baby Zilla on the head. "Bibibibibibibibibibibi" cried another Dorat, then another, then another!

"Oh shit! Blue lets get back to the van....." Skye was able to count up to six Dorats, "Now!" Both Skye and Blue turn around and darted back to the blue van. The six dorats flew across the parking lot charging their gravity beams, Skye quickly shuts the sliding van door. Fortunately being hatchlings their gravity beams were not potent enough to destroy the door let alone the van. Blue growled as Skye climbed over to the driver seat. she starts her Van up, "You alright back there? Good" she drives off, she swerves before leaving the abandoned parking lot facility; the dorats hot on her trail.

SUVs roll out baring the MONARCH logo. The back doors swing open as MONARCH agents open fire on the dorats. The six dorats falls like stones, "Tangos down" the agent confirmed through his walkie talkie. The dorats all began to recover from their wounds, the angry little ones all in unison fire their gravity beams. The SUV was quickly stripped of life, the agents were reduced to dust. "Bibibibibibibibi" the Dorats cackle before flying away. Two more dorats fly down join the sextuplets, "Bibibibibibibibibi" they cackled, "Bibibibibibibibibi"

"I need immediate evac! I got six, make that eight baby titans on my tail!" Skye communicates through her comms unit. The eight dorats flock towards the van, "Bibibibibibibibi" the flock cackled before dispersing among the traffic. The baby ghidorahs flies into people cars attacking them with a series of bites, scratches, and shoves.


"Hang on, Skye, were coming to get you" Coulson reassured his consultant. A MONARCH Transporter VTOL craft launches and is now en-route to Skye's location. Agents Coulson, Ward, Garret, and Triplett, with Agent May piloting; are on-board the VTOL craft heading back to New York City.

"So what is it this time?" Garret asked.

"We don't know yet, other than there is eight of them and they are babies" Coulson replied. Garret chuckled at the mentioning of babies.

"What are we expecting?" Warden asked.

"Expect something... cute and lethal" Coulson replied.

Garret, Ward, and Triplett chuckled. "Coulson, we are almost there" May reported.

"Okay prepare to find an LZ" Coulson ordered.

The Transporter VTOL craft lands in an empty street, the MONARCH agents disembark armed with their sidearms. The agents spot one of the dorats eating its victim inside their own vehicle. "Cute, huh?" May asked sarcastically as she looked over at Coulson. "and lethal" Coulson added before firing an icer round at the baby ghidorah. The dorat hissed, recoiling its neck and rattles its tail like a rattlesnake, it rears up on its hind legs and flared out its wings to make itself look bigger. It grins sadistically as it charges up its gravity beam, "Everybody get down!" Coulson drops to the floor. Ward, Garret, Triplett, and May duck for cover as the dorat fires a weak gravity beam overhead. "bibibibibibibibi" it cackled before being incinerated by a blue flame, the overcooked dorat falls forward dead. Blue growled at the dead dorat, Ward stands preparing to shoot the baby Zilla before Skye runs out, "Hey, hey, don't shoot. Its me"

Coulson stands up, "Skye! You okay?"

"Yeah, the dorats are all over the city. Blue has incinerate at least four, counting this one" Skye pointed at the dead miniature golden dragon.

"Skye, your Zilla has atomic breathe?" Coulson asked.

"Yeah, doesn't all the zillas do that too?" Skye countered.

"Doesn't matter, were going to need you and Blue to help us on this mission" Coulson replied.

"Technically only the Godzillas have the atomic breathe," Fitzs corrected Skye over the radio.

"Where do we start?" Skye asked.


The four surviving dorats flock to an abandoned apartment building there a lady in a flower dress, on her right arm she had a computing device grafted on her forearm, was present near what appeared to be an egg sack. "So you've come back to mommy so soon?" Reyna smiled at her 'children'. "Where's the rest of you?" she noticed four Dorats didn't return. She signed, she tapped on her wrist computer. "Its Reyna, yeah I think we have a problem. Someone or rather something has been killing my chil... specimens"


Stark Tower, New York

Tony Stark was in his workshop, drawing up schematics on his holographic drawing board. "Hmm something that can a fight a Titan. Something strong...." he looks over at a photo of his father and his MONARCH team from 1974, recovering parts of the alien construct nicknamed "mechagodzilla"

"Robot. I'll build a giant robot. A giant humanoid robot with weapon platforms" Tony began drawing up some schematics. "Robot...robot. Hmm inaccurate term for this. Mobile Robotic Humanoid Weapons Platform, name's not catchy enough. Mobile Suit Jaeger...."

"Why Jaeger, sir" Jarvis asked.

"Its german for hunter" Tony explained.

"What is It for?" Jarvis asked.

"Giving Godzilla a long vacation" Tony snarked.

Stark Factory #54, Mojave Desert.
The ground opens up, a giant humanoid robot rises from the ground. Colored Red and Gold, the Iron Jaeger. "Okay I'm going to take my first step" Tony Stark was dressed in his pilot suit that is also colored red and gold. His suits boots locked in peddle-like devices that moves the Jaeger. "Looking good so.... so... so far..." Stark's nose begins to bleed. He reaches over to wipe the blood from his nose but his hand bumps his helmet's visor. "Jarvis, cease operations" the Jaeger shuts down, Tony removes his helmet to wipe the blood from his nose, "Back to the drawing board"


Skye, Coulson, Ward, Garrett, Triplette, May, and the baby zilla Blue, were scouring the area for anymore Dorats. "Clear" Coulson announced, the team sighed in exhaustion.

"Blue did you smell them?" Skye asked the baby zilla. Blue returns to her 'mother' and drops a dead sewer rat, Blue pushes the rat closer to Skye. "Thanks, Blue" she smirked.

"What a waste of time" Ward snarks.

"Relax" Garrett told Ward.

"We'll leave behind some surveillance drones just in case they come back. Until then, everyone back to the bus" Coulson ordered.



MemberRodanSep-18-2019 9:56 PM

Well, nice to see Blue is growing up to be as cool as her ancestors!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 10:26 PM

yes, she is my version of Zilla Jr.



MemberGiganSep-18-2019 10:29 PM

Okay the Gojiverse is about to take an interesting turn from being a Godzilla/Agents of Shield crossover to a Mega Kaiju Crossover



MemberGiganSep-18-2019 10:30 PM

Chapter 12: Primal Gods

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The MONARCH Boeing C-17 Globemaster III "Bus" flies over the wet rainforest canopies before landing among a clearing. Tribals watch off in the distance of MONARCH's arrival. Coulson Team approach an ancient pyramid, the team explore the pyramid's interior. Pictographs of titans adorn the pyramid walls, "Hey look at these, they look like Dinosaurs" Triplette point at the pictographs.

"Impossible, Dinosaurs have been extinct for 66 million years" Fitzs corrected.

"What does that make Godzilla and Zilla?" Skye asked.

"I believe that the Godzillas including Zilla are dinosaur descendants" Fitzs

"But wouldn't that make them dinosaurs?" Skye asked.

"Cut the chatter, were still on a mission" Ward whispered. The ground started shaking, dust fell from the ceiling. "Something is up ahead" Ward gestured his head.

"Cladistically yes, the Godzillasaurids are a legit dinosaur genus. Dr. Fitzs unfortunately isn't a paleontologist, like myself" spoke the new guy, Dr. Eren Ziggy. "Funny, there shouldn't be earthquakes in Brazil"

"So what is your theory on living dinosaurs?" Skye asked.

"Well technically birds are living dinosaurs" Dr. Ziggy said matter-of-factly, "Crocodilians, although not related to dinosaurs directly besides both being archosaurians, survived several extinction events. Lets not forget about the Hollow Earth, the place where all the titans come from. In the 70's there were reports of titans resembling extinct organisms roaming Skull Island..." another tremor shakes the pyramid. Then came a loud roar, echoing from outside.

"What the hell was that," Skye asked.

"To the Bus!" Coulson ordered. The team bolted out of the pyramid, only to see what appeared to be a giant featherless dromaeosaurid dinosaur probing its large snout inside the bay door of their aircraft. The dinosaur was mainly covered in red-orange scales with streaks of blue and white scales however it sported a white feather mohawk. The dinosaur pulled its snout from the bay doors as it turns its orange avian eyes to gaze at the MONARCH agents.

"Bloody Hell!" Fitzs shouted.

"Remarkable!" Dr. Ziggy exclaimed excitingly.

"Everybody retreat further in the temple, Icer rounds aren't going to take this thing down" Coulson ordered. The giant raptor dinosaur was surprisingly fast despite being 164 ft tall. The raptor shoved its snout inside the pyramid entrance, its jaws snapping furiously. The titan pulled its jaws free from the entrance way, its stomps could be heard and felt as the creature was looking for another way in the stone structure.

"Coulson, I found a path that leads to the outside" May informed.

"Let's take it, double time" Coulson and his team bolt down the series of turns and narrow passages before trotting down a stairway that leads to the outside. The outside greeted them with thick ferns, fallen branches, and a swarm of mosquito. The Raptor Titan roars as he spots the intruders down hill, yet he didn't pursue them.

"See I told you dinosaurs are not extinct" Ziggy boasted.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever" Fitzs retorted.

"Shhhhh!" Ward, May, and Coulson glared at Dr. Ziggy.

"Shutting up" Ziggy whispered.

The group stumbled upon what appears to be a temple-like structure, they slowly scout its interior, there they see a mural. The mural begins with volcanoes erupting, to showing some dinosaurs sprouting from the volcanoes wake, to a meteor falling and the dinosaurs retreating underground, to evolution of human-kind, to the awakening of the seven titan beast gods. A red and black horned tyrannosaurus-like titan breathing fire, a yellow and purple tyrannosaurus-like titan eating hordes of people, an orange stripped raptor-like titan with a white mohawk surrounded by smaller raptor-like titans, an armored chasmosaurus-like titan surrounded by boulders, a cobra-dinosaur titan with enthralled people at its feet, a blue and white ape standing guard at the top of an ice capped mountain, and a brown and green ape growing out of a man. The mural continues to show the arrival of other titans such as giant moth and butterfly accompanied by two tiny humanoid figures, a theropod-like titan with spikes on its back, a pteranodon-like titan, a spiky lizard-like titan, and another ape-like titan greeting the seven.

The team take some time to stare at the mural to make out its meaning. "Sir, there are more of these... murals" Ward informs Coulson. They spot at seven more murals each dedicated to their chieftain god.

"So May, what do you think?" Coulson asked.

"I think we found more problems" May snarked.

"Oh yeah, there is nothing more comfortable than a fire breathing dinosaur god" Fitzs also snarked.

