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MemberTitanosaurusFeb-17-2019 2:17 AM

Mechagodzilla in the Monsterverse has been and still is one of those things people can't seem to agree on. Could it work with the right circumstances or is it just too campy or unrealistic for this more realistic kaiju universe? This topic is my 2nd attempt at explaining Mechagodzilla for the Monsterverse, but whilst the original version was mostly based on the previous incarnations, this one is going to be an original story. This is going to be a long one so I hope you are ready and I hope that I can convince some of you with this story.

I got the idea for this story when I was listening to a fan-made Monsterverse audio drama featuring Gigan by Scrye if anyone was wondering.


I do want to point out that this is all speculation. I am not saying everything in here HAS to happen. This is just the way I would do it.


Let's start by setting up when this is taking place. (This story was intended to be for Godzilla 4) The story takes place at a point where the human race has had very little success at defending themselves against the Titans. They have had multiple weapons created for this specific purpose (like that super X looking vehicle from KOTM), but most of these weapons were just not effective or were effective, but just to 1 titan. Because of these failures from the past, Monarch has created a new computer system which can do research, design and produce new weapons for the military to use. Ones a Design is completed, it will be showcased to Monarch, the government and the Military before it can be fully produced. This also allows the military to prepare strategies for when the weapons are finished and useable in combat. For a few years now, the system has been doing great in designing new weapons each with a different type of titan in mind (aquatic, aerial, etc).

Now we go to (whenever this movie takes place. Maybe 2025?). The research and weapon development station where the system is operating gets the prehistoric skeleton of a Godzilla that was found in the Philippines. The skeleton gets placed in a secure location not that far from the weapon department so the system can do research on it to collect data to use for new weapons strong enough to fight the king of the monsters if they ever had to. The skeleton is very VERY secured from anyone so none of the data from the skeleton goes out to possible spies. The only ones who can access the skeleton are the system itself and the people/person that has control over the facility and can otherwise only be shown through 1 security camera which the program also controls seeing as the system can detect and deny access to anyone who is trying to override the system for information.

The data reveals so much new information about Godzilla and the other titans. It shows that the bones of the skeleton are not made from the same material as you would expect with other reptiles, but instead has evolved over millions of years to support titans up to 120.000 tons. In the meanwhile, a year has gone by and the program is using this new al of the data collected from the skeleton to make new weapons, but for some reason, it seems that most of the resources that go into the making of these weapons are unused and are disappearing. The new data from the skeleton from the is also showing some unusual results like the chest apparently having enough space for a nuclear reactor inside. Because of this, the people that have control over the facility go in for a check on the system and the skeleton. They enter the secured area that contained the skeleton to find out where all of the unused material and resources have gone. They see a giant 100M tall robotic Godzilla that was built around the skeleton. The system has purposely chosen to make smaller and less effective weapons for the military so it could use the resources to create a giant mecha without any authorization from anyone. Because the system was still making weapons and still gave data from the skeleton, nobody noticed that something was wrong until now. Even the 1 security camera was purposely showing older footage of the skeleton before the mecha was constructed. The system gets shut down immediately, but the mecha has already been completed by this point.

Then a Titan (let's make it Anguirus seeing as it would be a cool call back to GvMG and we all want him in this universe anyway) appears and starts to move towards the research station. It seems like Anguirus felt/recognized the presence from the skeleton after the program got shut down is heading right for it. The weapons that were created by the system send out the make the Titan retried. Unfortunately, because these weapons were so underdeveloped, the underperformed badly. Anguirus was way to quick and armored for the weapons to do any damage. Also, the weapons have to be controlled by humans seeing as the system was shut down. Anguirus is getting closer, but the weapons are not stopping him at all. Scans also seem to locate another Titan in the ocean heading for the mainland and towards Anguirus. back at the base, people are still evacuating and the people in charge have contacted the military to ask what to do now. The military says that their weapons are too far away to be transported to the facility in time. Then the 2nd Titan rises from the ocean and revealing it to be Godzilla himself. Now Godzilla and Anguirus are coming closer and closer to the facility. Because of this and their panic, the people in charge of the facility reactivate the system and order it to launch this 'Mecha Godzilla' and fight Anguirus even though they don't have any permission from anyone to do so. Mechagodzilla gets transported to the launching bay and gets activated and released with the system piloting it.