"That sounds cool in a total geeky kind of way" Skye added.

"Guys, guys, I think your overlooking the importance here! Were one step closer to venturing into the hollow earth!" Dr. Ziggy joyfully boasts. He begins to take pictures of the murals. "Ummm guys, we got a problem" Ziggy walked back to the group, "I don't think were alone" he collapses to the ground, a dart sticking out of his shoulder. May checks his pulse to confirm he is still alive.

"Someone sleep darted his ass" May pulls the dart out of Dr. Ziggy.

"Okay Ward and Triplette watch out exits. Were going to find another way back to the Bus" Coulson ordered.

"What about that giant raptor?" Skye asked.

"We'll just have to outrun it" Coulson replied, "Okay ready?" before they could even start they are all darted.


Skye regains consciousness, she looks around herself and sees she is in a cage made of bone. She looks out from the gaps of her cage and sees the others are also caged. Their jailers the tribals all are adorn with tatoos reminiscent of the Raptor-titan's skin patterns. Their shaman approaches Skye's cage, he wore a mohawk head dress dedicated to the Raptor-Titan. He spoke to the others, Skye couldn't understand him, he turned towards the cage girl. "Talon, Talon, Talon" he barked as he reaches into a jar adjacent to Skye's cage. He threw a red powder in Skye's face, she coughed, before she felt herself being taken out of her cage. Coulson watched helplessly as his consultant was being dragged to the altar. Skye's arms were bound by rope to an archway, the shaman cut into Skye's shirt exposing her stomach and half of her chest before the shaman walks away, he pulls a ceremonial knife out of the fire. He walks back over to skye, he raises the knife up before cutting into Skye's skin, he draws the mark of his god on her. He then opens another jar and rubs ashes into her wounds. He gestures over the medicine women, they pour an ointment potion over her exposed skin. The medicine women rub the ointment all over sky's stomach and chest before the shaman pulled the leaver next to the altar. Skye was then raised up off the altar and soon off her feet as the archway acted more like a drawbridge. The archway extends beyond the palisade walls, the ground below Skye was soon replaced with a deep ravine leading into the rift valley.

Skye's heart was beating fast, her stomach still aching from the pain. The ground shook once more, the sound of trees being pushed and cracked, soon an orange raptor emerged from the jungle. "TALON, TALON, TALON!" the tribals shouted as the 164 foot tall Raptor-Titan approached a tied up Skye. "Shit, When I woke up this morning I would never have thought I would be a sacrifice to a hungry dinosaur" she hangs from the archway, waiting for the God of Survival to end it all. Talon sniffed the girl, he eyes the ritualistic cut on her abdomen. Skye glares intensely at Talon, "Okay fucker, your move" she hissed. Talon snorts at her before opening his jaws wide, exposing his serrated teeth, he lunges forward before snapping his jaws mere inches away from the young woman. Skye doesn't even flinch, Talon licks the ointment off of Skye. The raptor titan seems to even enjoy toying with her, "Just hurry up and eat me already!" Skye shouted.

Another roar could be heard from the jungle beyond, Skye can hear the tribals shouting as the forest came alive. "SA-UR-ON! SA-UR-ON! SA-UR-ON!" the tribals screamed as a yellow tyrannosaurus-like kaiju wade through the sea of trees. Several tribal braves armed themselves with their bows and arrows, they fired a volley at the titanic titan but their arrows were as effective as throwing plastic knives at a battle tank. Sauron's jaws gap wide open unleashing a terrible roar, Skye felt a cold chill pass through her body. Sauron had bitten through the chains that were holding Skye in place, now Skye felt herself falling, the wet misty air bombarding her face. Suddenly she felt a hard jerk as the God of Hunger was holding the archway holding her bound body. She could smell his putrid breath, it reeked of rotting flesh. Skye stared up eyes wide in sheer terror, she was merely less than a foot away from the beasts's blade-like teeth. Sauron shook his massive head to tear the archway apart, the bounds snap, Skye was now airbourne once again. Skye screamed at the top of her lungs, Sauron gaped his jaws wide open as he lunged forward to swallow the MONARCH consultant whole but Talon headbutted the yellow titan tyrannosaurid in the lower jaw. Skye fell on top of the dromaeosaurid titan's back then slide down its sides down a flight of tree branches. She managed to bear hug one of the branches, clinging to it for dear life. She didn't have time to wait, she could hear the chaos behind herself as she continued to climb down the rainforest tree.


Meanwhile May managed to cut herself free by rubbing her bounds against the vertebrate comprised wall. She uses the confusion to escape. She quickly disabled the guard, she searched his body for any weapons. He was carrying a spear and a dagger which May quickly claimed as her own. "Coulson" she whispered. Coulson woke up and saw his second in command standing there, she quickly leaned near the cage as she uses the dagger to cut open the bounds holding the cage door closed. "Take this" she hands Agent Coulson the spear.

"Let's free the others, you got my back?" Coulson asked May.

"Always do" she answers back.

The two agents carefully disable the guards before releasing Ward, Triplette, Fitzs, and Ziggy. They hear Talon screeching before hearing Skye shout "Just hurry up and eat me already!" They heard the Tribals shouting Talon's name only to then curse out the name Sauron as another primal can be heard drawing near.

"Shouldn't we go rescue Skye?" Ziggy asked

The sound of trees, wood, and a woman's scream can be heard beyond the palisade walls from the rift valley. Sauron's massive head barely towers over the walls as he roars at his rival.



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 HOLY SHIT!!!!! Damn, that was one hell of a surprise. Didn't expect Primal Rage! That's fucking awesome!!!!!!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Yeah its my favorite fighting game of all time



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Chapter 13: Primal Rage

Skye quickly dropped down from the last large tree branch, her feet impacted the ground. She moans from the pain in her ribs, trees crack and shattered as the two kaiju theropods were biting and shoving each other around. Skye battle through ferns and vines as she tries to gain distances between herself and the fighting creatures. Sauron bit down hard on Talon's nape, the raptor titan snarled enraged and in pain. Sauron jerked his head, lifting Talon off the ground. Talon struggled in Sauron's grip before slashing his giant toe claw into Sauron's belly. Sauron released Talon to bellow at the raptor titan in pain. Talon leapt on to Sauron's back, slashing at his sides with his sickle-shaped claw. Sauron moaned, he charged at the massive Palisade wall then turned his body to slam Talon into the man-made structure. Talon's body smashes against the wall, he snaps his jaws at Sauron as the tyrannosaur-like titan makes a U-turn to charge directly into Talon. Sauron rams his massive head into Talon's chest, steps back before charging again and again until the massive wall begins to crack from the pressure. Talon's worshipers stood in awe as the Primal Gods fought, the buckled inwards before shattering. the massive orange raptor falls backwards on to the sacrificial yard. The fallen raptor god's worshipers flee in terror as Sauron looked in on them with those hungry eyes.

Coulson and his team enter a hut to find all of their equipment being stashed there, "Garret, were going to need some backup. ASAP" Coulson calls in his radio.

Sauron slowly climbed up the ravine which was a merely a steep ditch for him. He bares his teeth at Talon's worshipers, threatening to eat them if they interfere. He looks down on an unconscious Talon, the tyrannosaurus titan plants his right foot down on Talon's hip; pinning the dromaeosaurid to the ground. Saliva drips from Sauron's massive teeth as its mouth gapes wide open, ready to deliver the finishing blow.
A missile flies into Sauron's ribs, KABOOM! A quinjet hovers above the Mesa Village. Garret was piloting it, "Yeah take that Barney!" Massive jaws snap as the fiery cloud disperses into smoke, the scales on sauron's back suffered some nasty burns. Sauron's yellow eyes glare back at the quinjet, the Quinjet fires another volley of misses at the God of Hunger. Some of were hits but others flew beyond their target. The tyrannosaurus titan snaps his jaws once more sending a powerful shockwave at the aircraft. The quinjet falls from the sky, Garret quick thinking and experience allows him to make a controlled descent, the quinjet soon crash lands outside the village in the agricultural fields.


Meanwhile Skye was playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a pair of hungry bus-sized carnotaurus-like dinosaurs. She would always evade them by either hiding in the trees or treading along narrow passages but each time there was a clearing of any sort they manage to catch up with her. With the only things slowing down the carnotaurians were boulders and the odd thorn bush. Skye eventually came to a complete stop, her path ended at the edge of a cliff. Beyond her scope was a distant volcano, a majestic frozen mountain, a large lake, and thick jungle surrounding all the points of interest. Skye quickly glanced over at a small cave opening, with no time to loose she dive into the small hole. The carnos jaws barely missed their mark as Skye slides down a dark series of tunnels. Skye's eyes were clenched shut, she opens one eye before the other. She sighed in relief that she didn't get eaten.

"Okay. Well this sucks" she comments as she looks around to find a way out, "Stuck in another cave" she complained. She walked around the dark cavern for what felt like hours, before entering a chamber that was barely illuminated by light producing yellow crystals. Skye could hear heavy breathing in the illuminated chamber, she cautiously slithers around the corner to peek. There he was; another titan. It had the head of a chasmosaurus but with the body of an ankylosaurus and the tail of a stegosaurus. Armadon the God of Life. His mighty form was resting among a fell logs with beak marks adorning every single log. Skye could feel the earth shake, the crystals dimmed, the cave was pitch black.

When the rumbling ceased, the crystals reignited with yellow light. The room illuminated, Skye was taken a back when she saw a massive gaping beak was bellowing at her. The beak snap closed as the rest of its face was now illuminated, its three horned face stares at Skye with its rusty brown eyes. The creature slowly stood up on its hind limbs; sniffing. Armadon glanced back down at the tiny human before resuming his "task" of sniffing before he clears away a path to the surface. The gentle titan groaned at Skye, while gesturing her to follow him.

The unguided missiles's instruments started to malfunction and were soon being pulled to various parts of the Basin Valley's 'interest points' . Multiple explosions went off: the first struck the volcanic mountain Inferno, the second was an ancient celestial prison called the Labyrinth, the third was ruins of an atlantean city. Out of Inferno was the red and black tyrannosaur titan Diablo, smoke escapes from his jaws and nostrils. Out of the Labyrinth, the cobra-headed titan Vertigo screams manically. Out of the atlantean ruins, a giant brown ape crawls out of the pit of filth, his name is Chaos.


Sauron turns his massive head back to his prey. Talon was back on his feet, recovered and ready to dish out some primal rage. Sauron roars angrily while chomping his jaws, Talon counters with a sharp hiss as he brandishes his claws. Both theropod titans bare their teeth, claws and talons at the ready. A loud groan bellows below the ravine, both theropod titans quickly glance away at the disturbance, eyes darting wildly and bewildered. Sauron's nose made an audible sniff, Talon exhales a hiss as an Armadon makes his way up the ravine. Armadon groans angrily as he charges in between the two theropods. Sauron lunges forward at Armadon's neck, Armadon jerks his head backwards; his frill blocks sauron's jaws from delivering a killer bite. Talon leaped on to Armadon's back but was soon swatted by Armadon's spike-club tail. Talon skirted across the ground, taking several of his follower's huts, his boxy snout stops inches away from Coulson's team. Talon snarled at the fleeing MONARCH agents, he then turns his gaze as Skye was bolting towards Coulson.

"Skye! Watch out!" Coulson ordered.

"What?" she glances over and sees Talon jaws opening, ready to swallow the hacktivist whole. Then Talon raised his jaws up above the young woman. CRUNCH! Skye quickly looks up sees Talon's jaws are now wrapped around the neck of a blue snake headed theropod. Vertigo hisses as she flicks her forked tongue out. Skye took her chance to reunite with the rest of the team. Vertigo thrashes her tail around, she raises her tail up and at its apex was a blade-like stinger. She impales Talon's shoulder, Talon releases his grip on the snake-like theropod. Vertigo head butts the raptor titan, causing him to stumble backward. Vertigo turns her cobra-like head to Skye as she raises her tail up, Skye briefly turns around to see the snake-headed titan and before she could glance away from its tail; Vertigo emitted a blue energy wave at Skye.

Skye's eye turn completely white as her body goes limp, Ward and Coulson quickly turn back to carry her. Vertigo charges forward but again is attacked by Talon. The MONARCH agents eventually make it down a large crevice that leads them back to the temples from before. Soon enough, Coulson's team were back on 'The Bus'. May bolted to the cockpit to start engines. "May! Take us into the air" the plane shook as they could hear the distant roars of titans. "Don't have to tell me twice" The engines rev up, The Bus gains lift off then takes to the sky.

Garrett awakened, he unbuckles himself. "Coulson, can you read me?" he calls in through the radio but all he hears is static. "What in the hell? Agent Phil Coulson, can you read me?" just static answers him. "Damn" he mutters to himself. He slowly rises from his seat as he makes his way to the end of the quinjet, he opens the cargo door as he steps out of the quinjet. There Vertigo was waiting for him, she raises her tail up then she shoots an energy wave into him. Garrett's eyes turn completely white as his body goes limp.



MemberRodanSep-19-2019 9:01 AM

Poor Garret and Sky... either knocked out, enslaved by Vertigo, or dead...

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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Chapter 14: Purposeful grimace and a terrible sound

Somewhere, United States, circa 1997.
A lone estate stood out in the middle of the Appalachia forests, gun shots could be heard. A monster roars out in pain before it was put down.

MONARCH HQ, New York City. October 24th 2013.
Skye was placed on a stretcher as she was brought in to the quarantine chamber. Simmons dressed in a surgeon's gown examines Skye's comatose body. She leans over Skye and notices Skye's eyes were wide open and they were completely white, the eyes shook side to side rapidly. "Whats wrong with her, Genma?" Fitzs asked.

"It appears that Skye is in some sort of REM sleep" Dr. Simmons replies.

"You think she is dreaming, Genma?" Fitzs asks.

"It would appear so" Dr. Simmons replies.


Skye awoke, she looked around confused. she was in a round metal chamber with holographic screen displays in front of her. she looked down at herself and saw she was dressed in some kind of composite armour. She look over and saw a young man also dressed in the same composite armour. He smiled at her before his face went serious as he points at the display monitor. Skye then saw him; his maple-leaf plates glowing a bright blue, Godzilla was charging his atomic breath. The massive dinosaur titan leans forward with a purposeful grimace then bellows a terrible sound through the monitor displays. Skye raises up her hand which in turn a large robot arm raises up to block the display monitor's view of Godzilla. The robot hand began to melt as a horrible sound was heard coming from the titan, "Its firing its atomic breath!" scream Skye's co-pilot. Soon the hand gave way as the atomic breath was now melting through the chamber they were housed in....then came a white blinding light.


Skye's white eyes slowly reverts back to normal before finally blinking. She awakens from her comatose state breathing very heavily. "No don't!" she screams before passing out again.

Shirosaki Chemical Corporation Labs, Tokyo. October 24th 2013.
Samples of large tumor-like lifeforms were being grown inside large fish tanks. The tanks were labeled G-Cells x Dog, G-Cells x Cat, G-Cells x Red Rose, G-Cells x Gigan, G-Cells x Ghidorah, etc....

Two scientists enter the "birth" labs, Professor Shinji Yamaguchi and Doctor Reimiko Ibuki. "G-Cells appear to be binding with the sampled DNA" Dr. Ibuki examined her computer monitor, "G-Cells x Human. Cell division steady, Mutation rate increased by 0.005%"

"Remarkable" Prof. Yamaguchi commented as he stared at the lump of flesh floating around in the fish tank. The lump begins to sport gills as well as stinging tentacles.

Dr. Ibuki walks over to a large tank containing globs of blue scaly hide chunks covered in sharp crystals, the label SpaceGodzilla. The flesh was still alive and would have constituted with the other chunks if not for the tank's electrical disrupted field preventing its rebirth. The next tank seemed empty but was containing the last colony of Destoroyah larvae. The tank next to it contained a mummified dorat recovered from a burial tomb from Indonesia from a G-Force expedition of 1991. The follow up tank contained a Biollante seed and the one next to it Hedorah larvae. Professor Ibuki and Yamaguchi stood in front of a massive tank, a giant black heart that was still beating resonated from within the watery enclosure. "Gojira 2001, I'll never forget this one" Yamaguchi's cellphone started ringing. "Hello, yes. She is here in Japan? Fine. I'll take care of it, yes, Goodbye" he hangs up his cellphone. "Damn that Asuka"

Dr. Ibuki raised an eye brow at her colleague, "Asuka Lan, I presume?"

"Yes, she wants results from the GCxH. Have you been able to learn anything else from it?" Prof. Yamaguchi asked.

"Yes, GCxH is infected" Prof. Ibuki added.

"Infected?" Yamaguchi asked confused.

"With a virus, a mutagenic one that's capable of transgenic transfer" Ibuki explained.

Yamaguchi couldn't help but smile, "Reimi-chan. Do you know what this means" he pats his friend on the shoulders.

Ibuki stares up at him, "Yes, an important breakthrough for Japan!"

"The CRISPR will become obsolete. I...we shall call it the Yamaguchi-Ibuki Gene Exchange" Soon Prof. Yamaguchi's phone rang again, Lan Asuka's name displaying on the screen. "Yes? Well in that case good news, we are on the cusps of an important breakthrough! When will it be ready? How does Tomarrow sound? Great! No, thank you for allowing this to happened. Yes, take care" he hangs up the phone. "Reimi-chan, I mean Ibuki-san. Prepare the virus for extraction, we got tests to perform"

Reimiko Ibuki plots down on her desk chair as she types away on her computer, she hovers her cursor over the extraction button. Click click. The tank's water is pumped into a series of tubes before the viral agent is filtered and siphoned into small vials. Prof Ibuki collects the vials, "Yamaguchi-senpai, the virus is ready for testing"


A day latter....

A man was strapped in a hospital bed, a team of doctors hover over him. Some were checking his vitals on the monitors others were preparing their equipment. Dr. Ibuki grabbed a syringe and a vial, she carefully stabs the vial with the syringe as she gently extracts its contents. "Preparing to inject serum X-0001 into patient. The patient is a young male, 25 year old Kenshi Rokubungi, gangster" Dr. Ibuki speaks into her recorder. "Commencing injection, now. Wish us good luck" she turns around, she glances at the young man before sticking the syringe into his arm. She gently pushes the serum into his bloodstream. The doctor turns around to pick up her recorder, "Subject shows no immediate change in condition, we will wait to see the effects, starting now" she activates her stop watch.

The young gangster howls in pain as his veins start bulging through his skin, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" he screams out at the doctors. The cells in his eyes began to change then compact, soon the subject sported compound eyes like a bug. The man's body started to unnaturally stretched, his clothes gave away as well as his very own skin was shredded into tethers. In place of the man was now a giant humanoid preying mantis, he sported two pairs of arms; the first pair heavily resembles preying mantis arms, while the second pair were roughly humanoid. He clicked his mandibles as his human teeth feel out of his mouth.

"Vitals are normal...." The mantisman breaks free of his bindings as Dr. Ibuki was reading the monitor. He slashes into the doctors surrounding his bed, blood spats all over the white walls as the doctors fall limp on to the ground. "I'm GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!" his voice reverberates. He then approaches Dr. Ibuki, "YOU I"LL SPARE!" he managed to grab the vial with his clawed hands, repeating what Dr. Ibuki did to him he does to her. "YOU"LL BECOME A MONSTER LIKE ME!!!" He abandons Dr. Ibuki after throwing away the syringe as he rampages through the hall ways slashing at one who dares get in his way. He tears down a door leading into the birth labs. "BE FREE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!" he slashes at the tanks, their contents spill out on to the clean lab floors. Security charges in and they open fire icer rounds into the mantisman. He quickly tears them apart with his claws.

"FOOL! YOU CAN"T KILL A DEMON!" Mantisman begins to undergo a second transformation. His size began to increase. His head then thorax hits the ceiling, before the entire roof began to crumble around him. He grew to 50 meters, 140 feet tall Mantisman. "I AM WRETCHED BUT I AM STRONG!" he extends his bugs wings out as he takes to the sky.

Dr. Ibuki slowly rose to her feet, she stared up at the exposed ceiling. "The Samples!" she races over to see the vials are still there. She quickly grabbed the samples before heading off to the birth labs. The labs were trashed, every sample it used to contained has now escaped. Except for the giant Godzilla heart and.... Dr. Ibuki was soon ambushed by mound of flesh. It slithers its tendrils into the middle-aged Japanese scientist skin around her neck, shoulder, the right side of her face, and upper back. It releases something inside her, the doctor could feel her cells regenerating. Her vision was first fixed, so she removed her glasses. She slowly shambled to the mirror, she saw a 20-something year old woman staring back at her with a large blue scaly creature with crystal spikes latched firmly on her being. She was then compelled to leave the birth labs by the creature.

"Reimi-chan, what is going on?" Professor Yamaguchi ran down the hall. Reimiko turns around to face her childhood friend, Shinji recoiled as his eyes widen terror.

"Forgive me, Shinji-kun" She suddenly was compelled to grab him by the arm, she wrestled with him to the floor before sticking a syringe into his shoulder. "We must procreate" she said as she left him there, "and we must... Evolve" she added before leap into the air.