Anguirus arrives at the facility first and a battle between Anguirus and Mechagodzilla follows. Mechagodzilla absolutely destroys Anguirus with more weapons that you can count. Mechagodzilla moves/fights in a way so elegantly and calculated that it doesn't cause any collateral damage along the way. Even its tail moves fluently around buildings and vehicles without causes any damage to them. This eventually causes Anguirus to retreat after his jaw almost got broken. Them Godzilla himself arrives at the battlefield with another amazing fight takes place with ones again having Mechagodzilla getting the upper hand even managing to get Godzilla to draw blood from its neck after getting hit at the gills. Godzilla strikes back though with a powerful blow from his atomic breath, but Mechagodzilla only gets pushed back from the blast and doesn't really take any damage. after some more fighting, Godzilla tries to retreat as well, but Mechagodzilla is having none of that and grabs Godzilla and starts hitting him with so much firepower that Godzilla starts roar out in pain. This does leat them away from the facility and allows some Monarch officials to storm into the building and demand that Mechagodzilla gets shut seeing as it never got any permission to even be built let alone get launched into battle. Mechagodzilla gets shut down and Godzilla gets the opportunity the retreat into the ocean whilst leaving a trail of its blood.

The news has gone wild with the reveal of the giant robot they call 'Mechagodzilla'. People around the world start to feel like they finally have a chance to fight against these Titans which have been terrorizing the world for 10 years now. The people who released Mechagodzilla, on the other hand, go to court for a trail. This will not only discuss their punishment for letting out a secret weapon without permission from the government/military and who should be responsible for the construction of it but also talk about what is going to happen to Mechagodzilla. Some people say that it should be deconstructed seeing as it was made without permission, wasted resources and was using an important prehistoric artifact and putting it in danger with the possibility that it could be damaged/broken. Other people say that Mechagodzilla should stay seeing as it has already been made, has been the only weapon thus far that was strong enough to fight against Godzilla and win with the extra of not even taking any damage (including the skeleton itself) and has given hope to people around the world. After a lot of discussions with the government, Monarch and the military and even more inspections on Mechagodzilla and the system that created it, it gets the green light to stay though needs to go through some changes to it could not break any laws of what weaponry the military uses.

Of course, an actual movie would take place based around this story with Anguirus and Godzilla having more explanation to what they are doing and why. This is about Mechagodzilla after all and not about a full Godzilla sequel. I am saying this because now we go right into the final battle of the movie with Godzilla and Anguirus fighting alongside each other like old friends against the improved Mechagodzilla. The weird thing is though that all of the smooth and calculated fighting styles have disappeared for some reason. Mechagodzilla's eyes turn red and now doesn't care about preventing collateral damage. It's like someone else has taken control seeing as the system at the military base has lost its connection. An epic battle between a Godzilla, Anguirus and Mechagodzilla takes place. Because of the bond between Godzilla and Anguirus, they are the ones that fight calculated and smooth and Mechagodzilla, though still keeping its ground, is still at the disadvantage. The battle continues until Godzilla manages to destroy Mechagodzilla's head and leaving it standing in the middle of the battlefield with the only thing holding the head together being the spine of the Godzilla skeleton inside.

 The End


This is the end of the first part of my story. Yes, there will be the 2nd part in a few weeks which will explain some extra details. If you guys have any more questions/plotholes that you want to be addressed, please let me know. This has been the longest topic I have created thus far (the 2nd Part won't be this long) and I honestly congratulate you if you made it through the whole thing. I hope that I convinced some of you guys that it is actually possible to have Giant Mechas like Mechagodzilla into the Monsterverse.