MemberRodanSep-19-2019 10:58 AM

What the fu- DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganSep-19-2019 11:05 AM

Chapter 15: Halloween Party of 2013

Tokyo Bay, Tokyo. October 31st, 2013.

Jun Fudo and her friends Aoi Kurosaki and Hitomi Konno were parting on a cruise boat. Reimiko Ibuki floated above the cruise liner, she crushes the remaining vials before dispersing the mutagenic transgenic virus into the atmosphere. The parasite's crystals began to glow as it alters the weather to a rainstorm.
The rain came down carrying the virus, infecting everyone onboard the ship. "Everybody head down below deck!" shouts one of the part goers.

One of the party goers suddenly stopped, his ears stretch as his fangs enlarge. A woman screamed as the man transformed into a werewolf-like beast. Wolver turns to the screaming woman, he snarls at her before cutting her down with his claws. The woman soon recovered from her wounds as she started turning into a werehyena-like beast. Jun Fudo and several party goers were soon surrounded by the werebeasts-like monsters. Jun started to feel strange, she looks over sees her friends were succumbing to the virus. Aoi started sprouting out fins as her skin started to to turn grey, Hitomi started to grow fur and sport cat-like ears while Jun's eyes started to glow yellow as her long hair started to fuse together into a pair of wing shaped horns. "What...is...happening...to...us" Jun said weakly. Aoi's teeth began to sharpen and gills form on her neck as her eyes transformed into complete blue orbs. Hitomi's body was becoming increasingly cat-like as Jun was turning into a succubus-like monster. Reimiko approached the newly initiated devilbeasts "Rise my children, your time has come. Humanity's time is over, the dawn of the devilbeast shall rise"

Jun struggled to her feet, her delicate fingers were now sharp claws. Her clothes were on the floor in tethers, her small delicate body was now tall and muscular athletic build. She now has a long whip-like tail with razor sharp hair at the end. Red runic eyeliner manifest below Jun's eyelids down her cheek. Reimiko approached the wolf-life devilbeast, "Rise Wolver, for I will need your strength in the coming battle" she turned to a bird-like female devilbeast "Rise Harpy, for I will need you to spread this gift to all those who are worthy to join our race" behind Reimiko was a small child sporting butterfly wings arrived alongside four bird-like devilbeasts; One of them was female while the rest were males. Reimiko approached Aoi, who was having trouble breathing, "Would you like to return to the water my little fish? Rise Marmiga, may your teeth tear into your many prey" she helps the sick devilbeast to the cruise balcony before pushing her off into the water. Marmiga rises out of the water now sporting the body of a giant shark with Aoi's human upper-half growing out of its dorsal fin.

"Rise Fayrace, may your claws bring death to a thousand humans like a hungry cat on mice" Reimiko raises Hitomi's now monstrious cat head up to look at her. Hitomi growls in submission. Reimiko now turns to Jun. She lifts Jun's chin up to look at her, "Rise Devil Lady, be my hunter and..." the boat started to rock violently. "Its Godzilla Junior!" Naperius the pale white female bird-like devilbeast shouted. The 100 meter tall Godzilla towers over the cruise-liner, his spines begin to glow blue as he charges up his atomic breathe. Reimiko releases Jun's chin as she powers walks closer to the Godzilla before taking to the skies. "Its been a long time, little brat. Oh my have you grown, first allow me to ditch this meat puppet so I may judge your power for myself" The dark blue scaly flesh disconnects himself from his host, Reimiko falls unconscious into the water. The floating blob of flesh starts grow limbs and a head. Then a tail grows out of the blob before soon enough SpaceGodzilla matures into full form in a matter of minutes. His feet splash into the bay, he hisses at the younger Godzilla. The two titans unleash their breath weapon upon each other, the force shoves the cruise-liner around until it capsizes. SpaceGodzilla encapsulates the younger Godzilla in a crystalline prison. SpaceGodzilla takes to the sky while Junior sinks to the bottom of the bay. Satoru and his crusaders round up only the strongest of the devilbeast crop before abandoning those they deemed weak, Jun wasn't found among either groups.

Jun was unconscious and underwater, slowly drowning. Aoi slowly pushes her friend up to the water surface before they both reached the shore. Aoi quickly reverted back to a humanoid form, she walked over to Jun. She kissed her super-model friend, using her gills to pump the water from her lungs. Jun coughed up the remaining water, Aoi quickly returned to the bay's waters before Jun could come too. Jun wakes up in a hospital, she glances at her hands. they were back to their delicate super-model hands. She moves her hands through her long flowing hair, the wing horns were also gone. "Was it just a nightmare?" she asked herself, "It was just a dream" she sighed. "But then again why am I in a hospital room?"

Jun could hear the Doctor arguing with someone outside her room, the door knob turned as the door swung open. A tall mean looking Japanese-Caucasian mixed blonde woman walked into Jun's room, "So you have survived" Lan Asuka said coldy. Jun looked at Asuka confused, "Survived what?" Asuka then approached the young woman.

"A Devilbeast attack" Lan Asuka then turned the TV on. The News however only reported a kaiju attack to have occurred at Tokyo Bay. "We made sure the news of the devilbeasts didn't get out to the public, it would only draw those who have latent beast genes to their master's calling. We cannot allow that, Jun Fudo. I came here on the behalf of a little division from within G-Force called the Human Alliance. I have already ran tests on your blood, you have already transformed haven't you? Transformed into a devilbeast" Lan then smiled, "or a devilman?"

"Devilbeast, Devilman? I don't understand what are you talking about? That was just a nightmare...It can't be real! Could it?" Jun countered.

"We live in a time of giant monsters, robots, and aliens. Yet you draw the line at mutagenic beasts?" Lan snorted, "Okay looks like I'll have to explain everything from the top. A few days ago there was an accident at Shirosaki Chemical Corporation's labs. A mutagenic plague was released into the atmosphere and many people like yourself have been infected. As you know those infected undergo a metamorphsis they change into mindless monsters we call devilbeasts, you on the other hand, seem to retain a human mind. We designate your kind as Devilmen, half-transformed. Lan Asuka then turned around to leave the room.


Honolulu, Hawaii November 2nd, 2013.

Reimiko Ibuki washes up on a sandy beach, she slowly opens her now orange eyes. She slowly stood on her feet, her heart was racing as new sounds and smells was bombarding her senses. She reaches over to feel the parasite was gone but it how ever left some of its DNA inside of her. Her skin has turned a shade of pale grey-blue smooth refine scales, a long reptilian tail adorned in small crystalline spikes protrudes above her posterior. The crystalline spikes grow large the further up her back and become small again around the neck region, a pair of large crystals protrude from her shoulders with a single gold crystalline horn protruding from her forehead. She walks up the beach ignoring the fact that people where staring at her exposed body. Reimiko's breasts despite being her most prominent feature they were smooth across the curve. She glared at the unfamiliar people, she looks around herself and saw a red, white, and blue flag. "Amerika" she muttered to herself, "How did I end up here?" she glared at the people still staring at her taking pictures on their cellphones. Then came a familiar voice, "Hey fellow cosplayer," Aoi Kurosaki walked over to her with a towel, "Just roll with it, we can't expose ourselves to the humans"

"Humans... Oh yeah that's right, you are Marmiga right?" Reimiko asked. Aoi leaned over, "The name is Aoi Kurosaki and I don't wish to be a puppet to some kaiju with a power trip. Come on, I'll take you to this cool place I found" she grabbed Reimiko by the hand. She first takes her to a small bungalow, "This is my place, I come here on vacations. You can barrow some of my clothes, but first. Why haven't you transformed back?" Aoi asked confused mixed with concern.

"Transform back? I..I don't know. How did you?" she asked.

"I can't remember, I guess when I calmed down. That's how I transformed back the first time" Aoi answered.

"Not very helpful" Reimiko took a deep breathe, she managed to shrink down the crystals on her shoulder and back. She continues to concentrate on shrinking her long reptilian tail. She lighten up her skin and slowly but surely she regained a human form. "Good your looking human again, now put on some clothes!" she tosses some clothes at her.


Meanwhile back in Japan. Jun was sent to the Human Alliance HQ shortly after she was discharged out of the hospital. Commander Mayayoshi Yamazaki greeted Ms. Fudo as she entered his office, "Greetings Fudo-san. Please forgive our sponsor, she is rather harsh but reliable. So Lan Asuka assigned you to the new beast team? Welcome aboard Hunter J"

"Hunter J?" Jun asked confused,

"That is your designation, this is a rare opportunity for us. We can learn so much about your kind, our mission is to secure humanity's future and these beasts are a plague to wipe humanity out. Don't worry about your condition, we will do our best to work on a cure for you Fudo-san" he gestures her to leave.

Jun was walking down the streets of Tokyo when she encounters her friend, a red head teen model Kazumi Takiura. "Jun-senpei, how was the party?"

"A Disaster" Jun clenched her teeth, "The party didn't end well, Kazumi" Jun relaxes a bit.



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you'll see. also this chapter is a crossover with the 1998 anime Devil Lady



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Chapter 16: A Fated Reunion

MONARCH Castle Bravo Base, Pacific Ocean. May 4th, 2014.

A graduation ceremony was held for its newest member Skye. Everyone was congratulating the new girl, the celebrations were cut short when a titan was detected by the sonar. It was one of the smaller Godzillas, originally dubbed Minilla by MONARCH back in the late 60's; has now reached adulthood. It curiously swims towards the partially underwater/partially surface platform base. It groans playfully. Skye smiles as she peers through the thick glass standing between her and the cold ocean water. Minilla then suddenly swims away from view as a deeper and louder growl could be heard in the distance. Skye approaches closer to the window, a dark silhouette fills the view. Then the marine water is illuminated by a bioluminescence display from a much bigger Godzilla. Legend, MONARCH dubbed him, not only for his size but he or at least members of his species have been recorded through out human history.

Legend peers into the viewing glass, he sees the humans curiously stare back at him. He cautiously swims around the base, eyeing the many cannons that guard it. He understood the humans were too small to present a direct challenge to him and so have developed weapons to even the playing field. Still they were no match for him, just an annoyance. He eyes the viewing window a final glance, he spotted the girl.

Skye stared right back at him. Skye felt a chill go down her spine as the massive titan stared at her intensely. Legend growls before swimming away back into the watery abyss. Skye exhaled in relief, she couldn't help but remember that nightmare she had. "Okay people, that is enough of Wild Discovery. Everyone back to work" Director Fury ordered as Hill closed the window shutters.

Skye returned to her duties monitoring the MONARCH security systems when she spotted a suspicious entry. She clicked on the link, it was encoded. She decoded the link while opening up dummy servers encase it was malicious. "Parents?" she clicked on the file, "You want to find your missing parents? Meet me on sub-level 4, there we will talk." the file then deleted itself. Skye gets up, "Bathroom break" she says to one of her coworkers. "Okay, whatever you do.... wash your hands" says the coworker, Mike.

Skye carefully navigates the corridor halls and stairs until she reaches sub-level 4. There a bi-racial woman in a flower dress walks out from behind the corner. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Reyna. You must know of my handiwork by now?"

"What do you want? Do you know where my parents are?" Skye asked.

"Yes. I do, they employed me to get you out of here. They believe your life is endanger" Reyna approached her.

"Endanger? Yes, have you seen this place? Godzilla looks like he just ready to blow this place up, wouldn't blame him, with a name like castle bravo would anger anything hailing from Japan"

"No, not Godzilla! MONARCH is your enemy, can't you see that?" Reyna asked, "You know that Titan Index, what if people start exhibiting the same powers as those creatures? What humans can become titans themselves? Would we be placed on that index? Would we be captured and detained like freaks?"

Skye's mouth was agape. She then busted out laughing, "That is ridiculous, humans with atomic fire breathe, hahahahaha" Reyna crossed her arms, while sporting a not so amused reaction face. "That sounds like something from a comic book or a Joss Weadon TV show"

"You think I'm joking! CENTIPEDE has done it! Want to see your parents or not?" she glances around the corner, "All you have to say is yes"

Skye smirks, "Sure, yes I want to see my parents"

A man teleports into the room, he was dressed in an anarchy t-shirt and blue jeans while wearing a peculiar bracelet-like device on his arm that was reminiscent of a centipede. The man grabs both Reyna and Skye before teleporting out of the facility. Skye, Reyna, and the Man were now in another facility bearing the centipede logo. There were a series of tanks carrying what appeared to be dead dorats, dead baby zillas, some recovered hedorah tadpoles, fragments of Battra's carapace, and bits of recovered Meganulon. Skye shivered seeing the recovered kaiju remains before glancing over at a tank containing something alive. It resembled a turtle yet was not a turtle, it had turtle like qualities: a large armored shell, a beak, and reptilian claws and scales but its neck was serpentine, its had a long whip-like tail, a forked tongue, razor sharp teeth within its snapping turtle-like beak, and independent chameleon-like eyes.

"Beautiful isn't he?" Reyna stared at the turtle-like aberration, "We call him Jinmen after the tale of Jinmen the face harvester. We recovered him from a glacier in Antarctica. Believe it or not, the DNA tests suggest he is or was Xillien"

Skye just stared at Jinmen in both terror and disgust, something about him made her skin crawl. "Beautiful? I don't think he'll make Prom King lookin like that" she points at the tank, "Also you said he harvests faces? That doesn't bring up any red flags? Total Fail! What if he breaks out?"

"He will not" stepped in Jiaying, "We pumping his tank with a powerful sedative..."

"Daisy!" Dr. Calvin dropped his clipboard as he runs over to Skye. "Its has been so long since I last saw you!"

Skye was a little startled and confused as the scientist walked over to her. Jiaying sighed before walking over to both of them. "I was hoping to proper introduce ourselves later but since we are all out here. Skye, my name is Jiaying and this is Calvin. We are your parents and your real name is Daisy Johnson. If you don't believe me, I can draw some blood to confirm it"

Jinmen's eye stalk eye turns to take a quick glance at Daisy, before shifting back to its original position. The Johnsons walked into another room, "We thought we've lost you all those years ago when the thing attacked" Jiaying told Skye.

"What thing?" Skye asked.

"A Mock-kaiju attacked. Are you familiar with the Titan called Biollante?" Jiaying asked.

"No, not really" Skye replied.

"Its a rose-based Mock-Kaiju. It was created by combining the DNA of a Rose, Godzilla, and a Human. We were part of an independent research company at the time, Marvel Genetics, we were contracted for our expertise in genetics by the Shirosaki Chemical Corporation. Biollante attacked our labs, we were separated from you, Professor Yamaguchi and Doctor Ibuki presumed you have died in the attack"

"But they lied to us, they found you and gave you to a MONARCH agent. We believed their lies for so many years until someone found out about you" Calvin vented, "We also heard news you joined MONARCH...."

"MONARCH aren't the bad guys, they don't want to hurt the titans. They believe that Titans are guardians of our planet"

"My little girl, they brain washed you" Calvin retorted, "Godzilla is a freaking natural disaster! Godzilla doesn't care about you or me or even your mother, he is only looking after his own survival"

"What about Mothra and Battra?" Skye countered.

Calvin clenched his fist tight, "Honey, those are just giant bugs. You think they are intelligent, that they have souls? No only humans and things that are human-like have souls"

"How can you say that if you never spoke to one of Mothra's fairies" Skye countered again.

"Faries? Oh the Ellias, The Shobijins? So its possible to communicate with the Titans after all" Jiaying suddenly spoke up. "So you've met both Mothra and Battra? How were they like? Did they convey complex human emotions?"

"Yes, sort of... Mothra pretty much is on our side" Skye explained.

"But what about Battra?" Jiaying asked.

"He is.... a different story" Skye replied, beating around the bush.

"You mean Battra isn't on our side? That he is evil?" Jiaying questioned.

"No, he is not like that. He just.... well he cares for the planet and for life too, just he...." Skye heistated.

"He's just what?" Calvin was trying his best to remain patient.

"He hates Humans, he even advocates for our extinction" Skye replied. "But for some reason, he saved my life"

"Okay I think I heard enough, my daughter, We are glad to have you back" Jiaying smiled, "I think its best that you return to your station before MONARCH gets suspicious. John would you kindly escort my daughter back to Castle Bravo Base"

"Yes Dr. Johnson," John's eyes brief glowed yellow before reverting back to hazel. Skye was about to say something but then she was teleported back to the MONARCH facility. "Keep your nose clean, Daisy" John's eyes started to glow again.

"Dude, like seriously? Whats wrong with your eyes?" Skye asked.

"Nothing!" As he teleporting away. Skye could see his ears were a lot pointier than her first encounter with him. He sported an inhumanly, almost demonic slasher grin just seconds before vanishing.

"Why did we let our little girl back in that monster buffet?" Calvin had worrisome tone in his voice.

"Because, Calvin. We are not ready show our true intent yet" Jiaying looks over at John as he appears out of no where, "Ah, John. I'm glad you are back"

"Thank you, ma'am" John replied out of breathe.


Meanwhile back in Tokyo, Japan. Its been months since the Human Alliance recruited Jun as their beast slayer. Jun sat in a modified armored police van caring the G-Force insignia logo on it. Jun was surround by G-Force troopers all wearing specialized gear to hand background radiation and heat resistant uniform. She reflected on her first assignment, it was a little more than a week after she was recruited.

Somewhere in Tokyo. November 10th, 2013.

Jun was walking around a back alley in the dead of night. Jun's body froze when she heard a wolf's howl, it sounded close, close enough to be near-by. Jun was on edge, she felt the hairs sticking up on her arms and back of her neck. Then came a snarling growl, Jun turned around to face it. There standing 8 feet tall was Wolver, the werewolf-like Devilbeast. "Keisuke?" Jun remembered this beast back when he was human, he wasn't a upstanding individual back then either.

"Not any more, Its Wolver now!" he flashed his fangs at her. Jun was frightened, she wanted to run but she couldn't move.

"No...run!" Jun muttered to herself in fear.

"Hahahaha, look at you! A scared unassuming girl about to be cut to ribbons, how unbecoming of a devilbeast! You disgust me, girl! Do us both a favor and ditch the damsel in distress and show me a terrifying monster!" He plunged his claws deep into Jun's right shoulder.

Jun eyes widen from the pain she wanted to scream but suddenly something inside her mind stopped her. She felt a sensation of coursing through her body, something that was telling her not to be scared. The frightful look on her face was then replaced with a sadistic grin and eyes filled with hate; She grabbed Wolver by his arm. "I disgust you? You are nothing! So keep your filthy paws off me, you lowlife mutt!" "You want to see a terrifying beast, then how about I show you the devil!" She grew a few inches taller, her clothes rip from her body as she transforms into Devil Lady. She pulls his arm down to the floor, she then bashes her shoulder into Wolver's snout.

Wolver howls in pain but quickly counterattacks with his free arm. He grabs Devil Lady by her throat, he squeezes his grip. Lady gasps for air as the wolfman lifts her up off the ground, she grabs Wolver by the wrists. She focuses all her strength into her arms to pry Wolver's claws from her throat, she snarled angrily as she summons the strength to snap the wolfman's wrists. Wolver howls again, Lady not waiting for another counterattack sprints towards the wolfman. She drop kicks Wolver in the chest, sending him tumbling backwards into a vending machine. Devil Lady approaches her fallen adversary, reading her claws to deliver the killing blow. She hears the sounds of bird wings flapping, Lady barely had enough time to dodge her claws. Devil Lady found herself landing on her butt, she stares up her assailant. A Blue skin, white feathered bird-like devilbeast with a raptor-like face stared down at her, "How pitiful, you sided with the humans who hunt us down! For that you must die!" She hurles a volley of razor sharp feathers. Jun dodges the first volley only to be stabbed and sliced by the second volley. "gah!" Lady growls, she pulls out the feathers stuck in her flesh. "You are strong but let's see if you can survive this next attack! Wolver, now's your chance!"

Wolver rises from the fallen vending machine, he ignores the broken drink cans rolling off of his fur while spilling their contents. He charges towards the injured devil. Devil Lady stares at the charging wolfman, waiting for the right moment to strike, she then upper cuts him in the throat. Harpy snarls as she dives towards her, she then flapped her wings while using her feet talons to grab a hold of Devil Lady's head. Harpy's talons graps on to Lady's skull, she is then lifted up off the ground. Lady struggles to free herself but Harpy soon dropped her, now Lady was plummeting to her death. SPLASH! Harpy cackles as she flies away, Wolver howls as he makes his escape in the night.

Devil Lady awakens inside someone's pool, startled she opens her mouth, the chlorine water pours into it. She swims to the surface, SPLASH! Lady gasps for air as she throws up the pool water. She crawls out of the pool. Lady her some foot steps behind her, she quickly glares at a small child that walks up to her, the little girl recoils in fear before Lady's expression softens. She wanted to say something but she quickly looks back up to the sky then she hears a howl followed by a loud scream. "H..hey you are like me, right?" the child asked frightfully.