If there are things that you would have done differently or just disagree with something, please let me know in the comments and we can discuss our opinions.


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Long live the king...

13 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-17-2019 7:59 AM

you've got an interesting story here, but my problem with Mecha Godzilla in the monsterverse is that they've made it very clear that mankind cannot hurt the titans. They are gods and all we can do is stand back and watch as they fight and reign. Mecha Godzilla doesn't fit that narrative. Mecha Godzilla would fit more in a narrative where mankind has found a way to hurt the titans. The only reason the other titans are "contained" in KOTM is that Monarch is just monitoring where they are sleeping, or frozen in Ghidorahs case. Just my two cents. Again pretty cool idea you've got there, I just don't think Mecha Godzilla fits the narrative.


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-17-2019 11:13 AM

^ I actually never thought about the narrative part of the Monsterverse in that way. Thanks for pointing me out.

I don't know if the Monsterverse is looking to keep this narrative point though. The oxygen destroyer is confirmed to be in KOTM as an important part of the story which likely means it is going to be used on Godzilla, Ghidorah or both. This would kind of defeat that narrative point don't you think.

Also, remember that my version says that Mechagodzilla was constructed by the computer system (or something/someone else?) and not by humans. The story also takes place at a time where the human race has been doing nothing but stand back and watch, so giving Mechagodzilla the chance to finally give the human race a change would be a nice change, wouldn't it?

Long live the king...


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-17-2019 12:14 PM

And I was considering all those points while writing my response. I know the oxygen destroyer, or whatever they are calling it in the movie, will "play a big part" but I think it will be as more of a red-haring and something that we don't see used. But will probably be heavily debated. Depending on the time jump between the 2014 movie and KOTM then a hyper advanced computer system like that coming into being would maybe make more sense. While we have computers that can mimic complex thought patterns, as far as I'm aware from what research I've done, we can't get anywhere near the level of pseudo sentience that you're describing with the computer system.

The first movie was very much against the use of Nuclear weapons essentially blaming them for the reign of terror caused by the MUTO's and subsequently Godzilla. This is the main reason I doubt the oxygen destroyer will be used. The nuke being on a timer in the 2014 film was more for dramatic tension than anything else. If they were able to open the casing and disarm it, they would have also disarmed the tension in the film. At that point it would have just been wait and see what Godzilla can do against the MUTO's. 

Another issue with Mecha Godzilla is that human kind has yet to create a metal or any other material for that matter that could take the kind of stresses that a platform like that would be under. The square cubed law, while it does fly in the face of giant monsters, seems to be a real thing in this universe as the larges weapons humans have are the Nimitz class carriers. Also the kind of impacts that any substance would be subject too while trying to combat Godzilla or any other Kaiju, are going to be far to great for even carbon nano tubes to endure. And to your comment about Godzilla's atomic breath, and we're entering speculative science territory here. It looked as though his atomic breath burned the female MUTO, which nothing humans threw at it could accomplish. That kind of power output is going to shred anything we are capable of making. Also, the fact that his breath is blue seems to indicate Gama radiation. Gama radiation is horrific to EVERYTHING. If Godzilla hit Mecha Goji with his atomic breath in universe, again speculative, it's going to shred through the metal and bathe every circuit and fluid in the mech with massive doses of Gama radiation. If Mecha Goji is manned, they're dead, no questions. If he's not, his circuits and motor functions will be fried by the double wammy of heat and radiation.

And just for comparison since I am speaking of science. The oxygen destroyer at least makes sense, we know of chemicals that bond with oxygen to either change it to another chemical, like nitrous oxide, or sulfur dioxide. So the idea that this process could be weaponized makes sense. It would be the single most horrific weapon EVER produced because of what it would do to our atmosphere. But it at least is plausible. So while I doubt it will be used, it at least makes sense that this weapon could exist.