"What?" she turns towards the little girl. The little girl creates a small flame between her small hands. The little girl smiled at her, "My name is Remi, whats your name?"

"It's Jun, go back inside Remi. Its dangerous out here" Jun sprinted forward, leaping over the privacy wall as she follows the Wolver's victim's screams. She finds herself at a construction site, Wolver growled as he stalked four teenage girls. She grabs a cinderblock with a chain wrapped around it, she then looks down a floor below her and saw the wolfman terrorizing the girls "Hey Mutt!" Devil Lady snarled. Wolver turned around, the four teenage girls looked up to the succubus-like devilman.

"Not another one...." the short girl quivered.

"Were done for" the girl with the pony tail cried. The other two girls, one with a boyish haircut and the other with above shoulder length hair remained silent but frightened. Devil Lady glanced at the teenage girls before leaping down to fight Wolver. She charges towards him before throwing a metal chain around the wolfman's neck, she quickly leaps on to his back to secure the chain. She hurls the cinderblock over an iron girder. "What are you..." Wolver growled as Devil Lady pulls the cinderblock's chain down hard, while the chain around wolver's neck pulls the wolfman off the ground. SNAP! The wolfman hangs there, lifeless. Devil Lady then turns her attention on to the girls, they looked at her frightened, Jun turns back around. "Hey did you just save us?" asked the short girl. Jun then bolted away from the girls as her silhouette fades in the darkness.

Present Day, May 5th, 2014.

"Fudo-san" one of the G-Force troopers shakes the young woman awake, "We are here." The G-Force vans stopped around an old abandoned science facility. The concrete headboard was entitled "Marvel Genetics" written in both kanji and romanji. "Careful, Biollante may have left some of her seedlings behind" The G-Force troops slowly move into the dusty old building. They turned on their flashlights as the interior had no lights to illuminate its interior. They traverse from the lobby to the labs without trouble. "It may not look it but its almost hard to believe this was once a state-of-the-art facility" Asuka stared at the old 1980's computer monitors. "Marvel Genetics was an American-Chinese research firm. They build their facility here because Japan is a Kaiju hot spot"

"That's just it, what do devilbeasts have to do with the daikaiju?" Jun asked.

"The devilbeasts are a result of humans directing their own evolution. Shirosaki Chemical discovered a virus that could transfer the DNA of other lifeforms into its host's genetics, similar to the CRISPR. It appears that Marvel Genetics were trying to find do something similar back in the 80's but failed" Asuka walked over to some scattered research papers. "Yet again, they may have succeeded" she holds up her flashlight at the paper. "Biollante wasn't a natural occurring kaiju. She was created by Marvel Genetics. Dr. Jiaying and Calvin Johnson spearheaded the project"

"I remember reading something about the Johnson's loosing their baby daughter during the Biollante incident" spoke senior G-Force sergeant Junpei Tanaka.

"That was the official story. In truth two G-Force officers saved their daughter and gave her to a MONARCH agent"

"MONARCH! They have caused us great trouble, they lost sight when handling the daikaiju. Why would two of our own help them!" Sgt. Tanka growled.

"G-Force was formerly a branch of MONARCH in case you have forgotten. The reason why G-Force broke away was due to resources and the then director's nationalistic ideals" Asuka corrected. "Oddly enough according to these records, Chairman Shiragami supplied the DNA of his daughter and a rose to Marvel Genetics; while Shirosaki Chemical supplied the G-Cells." Some loose papers falls to the floor, Jun pick them then handed them to Asuka.

"Well what is this? Biollante wasn't their only creation. Their daughter Daisy Johnson is a mock-kaiju as well" Asuka read through the papers, "Xillien-Human Hybrid-based. Additional genetic material extracted from Mothra and Zilla?" The blonde woman jerked her head back, "How did they get Zilla DNA prior to 1998?"

"Biollante saplings! We must hide and prepare for an attack!" Sgt. Tanka shouted.

"Saplings? I thought Biollante had been destroyed" Jun whispered.

"Yes but she released spores after her death" Tanka replied.

"In other words, Jun. Biollante may have spread worldwide. Damn you, Marvel Genetics!" Asuka ready her sidearm.

The biollante sapling slithers its vine-esque body on the floor, raising its rose-like head off the ground like a viper. It flickers a long forked tongue from its mouth, it twists its vaguely serpentine body towards the vicinity of the G-Force troopers and their allies. Another sapling slithers into view, then another. The three saplings growled at each other, they extend their toothy jaws out of the blossom of their rose-head to mock-bite each other. They continue doing this until the strongest one forces the others to submit, the dominate sapling then drives the others from its territory. The victor releases a high pitched howl; Jun, Asuka, and the troopers covers their ears as the sapling slithers off to guard its newly gained territory. Sgt. Tanka inhaled deep before standing up from his cover, "I am Tanka Junpei! It was I who destroyed you!" he blasts his MP5 at the sapling, green and red plant matter flies across the room. "One down! Two to go!" he jumps over his cover as he bolts down the dark labs.

"Tanka, have you lost your damned mind!" the blonde sneered. Junpei continued to fire his MP5 at his enemies. The gun fire grew fainter and fainter. Asuka glares at Jun, "I think now is the time" she ordered. "I know" Jun sighed as she stood up from behind the desk that was her cover. She stepped forward before turning towards the troopers, "Can you give me some privacy please?" she asked gently. The G-Force troopers turn their eyes away from the former super model turned G-Force beast hunter. "Sure thing, Lt. Fudo" shouted one of the recruits, the military ranking made Jun feel uneasy but she stares off in to the darkness. Her night vision becomes magnified as her brown eyes turn yellow, red markings form under her eyelids, her canine teeth enlarge into sharp fangs, her brow furls from the pain coursing through her body as her muscles increase in mass, her nails sharpen into claws, her long hair forms into a pair of wing shaped horns and antennae horns, the remaining hair relaxes on the back of her nape, and lastly she grows a long whip-like tail covered in sharp hair. Her uniform falls to the floor in tethers. Jun glances back to Asuka with an intense glare, "Someday you should try fighting naked!" Devil Lady snarls.

"Knock off the childish behavior and go assist Sgt. Tanaka" Asuka barked. Jun now as Devil Lady slowly walks off into the dark. "Jun, come back in one piece" Asuka sighed.

"Hehe. Like you actually care," Devil Lady smirked. She quickly bolts off into the darkness.

"I peeked, not sorry" said one of the G-Force troopers, earning the ire of his comrades.



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well they will connect back to G:2014, G:KOTM, and GvK it has reached those dates yet but also keep in mind this isn't quite the monsterverse



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Chapter 17: A Fated Reunion part 2

Devil Lady raced through the abandoned laboratory before her nose caught the scent of blood. She pushes her legs to run faster, fearing the worse. The scent leads her down a corridor then down a flight of stairs until she stops in front of the remains of an electronic door. It looked like something tore straight through it as it lies flat on the ground, torn from its door frame. Lady's enhanced sense of smell was overloaded by the scent of roses, it was enough to make her become light headed for a moment. She wipes her sweaty brow with her wrist before pressing onward. Jun steps on something squishy, the rose scent intensifies causing another episode of light headiness. She found it was getting harder to move her body forward, the muscles in her legs were seizing up on her. She fell to her knees before falling on her hands, she was growing very tired but she pushed herself to crawl on despite the sedative effects. Her eye lids were getting very heavy.... Devil Lady finally lays completely on the floor as sleep takes her.

"Hey wake up" A cheerful voice called to Jun. Jun awakes to see Kazumi standing over her, "Kazumi? what are you doing here? Its getting late, you should go home to your parents" Jun was back at her old job. Kazumi's face soured, "Jun you have to wake up! Like seriously! They are going to eat you!" Jun looked at the young red head quizzically, "Huh? Eat me? Who?" She turns around and sees Biollante's jaws charging straight towards her.

Devil Lady awakes only to find herself coiled in vines, "What the hell!" she stares off into the darkness and there it...she was. A plant-based Devilbeast, she was feeding off of the retreating Biollante saplings and on a severely wounded Junpei. Her vines cut into his flesh as her vines drank from his blood like a plant-vampire. The Plant-woman looked up to see Jun had finally awaken, "Ah Jun-senpai, how quaint it is to see you here. Oh my how evolution didn't take kindly to your delicate figure! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Maybe you could make it as an Olympic Athlete but a model, like so NO!" the former super model turned plant monster mocked her.

"Sato Miyabi, still as toxic as ever! Becoming a flower hasn't masked that foul personality of yours!" Jun snarked.

"You! You take that back! I am beautiful and you are... you are... Food! That is what you are, nothing but fertilizer!" Miyabi screamed back.

"Wow great come back coming from a Fat, Bloated, Egotistical, Narcissistic, Hussy!" Bladed dew-claws grow from Devil Lady's wrists to cut herself free from Miyabi's vines. Jun glances at the newly formed bio-blades then smirks at the plant-woman.

"I am not Fat! Hey stop cutting me!" She growled as Jun cuts herself free.

"No of coarse you aren't you just fill up the whole room" She gestures with her hands, "Your roots and vines are everywhere" she releases a giggle.

"That's it, you die now!" she snarled as she summons several large snake-like crocodile jawed vines. They burst from Miyabi's many tendrils before snaking around back towards Devil Lady. Jun leaps forward to decapitate the snake vines. Jun slices away at the incoming snake-like vines, their jaws to the ground lifeless.

"Oh Miyabi-chan, please don't make me hurt you any further. I just want to ask you a few questions" Devil Lady cautiously scans her surroundings. Miyabi's body snakes down from the ceiling, revealing the plant-based devilbeast in all of her plant glory. Most of her "body" was a massive serpentine stalk and at the apex of the stalk was the upper half of a woman. Her hair has sense be replaced with flower petals, "Please don't call me Miyabi-chan. I am Spriggan!" she slithers behind Devil Lady, she opens her mouth which was filled with razor sharp conical teeth before biting into Devil Lady's shoulder. Jun hissed as she felt Miyabi's teeth sinking deeper. Miyabi licks the wound before slither backwards.

"Your blood tastes delicious, yes, you'll make excellent fertilizer" she licks her fangs. "You are probably wondering what am I doing here? Long story really short, yeah, my father used to work here at Marvel Genetics and like about a month ago he brought me here and wanted to rebuild this facility. He wanted to finish the work he help started with these two foreigners and so I was used as his little guinea pig. The end"

Jun places her hand on the wound to apply pressure, she then glances lividly at Spriggan. "Guinea Pig?" Jun stepped forward before suddenly coughing up blood, She holds her hand up to her mouth.