Sorry for the wall of text. I like Mecha Godzilla, he's one of my favorite "kaiju" He's a mech so is he a "kaiju"? Anyway, I enjoy the concept of the character and the character itself, I just don't think it fits the monsterverse. 


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-18-2019 4:07 AM

You clearly know way more science than I do so thanks for pointing these things out.

If the oxygen destroyer won't be used in the movie, then I am going to be pretty disappointed. I mean it is the oxygen destroyer!! Its one of the most important artifacts/weapons of the Godzilla franchise. This is just one of those things through which we can only wait and see what will happen in the movie.

Yeah, I can see now giving Mechagodzilla the ability to be unaffected by the atomic breath was not a smart my move on my part. Maybe instead of that, you could give Mechagodzilla this Christal-like gas that it can eject from its body which would make any beam attack either reflect, weaken or be absorbed. Also, you have to remember that the metal is not the thing holding together, but the Godzilla skeleton is. I mentioned this in the topic by saying that the data the system reveals that the Godzilla species's skeletons have evolved over time to a point that they can withstand more than 100.000 tons. This is also how I personally believe that all of these kaiju can exist in the Monsterverse. This is just head-cannon though.

Long live the king...

MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju)

MemberBaragonFeb-19-2019 2:16 PM

KaijuWorld This sounds awesome. Can't wait to see what happens next. Which reminds me, I have some questions:

1) Is this series going to be redone since this is version two?

2) Is this part of the original series, or is it a fresh start?

3) Will it also be featured on the website just like your original series?

4) Why is this called part 1?

And a lot more to come. I'll come back to ask these other ones. See you whenever.

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-20-2019 12:35 AM

1) No, just for Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla was the one kaiju that needed an update the most. That's why its a V2

2) Its part of the original series.

3) If you mean that little box on the side with the rest of the "How to include" topics then Yes.

4) Because in a few weeks I will make a followup to this story. This story is complete in its own way, but their are still some questions that are unawnserd (like who took over control of Mechagodzilla at the end). It won't talk a lot about Mechagodzilla, but more about who caused its creation.


Also, thanks for liking it so much. These questions always help me improve my work :)

Long live the king...

MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju)

MemberBaragonFeb-20-2019 10:01 AM

KaijuWorld You're welcome. Especially since I've been around since the first one. (Yes, I am also MinecraftDinoKaiju. We are the same person.)

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju

King Ghidorah

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-06-2019 12:58 PM

Gabara,zilla and vastatosaurus rex in monsterverse?


MemberGiganAug-06-2019 4:37 PM

I have grown to accept Mechagodzilla as long as its

One: Its either an Alien construct or ISN'T built by the US Military (Having the US Military built an over-designed waste of resources will break my willingness of suspension of disbelief)

Two: Is completely mechanical 

Three: Not built over a dead gozilla's bones


King Ghidorah

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-08-2019 5:32 AM

Add orga in monsterverse?


MemberTitanosaurusAug-08-2019 8:27 AM


1. Yeah, after a lot of thinking, it would really not make sense for the Military to make something like Mechagodzilla (maybe MOGUERA instead without the element of combining?). Especially with Ghidorah being alien, the idea of alien invaders wouldn't be completely far fetched.

An idea I had for this specific topic which I ended up scrapping was to make the AI which secretly made Mechagodzilla hacked/controlled by aliens so they could use earth's resources to make Mechagodzilla, but I feel that this could be it's own topic one day.

2. Makes seeing as it would actually count as a mecha then instead of a cyborg like Kiryu.

3. Even though I can see where you're coming from, in my opinion, it is the most realistic reason for Mechagodzilla looking like Godzilla, but if you or anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

Long live the king...

King Ghidorah

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-26-2019 11:37 AM



MemberTitanosaurusAug-26-2019 11:52 AM

Sorry mate, I haven't been making these topics for quite a while and I am not looking to pick it back up right now.

Orga would be a nice addition though, but I think Ghidorah has already established himself as the true alien invader of the Monsterverse.

Long live the king...

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