"So now that you got what you want, you could.... Oh did I poisoned you with my bite? Yes it will only get worse if you fight it, so just relax. Soon you'll be a part of me" Vines entangle Jun once more. "Sleep, yes, sleep" she hisses as she approaches her prey. She lifts up Jun's chin to stare down in her yellow eyes, "I'm going to eat you alive, Jun-senpai" she opens her jaws again but rather than taking a bite out of Jun's neck. Miyabi felt a fist being rammed down her throat.

"I'm sorry" Jun deploys her wrist-dewclaw deep inside Miyabi's throat, "Farewell Sato Miyabi" she then pulls her arm back bifurcating the plant monster's head in two. The plant monster's body twitched and turned before the greenery slowly began brown. Devil Lady turned her attention to Junpei. Asuka and the G-Force troopers waited for what felt like hours. They heard something moving, they drew their guns as they aimed toward the dark room before they saw Devil Lady returning carrying Junpei on her back. They lowered their weapons as they walked over to help their injured Sgt. off Hunter J's back. Jun was sweating profusely as the poison was spreading through her body. She was breathing very heavily as she lowered Sgt. Tanaka to the ground. "Are you feeling alright?"

"So did you learn anything?" Asuka looked at Jun with those cold blue eyes of hers. Jun stared back at Asuka with her sadden yellow eyes, "Marvel Genetics.... has alot to pay for" she mutter before passing out from the poison. Asuka stares at Jun's unconscious form, "You idiot, you need to better care of yourself"


Somewhere in Brazil, May 5th, 2014

Several trucks carrying explosives for the new tunnel suddenly stop. "Loco" the driver huffed as a lost looking american man was wondering the road. "Hey amigo! You lost gringo?" the Brazilian truck driver asked. The middle aged man was dressed in a MONARCH agent's uniform, he smiled back his eyes were concealed behind aviator glass.

"Not lost..." he removes his glasses, "Found" the man was Agent John Garrett, the driver was startled by the man's pure white eyes. "Yeah I get that reaction alot, why do you have those loco eyes gringo they say" he approaches the driver, "and I said to them. Judgement Day" behind the agent were tribal folk dressed in attire dedicated to Vertigo. "One man's insanity, is well a titan goddess's loyal servant" he smiled as he gestures the tribals. They pillage all of the trucks of explosives as well as take the drivers hostage. The truck convoy are leaded further and further into the jungle until they are forced to the trucks behind and carry the crates of explosives on foot through the dense jungle. There stood an ancient wall with carving of all manner of beasts on its face. The only entrance through the massive barrier were small man-sized doorways.

The explosive crates were open up as the explosives were distributed among the many doorways, Garrett was leading the operation. "What do you think your doing Gringo? Without that wall, evil things will be unleashed on to the world" The driver cried, "Please amigo, you must listen to reason"

"You see, I don't believe in barriers. I believe everything should run free" he smiles, "Blow it" he orders one of the tribals. The ancient wall is soon demolished with a matter of seconds. They now waited for the debris to clear, the first to arrive was the Titan Goddess of Insanity, Vertigo. She rewarded her followers by converting the truckers to her ranks. She hisses with a flicker of her snake-like tongue. "Your terribleness you are finally free," Garrett smiled.


Somewhere in the sky, that same day

Skye was flipping through channels until she spotted something on the News. "KOTM News Report. Earlier today what started as reports of a missing truck convoy unfolded into a catastrophic event. Jungle fires in the amazon... TITAN ALERT REPORT! This new development in the missing convoy, we now know a Titan is responsible for the jungle fires. We have identified through our MONARCH correspondents that the one causing these fires is called El' Diablo. a Tyrannosaurus-like Titan that can breath fire" Skye stared at the TV in disbelief.

"Hey Fitzs and Simmons, come look whats on the news" Skye gestured to Fitzs and Simmons.

"Bloody hell, I thought that nightmare was over" Fitzs turned away from the TV

"Fascinating, I mean Not good, not good at'all" Simmons agreed.

"We need to tell Coulson and the others" Skye continued watching.

"No need, Fury just called" Coulson walked in to the room with Ward, Triplet, May, and Dr. Banner. "Our orders are to refuel at Barksdale Airforce Base and await further orders" Coulson informed the rest of his team.

"What about those Brazilian titans?" Skye asked.

"Our South American Branch is doing all they can to contain the threat" Coulson replied.

One Week Later...

"Brazil is in total anarchy as a new religious movement called Church of the Primal is sweeping South America. They are denouncing all faiths stating that God is not a human so why should he look human? Followers of Diablo, Vertigo, Chaos, Talon, and Sauron all throwing in their support for this movement. Speaking of Titans, the one called Diablo has desiccated a christian monument the Monte Cristo statue, signifying for their returned worship as Gods. Sauron is predicted to continuing heading north until he cross our southern border, while Talon is currently heading south to Argentina, Chaos is causing havoc in Venezuela, Vertigo is predicted to be heading further east of Brazil; all she is going to find there is coastline. Armadon is nowhere to be found" KOTM reported correspondent Phil O'Really, "Talk about a bunch of Pinheads"

Armadon bursts from the blue ocean water, he groans as he pulls himself up the Indian beach. He marches across the Indian subcontinent as he stares up at the cold frozen mountains. The occasional helicopter would buzz by him to take pictures but Armadon didn't pay them any attention, once they were done with their picture taking they would leave. Armadon continued up the slopes of the Himalayas, there the occasional jet aircraft would pass by him to flash special lights but he too ignores them. He finally reaches the stop, the cold was getting to the massive armored dinosaur but he found the strength to carry himself into Blizzard's temple. Armadon sneezes as he feels warm air sweeping across his mighty form like a warm blanket. Armadon looks up the host of this warm cavern. Blizzard, a white furred titan Ape, he gestures to Aramdon to some juicy kaiju-sized cycads, he munches on a few of them before taking a nap.

Armadon awakens from his nap, only to see Blizzard awaiting patiently, Armadon bows before his host. Armadon groans as he draws a picture of the planet earth using his clawed finger on the soft soil, illustrating the events that have transpired while Blizzard was away. Blizzard draws on the map an island with a skull, he then draws another kaiju ape like himself, then draws another island of a Moth, then he draws a picture of giant upright theropod dinosaur, a shark-fin spiked theropod dinosaur, a spikey armored archosaur, a kaiju pterandon, and a giant flying turtle. He gestures to Armadon the sign for friendship, he then points at the six kaiju. Armadon shakes his head in acknowledgement.


Skye and Grant were out eating as the bus was grounded at Barksdale Airforce Base. "Hang on I have to use the restroom" Grant excused himself as he headed towards the restroom. He open one of the stalls then closed the door behind. He pulls out his cellphone as he texts to his employer.

Ward: I am here, local dinner. Red Lobster

MG: Do you have her with you?

Ward: Yes, But I want something from you. I want to be by her side when she goes through the initiation.

MG: I'll think about it. You better keep her safe until then!

Ward: Don't worry, you can count on me.

Ward flushes the cellphone down toilet before heading out.

"Hey what took you so long" Skye asked before the two left the restaurant. Ward drove himself and Skye over to a wooded area. They both walked some ways in the forest before he quickly came up behind her and gave her a sedative. He places her back in his car before driving off to an unspecified location. A large abandoned building barring the Marvel Genetics name.

Skye slowly regained consciousness inside what looked like a child's room. A paper banner was hung up along the wall saying "Welcome back Daisy Johnson". The door open, her mother Jiaying walked in. "We meet again, I'm sorry we have to meet this way but things will get better for us. I need you here away from MONARCH, you are far too important..." she ranted.

"Important? Important for what?" Skye got up out of bed.

"Honey, you are special. You are not like other people" Jiaying sat Skye down beside her.

"You mean I'm like the guy who can teleport?" Skye asked.

Jiaying smiled, "No, your special like me. You are part Xillien"

"Xillien? You mean... I'm an alien?" Skye whispered.

"Only Half" Jiaying corrected, "I'm pure Xillien but I had myself modified to be able to have you. Watch this" Jiaying reaches both of her hands up to her own face and began to push back the skin around her face, she then reaches to the back of her neck. she shoves her fingers in deep to pull open the release. A loud hiss resonates from her neck as she peels back the human skin. Jiaying smiles at Skye before pulling her human face down, her mouth opens and eyesockets were left empty, as her real head lifts up and away from the sagging human face. She opens her eyes, they are now blood red, her face still resembled her human one except she was a pale grey and bald. She then stood up to let the rest of the human skinsuit fall lifelessly to the floor as she steps out of it. "I can help you to achieve this form" Her tail extends out. Long pair of horns grow out of the top of her head, her bald head soon regrew hair but it was sharper and golden. She reaches out to her daughter before Ward knocks on the door.

"Oh yes, the awakening" Jiaying pushes her horns back into her head. Her golden hair turns into ooze as it slithers back into the pours of her scalp. she reaches behind her and pushes her tail back into her lower back before slowly donning her human suit. She pulls her left ear to reseal her skinsuit, skintight. "Ahhh much better, follow me Daisy" she reaches her hand out to her again. Skye, Daisy took it.

Beyond her room was the CENTIPEDE Science Facility she remember from before.



MemberGiganSep-19-2019 3:29 PM

Chapter 18: A Fated Reunion part 3

Campo Aceval, Paraguay. May 6th, 2014.

The midnight moon hangs high in the sky as a pickup truck drives down a dusty dirt road. Marcel Rodriguez, local farmer, he works as a farmhand at many farms in the area. He was on his way home after a long day of work, listening to Latin music on the radio but then he saw something. he hit the breaks to slow his old pickup truck down. A lone donkey was laying in the middle of the dirt road, eating the blades of grass that grew sparsely there. Marcel honks his horn to scare off the donkey but it didn't move. Marcel climbs out of his truck, he huffed at the donkey. "Hey. Move" The donkey ignored him as it continued munching on grass. Marcel tried pushing the donkey, he tried pulling the donkey, before climbing back in his truck to honk the horn again, "MOVE!" The donkey stood up, Marcel smiled, then something large snatched the donkey off the ground. Marcel's heart was pounding in his chest, he quickly shifted the gears to reverse; A terrible growl came out of nowhere. Something then rammed into the back of his truck, he looked in his review mirror and saw nothing but sharp teeth bitting into the tail gate of his pickup. He turns around in his chair and saw a slender eyeless head attached to a very long neck, he couldn't make out the body but he knew this thing was huge. The Truck was then pulled off the ground, Marcel screamed as he and his truck were lifted into the air. In his panic he flipped the headlights on, another eyeless head snaked into view then another, then another before the jaws holding the truck turns its neck. Marcel eyes widen in absolute terror, the eyeless snakes weren't a single creature they were its arms, a fully matured Biollante stared down at the pickup truck. She tosses the pick up truck into her long crocodile-like jaws, Marcel screamed as he and his old pick up slide down the massive creature's esophagus never to be seen ever again.


Barksdale Airforce Base, Louisiana. May 6th, 2014.

Coulson returned to the "Bus" holding a briefcase baring the MONARCH insignia. He gathers his team to the meeting room then he noticed Grant Ward and Skye were missing. "Has anyone seen Skye or Grant Ward?" Coulson asked.

"I haven't seen Skye since yesterday" Simmons answered.

"Me neither" Fitzs agreed.

"She hasn't reported in" May added.

"Ward hasn't reported in either" Triplet added.

Coulson sighed, "Search the Airforce Base, ask if anyone seen them around"

Blue rubs her snout against Simmons, "Don't worry girl we'll find her" the british scientist lady pats the baby Zilla on the head.


Marvel Genetics Centipede Labs, Undisclosed Location

Skye...Daisy was staring at Jinmen as he floated in the tank. She walked around to the back of the tank and saw Jinmen had what appears to be painful faces either grafted or more disturbingly growing out of its shell. Jiaying walks up to Daisy, "Keep staring at that thing, you'll go blind" her mother joked.

"I've been wondering about that Jinmen, what is he really? He looks nothing like a Xillien" Dasiy glances towards her mother.

Jiaying smiled, "You are right, he is not Xillien"

"Then what is he? why lie about it?" Daisy asked.

"He is a creature that dwells from the Rift," Jiaying replied.

"The Rift?" Daisy asked.

"A dimensional plane, as far as we know nothing could live there. Essentially he is a demon for lack of a better word" Jiaying replied.

"Are there more of him?" Daisy stared back at the space demon.

"Oh yes. Have you ever come across or seen within the Titan Index a Titan called Monster X?"

"Monster X? Oh you mean Kaiser Ghidorah...." Daisy remember that monster very well, "He tried to kill me"

"There is something you should know about us Xilliens, now that you are one of us" Jiaying walked away from her daughter.

"What that I eventually have to wear a skinsuit because that was pretty cool" Daisy concluded.

"Well..." The mother turned around, "That's part of it but no. The truth is" she walked closer to her daughter, "We Xilliens were birthed from Kaiser Ghidorah. We are from his flesh and as long as we xilliens live and breath so does Kaiser Ghidorah"

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing, just that a tyrannical beast was put down but I fear another one could rise again with your help my daughter. We could stop him from being resurrected"

"Tell me how," Daisy walked forward, "If we can stop it from coming back we must do something!"

"Alright" Jiaying smiled, "First you must under go the initiation. You must under go terrigensis, its a process that allowed everyone here to gain their powers"

"I'll do it" Daisy replied.

"You could be potentially added to that list"

"Screw the list, screw MONARCH. If I can help people with my super powers let me do it!" Daisy's eyes went a blank white for a second.

Jiaying's eye widen when she saw the blank eyes but then smiled darkly, "Then lets begin" a group of Jiaying's men escorted the girl to the Chamber. Jiaying walked back over to Jinmen, "It appears that you and our master aren't the only Demons here. Lady Vertigo is up to her old tricks"

Daisy is placed on a medical bed in a dark room. The doctors hook her up to Vital reading machines and other such medical devices. They place a gold metallic device into one of the machines. Young Dr. Lincoln Campbell monitors Daisy Johnson's vitals as the other doctors began pumping a fluid into her veins. Daisy slowly drifted off to sleep.


Daisy felt herself floating in a black abyss. The eternal blackness was then filled with light, starlight before the abyssal background began to resemble the cosmos. Daisy just floated there, naked and in complete awe. Images then flash before her eyes, visions of an alien world. The planet was covered in thick canopy of jungle trees, there a dragon-like creature was seen attacking what looked like an armored meat-eating dinosaur. The Eoghidoras fled into the trees but soon its very molecules were being phased in and out before the entire creature just vanished out of thin air. A new vision appears, the Eoghidoras was being experimented on by a plethora of different methods. Each time the creatured would die from the experiments, the cruel alien beings would inject it with some drug to bring it back to life. The experiments on the dragon-like dinosaur has ended, there was no long an Eoghidoras.... Only Queen Ghidorah was now in its place, a Platinum clad female member of Ghidorah's species and unlike the others she had eight heads. She roared viciously as the aliens harvested her off her eggs and among the strongest of her children, only Great King Ghidorah, Desghidorah, Grand King Ghidorah, and Lesser King Ghidorah were taken from her to receive their dark father's blessing. Kaiser Ghidorah eyes glowing red stood watches from beyond dark space at his children. Before the portal closes he imparts some of his power into his children.

The vision shifted again, a world set on fire. Entire cities burning, lands stripped of all life, skeletons of once living things dotted the burning wasteland. Daisy spotted the bodies of Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan Prime, Kong, King Caesar, Battra, Behemoth, Methuselah, Scylla, Lesser King Ghidorah, and many other titans. Great King Ghidorah stood there wings unfurled, cackling menacingly at Daisy. She felt something bump her left shoulder, she turned to face them. Her eyes widened, it was a human-sized ghidorah but more human-like. It resembled Monster X however it was more slenderer, feminine. The creature had Daisy's face. The Daisyghidorah open her mouth as she stared back at the frightened human before obliterating the girl's fragile form.


Daisy opens her blank white eyes, Daisy could hear a voice in the back of her head. "Kill them" the voice said.

"Kill who?" she answered back.

"Kill them, they want to harm you" the voice hissed, "They are killing you"

Daisy attempts to free herself from the tubes but the doctors restrain her to her bed.

"No the terrigenesis process is not complete!" shouted one of the doctors.

Daisy growled as she grab the nearest doctor by the arm, only to throw him across the room. She rises from her bed, her eyes alternating back and forth between blank white and blood red.

"KILL THEM!" the dark voice hissed.

Daisy closes her eyes before throwing the other doctors backwards with an unseen force. She walks over to one of the injured doctors, she hovers her hand above the woman as she slowly crushes the woman's wind pipe before redirecting her powers to tear a whole in the ceiling. The ceiling collapses around them as Daisy made her escape. Jiaying quickly enters the room with several of her followers, they clear the debris as they help the doctors up, Dr. Lee was coughing, Jiaying could see the doctor's neck had bruises on them, "What happened here?" Jiaying asked.

"Your daughter, *cough* she awakened during mid procedure *cough* Powers have manifested *cough* before process could complete" Dr. Lee finished.

"Lady Vertigo, why must you ruin our plans" Jiaying clenches her fists.


Daisy burrows her way into the facility's underground parking lot. The skin on her arms start to crack and blister the more she used her powers. Daisy recoiled in pain as her skin on her forearms began to tear off, she forces herself to push forward, to escape this place. Her hearing has increased exponentially, she could hear many footsteps. Daisy glances up at the ceiling before using her powers to rip the ceiling down behind her. She clenches her teeth in pain, she looks down at her bloody skinless forearms. Grant Ward stepped out of a side door, in his hand was a loaded pistol. He aimed his gun at her, "Skye! Don't move". An armored van races down into the underground parking lot to take the icer rounds, their MONARCH Agents May, Coulson, Triplet, Mack, Hunter, and Morse disembark to lay suppressing fire on the traitorous Agent Ward. Coulson and Triplet rush over to retrieve Daisy as they helped her in to the armoured van, "Okay lets go!" Coulson ordered. The other agents quickly retreated into the van before driving off.

By the time Jiaying and Calvin arrived, the van was gone and Ward was just sitting there. "Where's Daisy?" Calvin asked barely able to keep a control on his temper.

"Gone" Ward replied.

"You son of a bitch! you had one job and that was to keep my little girl safe!" Calvin grabbed Ward by the throat. "You had one fucking job, you piece of shit!" he began to lift him up with his super strength. Calvin's eyes began to glow yellow, teeth began to sharpen, nails started to turn into claws.

"Calvin, relax..." Jiaying asked very calmly, "relax, we don't need another incident. I much rather not have to see him again" Calvin then glanced at Jiaying before back at Ward then he threw the former MONARCH agent down on the floor.

"Consider yourself lucky that my attractive wife spared your life" Calvin then kicked Ward across the face. Jiaying gave Calvin an expression of disapproval. "What? He deserved it"

"Come on, we need to see what went wrong" Jiaying turns around as she heads back.


Daisy started to slowly awakens, she was confined to another hospital bed. But this time she was in the company of friends. Simmons was keeping an eye on her, "Oh your awake" Simmons reached over to Daisy to hug her then she took a step back as Agent Coulson stepped into the room.

"What happened? Why is everyone here?" Daisy asked.

"Skye, do you remember?"

"Vaguely, I remember Grant and I were at a Red Lobster and then every thing went black..." she glances around the room, "Wait, I remember seeing my mother again!"

"You found your parents?" Coulson asked.

"Yes, they work for CENTIPEDE" Daisy revealed.

"I'm sorry, Skye"

"Its actually Daisy, Daisy Johnson" Daisy smiled as she embraces her birth name.

"Lie to them" the voice hissed.

"They are not really bad people, they're just misguided" Daisy smiled at her coworkers.

"We need a moment" Dr. Simmons said as she and Coulson leave the room.

"She is hiding something, her arms are badly damaged from god knows what. Ward going AWOL and attacking us, It doesn't make any bloody sense" Dr. Simmons vented.

"Give her some space, she is probably not comfortable telling us yet" Coulson countered,

"She's protecting her parents" May interrupted, "Jiaying and Calvin Johnson, both founders of Marvel Genetics. A biotech firm that is notorious for doing illegal titan-based experiments on humans, they were responsible for 1989 Biollante incident and the Dorat attack last year. During the Biollante attack, they lost their daughter Daisy Johnson. I dug further and discovered that two G-Force scientists found the baby and delivered her to MONARCH. MONARCH sent the baby to an orphanage, the same orphanage that Skye grew up from. DNA Tests checks out"

"You mean we have their daughter?" Simmons asked her.

"Skye, Daisy doesn't matter. We will treat her no different than before" Coulson stated, "I'm just glad we have her back"



MemberGiganSep-19-2019 3:52 PM


I'm sorry for the sudden shift in the story, I made sure when I decided to shift this into a more narrative story to only include other series that are kaiju related.

Primal Rage has some interesting kaiju I wanted to use

Devil Lady has kaijin that can become Kaiju through the giga effect

So far the only thing Pacific Rim I have incorporated was the Jaegers and I borrowed some elements from NGE for G-FORCE's mechagodzillas 

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